The Mandalorian Season 2 Ahsoka Tano Scene Breakdown - Star Wars Movies Easter Eggs

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Emergency Awesome: Here's my new Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2 Ahsoka Tano video and Easter Eggs for her recent history between the movies. Post all your predictions in the comments! Here's my Full Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3 video too!

Shang Tsung: Waaaay tooo many MANdo chicks, all this female chick flick shit ruins it

Matthew Means: Oh god I hope she doesn’t appear as a force ghost!!!

the last invoker: What episodes/seasons of clone wars are worth watching with the content that continues in mandalorian?

Relentless: Prediction: ...... Ashoka is gonna have a nice booty

forgalzz7: "Take the foundling to the city of New York on the third planet of Sol. There you find John Smith ..." Just ask around, I guess?

David Cappella: Not only will we met Ahsoka in Ep5 but SABINE will be appearing as well. They have been searching the outer regions for Ezra with no luck. Ahsoka has foreseen Mando coming to her nut unaware of The Childs existence other than a Force connection. Mando and Ahsoka will barter an agreement to help each other

Scott Ralitz: Looking forward to seeing more of the pieces of the puzzle come together‼️

Gary Bronstein: Can't imagine what Ahsoka has been up to

Vicente Duvivier: Just hearing her name was awesome. Can't wait to see her


Ghanghus Goins: I think ashsoka and Mandi are gonna fight

Adaptive Gamer: I hate that fan art of Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka so bad😭😂 but baby Yoda looks cute as always

David Hale-Mowry: I got so hyped when she said ahsoka tano, episode 3 was fucking fire

Pierre Jackson: Pretty awesome about some legends coming back

Piggy Bank: George Lucas: "what? timeline inconsistencies with casting children? I did it with Annakin. The child even turned around to marry a girl twice his age. Hold my beer....."

brown pants: So much crazy stuff happening in SW. I wouldn't be surprised if Homer Simpson shows up for some reason

Charli D’Amelioo: I really don want that ezra and sabine appear in the mandalorian there characters are so annoying and no one cares about what they do they are really not important characters

Vaughn Pflug: In the last start wars movie we heard ahsokas force ghost talk So how is she alive

Geoffroy Wogblo: Mon perso préféré ahsoka 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺ah bordel que j’ai envie de la voir 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Josh K.: In the end we will all find out Star Wars wasn't about the skywalker's but really Asoka! 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I kid, I kid.

Omizuke: So Rosario might do what she did int the Marvel-Netflix universe, popup in DD, JJ, LC and IF. And Defenders, she was everywhere. I liked her character so I was please. The can do that with D+ SW universe too.

Braeden F: No cap. I'm so grateful for YouTubers like you. Explaining and recapping so much is super helpful.

jerome antony: Where is rex and other clone troopers in mandalodian season 2 they will appear or not

jerome antony: Gavin carr is talking with moff videon

Eric Kort: May I say it? Boob Armor,[email protected] anita

The SleepingMoose: this after the clone wars right? Would of been nice to see pre vezla

Echo: Didn’t she die in rebels how is she in this

AXE2501: Ok when I heard that she was going to appear in this I could only imagine the Nerdgasim that was going to happen

Crystal Scott: I miss general grievous count dooku and the battle droids

Sem Dols: I hope ashoka wil get her white lightsabers in the next episode

LilboyG Thorns: I hate that the main villain of the mandolorian shares the same name as me, it’s off putting hearing someone say “Moth Gideon”

Travon Bentley: Do think it’s possible for the Star Wars writers to say that Ahsoka some how cross paths with Leia and showed her some ways of the force? Only because it was said that Leia started Jedi Training at one point but I don’t remember if they said who was her teacher at the time..

Brandon Ho: So is Corvus the star system or the actual planet?

Julien L'Abé: CAN YOU EXPLAIN ME WHY ASOKA CAN BE HERE ???? Manda is far away after Clones Wars and Rebels, no???

Zo Lex3: Ok yea this is Staw wars Advance lore I’m good.

Croma: do you think Cal Kestis survived throughout the original trilogy too? Maybe we can see him, Ahsoka and Ezran trying to build something resembling the Jedi order again.

Nate Dorney: How is Bo-katan going to reclaim Mandalore and set herself up as the new mandalore? Those of us who have read the books and comics know that it's Boba Fett that eventually becomes the new leader and helps to defeat the Yuzon-Vong.

Exult LD: I want them to make extra scenes with Ahsoka for the prequels for the next special edition

dmrxofficial: Isn’t Bo Katan suppose to be older in The Mandalorian or do I just not know how aging works🤨

Mcman3000: Ahsoka is my favorite Jedi !!! The lady had MAD SKILLS!!!! ❤️

Yi Feng: Asoka was in this one wearing a dark blackish brown hoodie in the background, if it wasn't her then who was that cloaked twilek?

erfsuit: My theory for Ashoka: So. In season one of the Mandalorian we already had implications, that the empire was trying to do something cloning related with the child. In the newest episode it was approved, by the caminoan workers, and the message they found. Many now believe, and I did too, that it means the child has to die, so that they can create snoke/palpatine. My theory is, that when they find ashoka, they get tracked down and attacked by the empire. As they try to capture the child, ashoka jumps in, holding of the troops as good as she can, and the mandalorian and the child can flee. The empire then captures ashoka, and uses her as the source for snoke/palpatine. I think it would be a great ending to ashokas ark, and a great callback to the clonewars movie, as she begins her ark by saving a child, and ends it by saving a child. It would explain, how the first order could build, despite one of the most powerful jedi still lurking around in the galaxy, and it would also help mando realise, that the way he follows is wrong. And that one should always choose the live and happiness of others over the own, or traditions. If has to survive for a part of rebels to happen, you could just explain it with that weird time travel thingy from the last rebels season...

Carlos Guzman: Can't wait to see Ashoka Tano.. on the Mandolorian.. This is the way

DREW _1575: She is gonna die This is the way

Isaiah Ring: im not down with the star wars lore

toxqui11: Lab Doctor “ I highly doubt we’ll find a donor with a higher M-count”. Uhhh and Moff is tracking mando Right to Ashoka. What are the chances moff captures ashoka, mando and baby? They had to go there to arc Jar Jar abrams mess..

toxqui11: Given that season 2 trailer ends in episode 4 i assume ashoka is in the next 4 episodes and moff gideon is successful in taking baby yoda in episode 5. And the next 3 episodes are ashoka, sabine, ezra, and the whole rebels crew on a mission to get baby yoda back.

Connie G Shinn: Asoka is here

Daniel Sawyer: Ahsoka Tano, awesome female character from clone wars that basically all real star wars fans like. But hey, how can that be possible, aren't we all misogynists?

Theboismell: How does she look I can’t find her

Whyatt Lee: V can become a Force ghost if you recall correctly holocron and sift temples often hold a Sith Lord as a ghost whose tangible and is able to fight you and do everything he could have done when he was alive except die

Manuel Rodrigues: Bittersweet day for SW fans where we see clone wars and mandalorian carrying the entire franchise

Drew H. Buy some schwag: A lot of what ahsoka was up to after order 66 is explained in the book. Definitely worth reading, explains how she got the white sabers too

Isaac Laumbach: Good thing they decided on cutting the scene of Ahsoka getting killed in Revenge of the Sith 😆

eros: Who you think would be the next hokage when naruto dies?

Mackojr34 NBA 2K20 videos: The Ashoka and Din Jaron characters have saved the entire Star Wars franchise for Disney.

Andrew Gray: So Ezra could show up at some point!!

madbwoy84: holy shit am I super hype to see Rosario as Ahsoka. I don't really expect to see her until a later episode where they can give her plenty of screen time

9 9: These are so informative thank you

Parzival 038: I enjoyed the kengoi book

Silvia Corona: I think is about time we have an LGBT storyline. Maybe Ahsoka and Sabine have fallen in love with each other during their search for Ezra Bridger

Dean Firnatine: Ashoka was the greatest Jedi because she was the one with purest heart and the best of motives. Oh and Long live Death Watch!

Mata Nui: I just hope they don't ruin Ahsoka when she comes to live action.

ArtCruiser: How can it be possible that Luke does not seek her out when she was trained by his father. This is one example of how much SW is flawed.

TheRe54per: Yeh give Ahsoka her own story about being a Grey Knight now. Also we need to know what happened to Ezra.

Joel Lacroix: When darth vader found her lightsabers, i cried like a baby. Would love to see ahsoka have her own series

Atlantic 73: Why do you think she sent the mandalorian to ahsoka tano and not like Luke skywalker?

Minoverody: Yes finally. All caught up. Yooooo i can’t believe we got Bo Katan though wtf I’m hyped for the next two episodes 🙌🏽😭

TCG Cardcast: And once again, Ashoka Tano has been pushed into something she doesn’t have to be in... *Sigh* I love Ashoka to death but I am tired of Disney forcing her into shit. This show doesn’t need her. Her story is done, it’s over. Stop using her.

Hotshot Coolz: Gosh I LOVE that they are doing Ahsoka justice and putting her in the greatest star wars live action series yet, which Dave feloni is a part off! You just know its bound to be a banger of an episode😍

gabriel torres: My dumb self heard “Haso Katano” the first time I watched the episode and didn’t get too excited until a few moments after that it finally clicked lol

Mitchell Goodling: Y’all i got the new star wars tales of the galaxys edge vr game and there is a hint at a “jedi and her green padawan with the big ears” i think this could be a hint at the mando series

tv tissue: If they make me wait till episode 5 ima be pissed

Elda Anarion: Ashoka Thano master jedi légendaire

carryoutmoth #1: Can't wait for tomorrow night hopefully we see her in the next episode

Avatar of Hate: Seeing "the real" Bo Katan in ep 3 was such a surprise!

Steven Brown: Maybe Filoni wrote Ezra into The Mandalorian. I could totally see him with Ahsoka on episode 5

Joe Parsons: You just know din djarin will go searching for ahsoka the whole ep only for her to turn up at the end for like 5 secs

muzien87: Mando season 2: MEMBERRIES

justphil84: I hope we get the search for Ezra in Season 3!

Craving Zaesy: I can’t wait for Tuesday

Gantz:0: Holy shit that ahsoka maul duel was 🔥🔥

Reginald Eberhart: I figured bc he turns back into a Jedi

Jose Emilio De Leon: this is the reason why there should only be movies that go 1 2 3 4 5 etc and at the end or in the middle of them series

Sheldon Marquez: I think Anakin was turned back to the light and therefore no longer Sith, so he was able to become a Spirit.

Nathaniel Meza: i cant wait for ahsoka tano tomorrow

Comander KOSO: I have a question do we know at wich time ahsoka leaved the world between worlds? if not it could mean that ahsoka only leaved that place a few weeks before she met with sabine after rotj

None Your business: Finally? She was in the Star wars movie she got killed

sirt3z: what's been a really big help with the mandalorian series is not just one or two directors but they have a team of directors that all love Star wars

sirt3z: I hope before it's all said and done that there's a big war Mando and all his friends against moffGideon and his horde and hopefully Sabine and Ezra will show up as well

sirt3z: Maybe the name of the next episode could be called Gray Jedi

Saad Golandaz: This is the way

sirt3z: Is the name of the next episode going to be ahsoka tano

Piers Johnston: the dpsw cinematic universe

Emrys0211 Gamers: Ok it was exciting when I heard about Ashoka. BUT the real question is, will she be appear in the next episode or the 5th episode? Or will she appear in the end of season or the next season?

Craig'sCorner: Plus it was a downer that EA cut Ashoka Tano in Battlefront 2. I hope that the next Battlefront game has her with less micro transactions.

Craig'sCorner: Since we are getting a time traveling mini Lego Star Wars movie on Disney plus. What if we get a what if series on Disney plus where Ashoka could sense a presence of Darth Vader and decided to go back to the Republic and warn Obi Wan Kenobi about him. My mind been blown!

devad4trs: nice video thanks !

Nycto: I thought bo katan gonna say Ezra lol

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