BEST PLAYER in FALL GUYS SEASON 2 - WTF & Funny Moments #115 (Season 2)

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Fabian Ramirez: 5:53 no es buenísimo

Ducky: why is it a witch??????

Wesam. yt: fall guys is the best 2020 game I played

Wesam. yt: Yes

Solomon Cervantes: 4:28 you clearly see rings

Son_Goku _•o34: اكو عرب

Masaia Aguilar: it is

Masaia Aguilar: Yes

Wilmer Hernandez: Yes fall guys is the best game I played in 2020 I play it every day and I have five crowns

Ballou: I have a clip epic

Ibrahim Fady Raafat Degheidy: The best YouTube channel

Epic TH: Yes

Thomas Mateer: NOOOOO my world record I didn’t know how to upload it and now it’s gone it was in wall guys.....😭😭😭😭😭😭😰

Steve Fensome: More maps

Nato Fishy: Fallguys is the best game I’ve ever played! Not just in2020

Impression Press: QOTD: yes fall guys is the most fun game/frustrating but if 2021its Minecraft most likely for the cave update

adam tjes: QOTD: I played rocket league for 2 years then it begins so boring I stop then I and fornite I didn't like it so I uninstall that game then it begins boring when fall guys was out then I started playing and it's so fun

Nook n crannie: Man nice video, i wish i found your channel earlier

BmanGaming 123: QOTD: yes

xWispx: QOTD: No but it is the best game I have wanted in 2020 so far.

Messiah Picaro 2.0: No it isn’t but it’s the second best

gsz: Amoung us best game 2020

man dan: Ayy I made ittttt! 6:15

CAMTASTIC: Obviously, best game ever

Gabriel e Sofia: QOTD: Yes because... it's the best game i ever played with good phisics

giannaros 2008: Yes because it's funny crazy and sometimes the most raging game😅😅

PureProgs: Yes it is cool because it is different every time

Lucas Millington: QQTD.fall guys is the best game I have ever played!!,!!!

Lucas Millington: Fall guys is the best game I have ever played!!’!,!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Jefferson: QOTD: Yes, Fall Guys is my favorite game of 2020. It is so fun and crazy.

Paolo Cervantes: Mrkeroro10 is a best player

Gaming with Justin: Am I the only one who hasn’t gotten to play royal fumble ever Since the mid season update in season 1?

shellz: QOTD: it goes up there with Fortnite and among us but I think it's better so yes.

gamer özdemir: I like This! Because its really famous

Willis Rubble: 4:08 thanks for using my clip

LeuGim 22: QOTD: Yes, Fall Guys surprised me in a good way and it is amazing, especially to play with friends

Melon gaming: Yes because its very fun to play I mean among us is good but fall guys is better


GumGumHTP: QOTD: So far, just wish they added more maps!

Danielle Cid: No the ragest for me

Rafelina Castro: yeah once i got a world record on camra in slime climb its my fAVORITE game its so cool

Tommy Gaming: yes it is the best game I've played in 2020

Jamie Stafford: Probably yes

Boxer the Box: QOTD: Yes... BTW I can go through the middle fan nearly every time.

Boomer: Yes it is the best game of al time!

ugly او بشع: Why you didn’t put my clip it’s insane plz put it🙏🙏


Gildardo Barajas: Yes don’t need to say anything nothing can top for best 2020 game I have played

Evan Woodward: It’s the second best I’m playing at the moment, after the outer worlds but, fall guys is the best in 2020, just ahead of Ghost of Tsushima

Mati YT Playz: Fall guys best game 2020

Fear The Bear: QOTD: No there is one game better than fall guys NHL21 You probably thought it was among us

Jackson Haggins: QOTD: It is not I play 2K so I would say that is the best game.

FaZe GINGY: Qotd: yes cuz its fun and if u die i dont rage cuz of how fun it is i hope u feature me next vid

ILLUMIDADDY: In my opinion it's not the best because well it died but I still love watching these moments

Syrup Of Nature: QOTD: Yes it is. It’s the Best and most Fun to play Game ever. It’s Slightly better than Fortnite

that one dude: QOTD: yes i like this game

MASTER OP: no it is destiny 2

SJ_Cyclo: QQTA INTRO yes fallguys is the best game in the WORLD

lilazzmudder 9_48: Yes fall guys is my favorite game so far in 2020, even though it makes me rage a lot lol it’s still fun to play with friends


BoB ThE PiCkEl: QOTD: fall guys is my 3rd favorite game that has came out because I love among us and madden 21 but fall guys is really fun

George gaming: QOTD: yes, its my favourite game

StellasWorldGaming: YESSSS!!!! I finally made it!!!!! thanks top fALL guys highlights 4:37 thanks guys for watching :)

MIGUEL JUAN GOMEZ VERGARA: QOTD: Fall Guys is the best game I evered played because it's like a combination of all the good games.

MKE MVP: Fall guys is for sure the best game ever

Pokeyuki Isumi: QOTD:So far yes the jellybeans are really good game that I play

Fall Guys Funny Moments: QOTD: Yes, its the best game I have played in 2020 so far.

Maisie The Pup: QOTD: That's a tough question but I think Fall guy is the best with among us close second

Matias Edits ツ: Brasil na área hahaha

Anabia Ayaz👩🏻: Yes fall guys is my favourite game I’m playing this game for 2 years and I have 53 wins

Buuren Fenech: Fall guys is the best game ever because Godzilla came out

asonexa: 2020 is the best year because fall guys com out and its ultimate knockout and you play with real people and thers 5 rounds

Rajas Ka Dhamaka: QQTD: Yes Fall Guys is the Best game of 2020 but there are some glitches which needs to be fixed in the game.


SamG_007: Wall Guys speedrun became a hit XD


germy gaming: QOTD:yes its really funny and when you grab and you go up ist so animated

Paul Ingram: QOTD. Fall guys is the best game I played so far in 2020 it adds joy to the terrible year

Mixed Up: QOTD: it is my favorite game of 2020. Among us doesn’t come close.

Luke Shelton: Considering that Among us came out in like 2018 so yes fall guys

MGT_Joking: Lol

IkoVicZ: QOTD: Just yes

Lust: The Best game ive played in 2020 Was Among Us and COD

Elite4kobe: No nhl21 baby

Ömer Faruk: 2:12 Türk

ArkVark: QOTD: Yes because this game is so fun :D

Payal Vyas: Yep it is

Mr Fall guy: QOTD: YES because it is fun but very trolley

IndianHero Gaming: Qotd: yep it is the best game of 2020 as pubg was they favourite game but it is banned in india so fall guys is my choice

SNOW: هلو

Massimo Oricchio: QOTD: I think fortnite and rocket league and fall guys are the three games that I enjoy this year but fall guys is the best I player

STATIK_BAIG: QQTD : no this isn’t I hate this game it’s full of Sweats now I like rocket league and Fortnite champion league baby

The ZFD bros: Fall guys is my favorite game I have played this year in 2020

MemeMaker 2: QQTD: Definitely. I have so much fun playing with my friends.

Klassic Ahmed: QOTD:no its not the best the best for me is rainbow six siege and fall guys is my second best

Ze_PøtcheZ: Damn my wall guys record was 30 sec

Ankolo: QOTD: I don't think so because now I'm playing 4 games: Rocket League, F1 2020, Fall Guys and Minecraft

IRROTICAL-1000: Yes indeed fall guys is my best game in 2020 and will always be🥺🥺

Chicken Nuggets: QOTD: Fall guys is a fun game and I like it but, my choice is Ghost of Tsushima for best 2020 game

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