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WhosImmortal: Season 4 is looking nice and somehow we've got new info on the NEXT Warzone map?! Thanks for watching!

Arron Galtrey: They need to sort out how many bullets it take when people are down with no plates 💯

carryoutflame94: nail gun lvl 69 lol

Arron Galtrey: Best be a next gen update as well

Marco A Sierra Bernal: I just hope if the next COD is based on WWII, it won't be as cheerful as last game. Give people a little bit more of the horrors of that time. MW was crude they stepped back with cold war. They have feedback make a worthy campaign

SPVCS: ..all of this sounds so trash all I wanted was a wardrobe update that allows you to customize your own oporator. &, New content for Modern Warfare... Battlefield just dropped there trailer. & Cold War was an okay game. But me personally Modern Warfare 2 & 3 maybe even a possible MW collection would be amazing.... They don't care about Modern Warfare. & that's the game in my opinion most played till this day. I really wanted the FNS2000 in the game.

Adrian Brands: Dark eather for warzone?

guncena234: what about the cx9

Lachlan mason: I just want them to add in the G3 assault rifle and a west German operator lol

Muse Pagan Tirado: 80's ACTION PACK for Season 4 ROBOCOP, terminator, Leathal Weapon, PREDATOR, SHAFT, The-A-team, MAGNUM P.I. JAMES BOND, we'll be waiting

beyblade productions: are they gonna optimze the game or harder to run again

wat noob gaming: The new cod update made me delete the game i paid 125$ for. I ONLY HAVE GTA 5 AND WARZONE DOWNLOADED AND MY PS4 HAS A 500GB STORAGE WTF COD

blxnt: Your caption includes more info than your videos these days, just clickbait to get views to keep us here for 10 mins unfollowing (followed for 2 years until now)

craig preiss: Anticheat...

G H O S T: Hey zac. Just wondering if u saw the new battlefield trailer and if ur gonna play it?

Raj: Only content we need is FOV slider for console players. Fk the bullish.

Alexander Hurtig: Really hope they can get a Anticheat going real soon and if not, banwaves maybe 3 times a week or something cuz the cheating is really out of hand now..

Mazen waleed Khursheed: The new battlefield game is gonna crush cod because cod is being lazy this year while bf 2042 will deliver what gamers always wanted for

DArK: is SPR good? i am a beginner in warzone and i dont have those fancy snipers unlocked, i like using fast and aggresive snipers like kar98 and swiss but i only have the pelington, hdr, tundra. tundra and hdr are those slow-steady snipers for long ranges but for fast and aggresive snipers, i have got only the pelington which is good but not great, should i unlock the SPR by completing the challenge or just wait for those guns to unlock? i have asked it another videos too. pls reply

Eddie Price: In the new cutscene it talked about Africa. That lines up with the desert theme well.

Chonky iItalian: We’ll be getting cx 9 tomorrow trust me

Marius Deaconu: Day 1 of asking iw for dababy operator

Jonathan Lott: Hey! Hi! How you doing? Could you share your loadout for that FFAR1? You're frying with that thing. Thanks for the content! Loving the videos.

Scott West: World War 2 pacific warzone . Ties into your sand theme for operators ..

Gage Cowin: Love the content one of my favorite creaters your videos have helped me alot

xxx_420: Level 69. Nice

Pea: Season 4 is gonna be heavily Black Ops Campaign African based because, remember what wraith said. “We have our a man in Africa” hinting to the new operators and we may see a new gun from that campaign

NINJA PRO: Lmao am I the only one who saw that the nail gun was lvl 69

ExOTiiC: Still waiting for the CX-9

Muhammad Bilal: When will the sun in verdansk get nerfed?

Davide Altavilla: This is plain speculation so you get a dislike from me. Stop waisting people's time with these f click bait titles, otherwise I'll just unsubscribe.

ItZ Ph2: I’m so damn scared waking up and hearing ladies and gentlemen hey hi how you doing welcome to the channel thanks for stopping by.

Death Valley: the dessert theme I believe is going to be at South Africa witch I think Writh or Stitch said in the mini teaser.

OfficialNK_Eu EuTraumatizedCXI: All PS5 Players Are Still Waiting For A Warzone Next-Gen Version... We Need 120Hz (FPS) & A FOV Slider.

Sebastian Villasenor: I’m cool with what’s coming to Season 4 for Cold War, but I wish that Activision would give MW some attention during Season 4. For example, they can add the Scorpion Evo (CX-9) the RAAL LMG, operators like Soap, and more DLC maps. I find it pretty unfair that ever since CW came out, Activision just randomly abandoned MW. Also, with COD 2021, I heard that so far the game is having a lot of issues, and the way I see it, if the game hasn’t even been revealed and there’s already people saying that things may go south, something tells me that this years COD may be not worth getting. But that’s just me. But anyways, excellent video!

Michael Campanile: Zombie camos?

crk916: The Checom and nail gun? Gee thanks Treyarch 💩

Arashpreet Singh: Hello

BigBadT: Can't wait for the m60 to be removed from ground loot

Ravioli: Get Zack an Oscar, acting like he doesn't know the next seasonal melee weapon is a spoon💀

Carmello Fuentes: Play station broke today any recommendations for cheaper pre built PCs that are still good and usable with different frames would be amazing to anybody that leaves a recommendation thanks

Que_pasa WZ: The multiplayer cage map would be cool for the gulag

old man Gaming: Yay whoot whoot(sarcasm for the americans lol) ww2 warzone thats gonna be a bit kak.

old man Gaming: Imo nail gun will be as underwhelming like the amp 63. We need an smg/Ar hybrid

Tae Javuu: Yea looking forward to the new map coming soon around late 2021 and the K-9 unit maybe we could see some new killstreaks in warzone I’m excited

CukManyo: No one : Cold War Developer : Okay lets add NAIL GUN to Warzone.

Jonathan Mako Symmank: One of the 3 names could be Menendez

FastAdventure Gamer: The Chicom being a real life weapon(burst version is never mentioned in Wikipedia), expecting the full auto version. The most bullets we would expect is 30-50 bullets(50 bullets for its extended)

Jonathan Mako Symmank: Hey hi how ya doin! Can’t wait for S4! BTW to add even more content beyond WZ and BOCW, are you gonna try out Battlefield 2042 when it comes out later this year?

Grimm: I wouldn't mind a little remake of Summit for the Gulag, though thinking about it, having it on the warzone map might eliminate it as a possibility But I don't care, love me some summit

ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΚΩΣΤΑΛΑΣ: is this the construction zone or something?

Ricannon: Man cod is trying to step up its game for battlefield 6

Nugget: Am I the only one waiting for the CX-9 I’ve got it level 30 2 seasons ago

Daffodilmocha20: I got a video yesterday when I got on warzone where wraith talked about and operator waiting in africa so I'm wondering about that

Rafael G: We need Soap....

Chris James: Incorporating ww2 into warzone sounds so awful imo. Rather just have two different battle royale experiences

Tom Green: I had a random cut scene when I logged on yesterday as you would get at the start of every season and they mentioned something about South Africa

Jimmy Frost: Man I haven't liked this game since it's been Treyarch'd. Hope it gets back to form when MW2 comes out.

Jose Gallegos: I just want reassurance that MW weapons won't be removed when Vanguard comes out

Sheiky: how are u so fast in ur gameplay

Daduzki28: Call of duty need some fix or else battlefield 6 will go

Ira Hines: Is there an FOV slider ??!!!!

Cheems: The hand cannon from the bocw campaign could be a good scorestreak

Olympus Mons: Oh great more desert. Sure would like to see a thunderstorm or rain map...

Joesap: Definitely not the biggest fan of another WW2 cod….

Χρήστος-Μιχαήλ Μαλίατσος: Are they gonna update the engine for the new map or it's gonna be the exact engine we have right now?

A Spartan: They better add the nail gun I want to be like the equalizer from the first movie when he kills the dude with the nail gun

Big Zaddy: I hope season 4 introduces something big! Cause Battlefield by what I’m hearing and seeing on Online the hype looks real! Cod… wake the fck up or get shut the fck up! That’s the truth no caps and in my momma!

Take it easy: I want to see g36c weapon with 45 ammunition mag I don't ask a lot

Justin Mathers: Would be upsetting if they put hijack in there , feels like yesterday they just added it to blackout .

Declan Byrne: Who tf cares bf trailer dropped

Akshay Narine: Anything on aether?

Lone Wolf: Bro hijacked was my favorite map in bo2

URIEL WARZONE: This game has become such a disappointment

Fizz Okla: Tomorrow last season the sykov came out so I want to look forward to that but I have a feeling I'm gonna be let down

Hollywood Hndrsn: Will treyarch/activision every make the blackout map free to play in warzone and add team elimination since treyarch is not adding a map to warzone

Truckergaming94: What load out are you running

Tinny Tin Tin: Fov

Justin Urrea: i work framing, so the nailgun is like a slap in the face to me lol

Lee’s Creative Art: Need the Xbox bug fixed ASAP. It’s been a plague that is getting me too excited for the battlefield game. Haha. It has been rough this last few weeks with being kicked from games about 6 times out of 20 games and 19 out of those 20 I get kicked to my Xbox Home Screen and had one that literally reset my Xbox. So weird.

Titan: Season 4 hyped me up!!!!

Asta Da Gouki: I cant wait for this season to finish. Am I the only one who has experience their PS4 pro overheating due to the background in the lobby? I've cleaned it. Ive gotten a fan on the side. As soon as I hit the lobby my gaming system starts to take off with crazy loud noises. Twice it has overheated. When playing in game, as calm as it can be.

Billy Schleser: About 2 months ago raven said they were looking into fov sliders for warzone. I'm really hoping that's in season 4

Johnnybbooii: We need a crowbar to bash some heads in Cold War

Žonatan Rivera: hardware tools will be a whole new category in y'all's armory calling it right now. y'all gonna want that dm ultra shower head

Tristian Kelso: They better do something or battlefield is going to take all the players

AcronimYT: Hey, Hi, i want Cx9😂😭

Donovan Frutos: Day 14 of saying immortals is my favorite YouTuber

Imabudtender: Just sayin if you guys need someone to do need for battlefield hope you all consider me 😂😅🙏

Warzone's Best Bot: Raal and CX-9 need to be released

Soba Minecraft: To get the milsim Challenges do I have to have the battle pass?

Ness 2.0: Since they’re just redoing all of old maps why can’t warzone just be all old maps or best maps from all the cod games put together. And voted on by community... and if you’re some of those racist in community... ya trash and can’t 1v1 😂😂😂

SantroXG287: Console fov slider. PLEASE.

discord mod: Cant wait 😂

Ethanwinter96: But late on this one, went to see Nobody at the cinema tonight, very very good for those who were undecided on whether to see it or not. Regardless, great video man, some exciting stuff coming up it appears, always the best content for us all, keep it up!

extremeBrah: We need new MW skins...i'm tired of Cold war skins 😩

Josh Jeffers: The main maps that I would like to see come to cold war are.. hijacked/skyjacked, slums, and firing range. There are so many black ops 3 maps that I would like to see come to cold war also, but I don't know if they will use them or not because of the "advanced movement" parts of the maps. I miss the wall running and stuff honestly. Almost every single black ops 3 dlc map was really good.. I would even go so far as to say the best dlc maps of all time even!

D M: S O A P

Tj Pearce: Bro have u saw the trailer for battlefield 2042

D L: If there's no anti cheat by the time B6 comes out, warzones days are numbered. It will be great and they look to be bringing out all the stops for it after seeing there reveal trailer, add in anti cheat and B6 will be top dog. All the community has wanted is anti cheat since day 1.

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