How to complete ALL 55 LEGACY ACHIEVEMENTS [Fortnite Season 3] - "Leave Your Legacy" Punch Card

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RutgerK: Check out my new video about 50 LEGACY ACHIEVEMENTS UNLOCKED - Leave Your Legacy Punch Card Complete:

Tom Trudeau: I have completed several of these but not showing done

Calum: Does the achievements give xp

MartialManiaK: This is not "how to get" This is just a list of Achievements. Don't advertize your video incorrectly!

Damian Whindleton: Eliminated by mythic gold fish "wrong place wrong time" More like "struck by lightning"

BADWOLF1874: Used to enjoy team rumble but now it's full of all the dick players Only play solo now which I used to hate.cant play squads as I have no friends and duos is just a sweat fest.

GamerPro1555 YT: U r not English u r German or something Like that

ftg gaming: The flare gun legacies dont seem to work except for the eliminating one

luissuazo31: I got 46 when watching this video

ツViv: Does anyone know how to do the super owl?you need to use Jules grappler 52 times and it doesn’t work

Nostradamus: Can't be done crazy amount of things like ammoboxes pfffff just fun to try !!!!

Suger Shane: bust down tatiana

jj joker: Got an achievement legacy using jules grappl glider gun 52x or it states LII FYI

RutgerK: Marauder Fodder can be completed!! Check out how:

MP60DC4L: I did the legacy achievement "Marauder Fodder". It works. Here you see how to do it: video: This should NOT be an advertisement for me. I just want to help ypu and tell you. I also write it on another video of you.

Gethin Davies: ive tried setting a dumpster on fire with a flare gun, firefly jar, and a gas tank from the rig and i still havent got the legacy

John Polidori: I bet nobody here has the caught a mythic goldfish

Comrade Ugandan: I love how simple this was. I thought he was gonna show how to do it in game

Robert O'Beirne: Can you get pickaxe expert from killing henchmen

Stimsivar: Your dutch

Random Y-T: There is also a secret legacy where u have to win the match without dealing damage or building

Wyatt Afterglow: What is that riding a rocket

Ultimate Pegasus: How many are there

just_dylan_official: So u gotta win 100 solo, duo and squad games 🤯

Erin Benson: Dumpster fire didnt work for me

Jayden Gerdsen: Je kan heel goed horen dat je Nederlands bent

Joseph Martinez: This was a huge help. So many other vids have listed only the unreleased ones. Thank you!

ido michaeli: I killed more than 100 marauders but didn’t get this legacy

joe belfield-hall: I just recently got sixth sense, was wondering how to get the variety of kills legacy?

grand master Oliver Thompson fortnight: I've done loads this season and no luck :(

Robyn Evans: I tried the retail row boat one but it didn’t work

Shadow 117: bro u r growing fast, can i get a shoutout?

RickyRuffles: The flare gun counts as an explosive. Hope that helps

RutgerK: After the update many things changed to the Punch Cards & Legacy Achievements. I recommend to check out my update video:

Legxndary: Do these achievements give XP?

robin: Today they added; from the primordial ooze, Completed the Coral Buddies Wood Age Quest. you have to go to the small island on the left side of the light house

Datboi3747: There is a legacy we’re you have to use Jules glider gun some times I would go in party royals and grab a bunch of grapplers and just use them all till you complete the legacy

_Shade_: Dealing 1966 damage to a loot shark is one, I earned it. Same with eliminating an opponent after opening a supply drop

JokenJack 78: I just want to say thank you for making this! I'll make sure to subscribe!

Luca_smdt: I killed 100 Marodeurs but didn't get the legacy

KingEcho: i have some but they aren’t showing on my punchcard

SNM Fuzzy: I dont get this

J41M3 G0ODF4C3: How and where should I light a dumpster on fire

N8 _gamr: Its sounds like you said pinch cards

SOFIA MEJIA: Snipe expert

lil bobo: 🇳🇱

bleu eggos: It's your boy Bleuuuuuu showing some love and support I love to support other YouTubers so keep posting

xtacy: Hey, wanna be friends?

Santiago Lovera: I did the pickaxe expert with a friend that I made he was drinking minies while I would pickaxe him

149Dragonite: Thank you

warren garcia: r u from Nl?

Andre Amayao: Hey Rutger! Just wanted to let you know that it’s possible to get the dumpster Fire by using the Kaboom barrels on the map, if you throw it near the dumpster, pin this so everyone is updated

GracjanYT: Nederlander met goeie english taal

Ñ1ģhtmarě: I got spice is life with your on fire

Abid Hiccup: How to get the legacy; The spice of Life?

TRZ YT: There is bloody 30

JadeOnIce: 0:00 that’s why I clicked on the video lol.

Bob Snerds: Thx Really Helped!!!

Giliampie: Do you get xp?

Maxoupou 1: All possible achievements: Land on Map Used a Whirlpool Earned 2 to 7 weapon accolades in one match (multiple achievements) Kill someone while they are gliding Get weapon expert accolades with SMG,AR,Sniper Rifle,Explosive Weapons,Shotgun, Pickaxe (Harvesting Tool) and Pistol.(multiple achievements) Get all 10 coins spread by a Purple XP Coin Throw a consumable Ride a Shark Deal 1966 damage to Sharks Get 1,10,100 wins in Solo,Duos, Squads and Team Rumble.(multiple achievements) Kill someone with an Harvesting Tool.(Pickaxe) Kill someone just after they opened a Supply Drop. Kill immediately after pulling him with an harpoon gun. Kill someone while being in the storm. Heal 500 health or shield with Slurpfish. Eliminate opponents with a variety (all types)of weapons in one match. Eliminate an opponent by yeeting(throwing)them. Revive a teammate while being in the water. Kill 100 marauders. Play a match as Kit.(This season's tier 60 skin) Eliminate a player while riding a rocket(hard,GL!) Catch a Mythic Goldfish. Get killed by a Mythic Goldfish. Eliminate a player with a Mythic Goldfish. Burn 500 enemy structures with fire(Use campfire,gas station or explosive barrels) Set a dumpster on fire All not possible achievements: Get killed by a Marauder Damage an opponent with a Shark Eliminate 4 opponents with a Charge Shotgun in a single match. Ride a boat in Retail Row. Be the first player to land,open a chest and have full health and shield. Eliminate a opponent with a Flare Gun. Shoot a Flare Gun at an already burning structure. It's my first time doing this. Tell me if I missed something!

Kai_CK: Wait there's more than 2????

Azx: Is nobody gonna talk about how his account level is 1,678

RutgerK: Please notice you can't complete the challenges at 3:52 yet! If they work let me know or I will let you guys know once I find it out.

TaXD: Vandaag

TaXD: 5offen video rutger kan je band half 5 of 6 7 8 9

MzFancy1903: Thank you 😎

Adam Waheed: Very good

Brown Boy: Awesome video!

Ussrm0m: Hello

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