The Season 13 Queens React to Their First Selfies In Drag! 😆 RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13

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Julian Roane: I love all of them crown them all i say but thats not gonna happen i want rose symone or kandi to win

Nina Razzo: Kandy Muse's lisp! Lol! Love ittttttttt!!!!!!!!

Life As Marie: Okay but like Symone’s face is giving me some serious fish. Idk maybe it’s just me but her face is unnaturally pretty even with minimal makeup.


Kevin Michael: Olivia and Utica giving Miss Congeniality vibes

DANI Marie Antoinette: Why do they look so freaking good (not all of them actually lol ❤️) while I looked like a CAR CRASH MY FIRST TIME IN DRAG GURL

chris sulaica: I want Rose's laugh as my ringtone

jlf115: can’t wait for kandy muse to go home. she’s so annoying. she’s the silky ganache of this season!

cdsantx: What the hell is going on with America?

Plain Jane The Drag Queen: Tamisha’s first time mug looks like Jasmine Masters now 🤭

gunnerlala: i am the most excited for ROSE

YaSucxx: Olivia: So do I flip it like this or like that?..... like this??.. like this??...Okay. Ready! Are you sure?(whispers) okay.😂 that was so cute to me ☺️

eempi: I see Olivia Lux and my mind goes "Oh! Mariah Balenciaga!"

Armando flores: So, ginger is in all Stars 6 and season 13.

Boo Hoo: Kandy Muse’s face and beat is so stunningly bitchin istg

Boo Hoo: Utica is so precious lmao

jlgpadernal: why does elliott sound like jan

Giovana Pícollo: Kahmora Hall is literally Kimora Blac on that picture omg

Noemely Kemp: To anyone reading this we're not going to hate on this cast no matter what happens

Joe Freeman: What a wholesome bunch of girls. Very VERY excited.

George Sabal: Kahmoras first time looks like kimora lol

emanuel serrano: Rosé, Tina, Utica, and Kandy! Already on my faves list. But tbh they're all good so far. I literally laughed with all of them. I feel like this season is ganna be great with lots of comedy queens and I'm here for it!

Daniel Donovan: Why is baby Tina literally Sherry Vine

Sarah Abel: Denali is my conscience... "this girl made a lot of really interesting choices at this party"

Rich Sage: Symone 💕💕💕

Wayne: olivia giving me eliminated queen in the episode 3 realness I'm sorry but idk where her fierceness is 🤷🏾‍♂️

Brent Ian Dela Pena: I stg Olivia is giving me skinny and softer Brita...

3rik_05: OMFG I LOVE ROSE!!!!!!!

drkmgic: Symone looks like a gurl already.

J. S T: 3:34 Dusty is shaking. Wops!

princessofmaradova: rosééé, omggg, i’m obsessed with her

itsgeohere: im here only becouse kandy muse

Cliff-n-Don Chappell-Duncan: Tamisha, same make_up!

T D: Why didn’t y’all film the ad like this? The lighting and frame rate are gorgeous here. The trailers look like the frame rate and lighting are from a 90’s kinda show, and not in a good way. Very season 1. Disappointing after seeing this gorgeous cinematography here...

MUT: You don't need to scream to show you have a big personality

Queen Kirlia: That definitely was not Kahmora’s first time in drag lol

Pedro M: C'mon these are not their first time in drag

Кирпич из Чернобыля: OLIVIA <33

ItsTejYo: Olivia looked really stunning tho!!!

Dareviel12: Kimora Blac and Kahmora Hall seem like sisters already I-

Anhedonia Delight: DENALI s photo aged well. its so fresh. LOVE it xoxo Anhedonia Delight

Boy: Ohhmahgawd, fwistdaball this is vandalism 😂

50ShadesofFandom: Utica is coming for Miss Dusty over here 👀👀👀

Sara Lynn: Aw, Denali. I can tell that picture brought up alot of pain. Girl, I'm rooting for you.

Isa AQ: This can go in la basura (Denali, 2020) Ok I got a favorite for the season 😍😍😍

Octavio Roman: i thing this can go to la basura jajaja


Sahgee: Olivia Lux is literally Mariah balenciaga x brita

Edwin Escamilla: okay but kahmora and olivia >>>>

Cass H: Denali got real sad here. Anybody else see this?

zoe: why do they all scream at the same frequency like “AAH” x3

the fibonacci sequins: OH I LOOVVEEE SYMONE

jasmin van der Lei: ok im actually excited for this season

C G: Have u seen rupal when he start's the same as u guys love xx

Batystz RullySuna: Kahmora looks good for the first Time in drag

Collette: Olivia Lux looked STUNNINGGGG!

Luca Baruffa: Symone's laugh >>>

Jack B: If rose doesnt win istg heads will roll

sophie something: olivia is sooooo beautiful omggg


shiroi201: How do they all look so soft and pretty?? Well expect for rosè 😝😂 Symone looks like a real biolocigal woman! Mik looks so cute with that haircolor! Denalis look is just sickening!

BuddyCarrot: Kahmora looks like jujubee on her first time in drag HAHAHAHAHAHAH

emre ural: Comparing these to s12s first photos.. These queens are STUNNIN

katekatekate: baby kahmora looked so much like kimora blac

katekatekate: this season is gonna be so good i just fucking know

soakedlemon _: ✨utica queen✨

zilnurzindar: i feel that utica is gonna be winner. keep in touch ppl!!!!

kmkniu: They're all gorgeous! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Pandulse123: ACUTE ACUTE! 👌

Not Mark: the way they frame tamisha iman makes her look like a robot lol

EJ Ioane: i remember when queens in the early seasons took out black and white photos to show thier first time in Drag

Dee Lee: I had to pause on Kahmora - I thought it was Kimora

ricofresh22: Olivia was actually pretty what she saying lol

Carlos Ortiz: Kandy Muse being the thumbnail again... feels just right! Giving the right exposure to the winner of Season 13 👑

J ML: Honestly not mad at any of them! Love and support to baby queens everywhere <3

Brendan T.: Olivia is going to have a hard time.

VNSS DSB: Am i the only one that thinks tina burner looks like Lemon??? &&& SYMONEEEE 😭 She looks like Art.

hns btcr: I am SOOO INLOVEEE with Utica

Ashley Hagl: Symone, Rosè, Kandy, and Utica my picks for top 4, although this season looks amazing!

McMaki Harukawa: Tina looks like Alaska in her photo 👀👀

Juniper Latte: This just made me feel SOOOO much worse about my first time in drag lol

Dark Wizard: Jan in Rose's body

Dark Wizard: Oh yes Jasmin

Kay Cee: Rose looked like a busted Raven and no shade but GottMik needs some Crest whitening strips

Jo Roz: Tbh, Olivia’s picture is still really pretty

DRodriquez: Rose reaction is hilarious

Love Me Please!!!: I feel like im the only one who loves Rosé

Jonathon Lastname: I love hearing Tamisha talk 🖤❤🖤

Fabio Lemes: They should give themselves more credit! They look great them... they look great now. =)

quixotic 333: Wait.. I prefer lala ris picture more than her look...

rahnee.k: Girl but none of them were actually terrible tho, like I was expecting some cakey, foundation and a $2.00 wig or literally just a red lip and a prayer but I mean none of them were actually that bad tho😂


Coop DeVille: ⭐Gottmik is the one!⭐ They say, everyone who puts a white line under their eyes makes it to the top 3. Have you heard this before? Bianca Del Rio, Trixie Mattel, Kim Chi, Adore Delano, just to name a few...

Malady Amiss: Not Elliott predicting the pandemic in 2013!

Anna Trimboli: Love the makeup and outfits

Anna Trimboli: I love the reactions it's so cute I love when they talk about the picture

abelson: 1:09 kahmora looks like jujubee here

Wayne Glass: To be honest, none of them look bad. Also, some of these photos are from like a year or two ago.

Eggman: yeah im in love with olivia lux

Karlita Diaz: Already loving Rosé, Denali and Kandy

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