StudvilleTV Season 3 Official Trailer

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Kimbly Robertson: when is Season 4 coming out

Starleana Palmer: do we really gotta purchase the finale?????

sm cv: season 3 Next episode #10 come onnn!!!

Rajen Campbell: when does episode 7 come on for season 3

Jay Huggins: :18 is Channing kissing her cousin???

Heyleen Leonardo: When is the next episode coming^

Christina Arvizu: When do it start...yall killin me...I LOVE THE SHOW...HELLO FR

Anonymouslove: When is ep4 coming cant wait to see it.  I really want to knw what happens next.

Ms Tasha: Whoa! Did I see a body bag?

True Santos: ILOVE YALL

Ilaya Garner: idc what the haters say STUDVILLE TV ALLDAY

Miss Shaneice: NOW THAT'S A TRAILER!!!

brittany thomas: It's the 26th where are yall

dasha brown: 9:03

Poetress Justice: I'm ready in 20 something mins studville tv season 3 will start. im hyped!!!!

Delana Richardson: What time is it being uploaded?

dasha brown: Man ugh

dasha brown: What time are y'all posting the video, today is the 26

juonnie Dahrling: Today is the dayyy! Lol I'm super excited

Laurel Mccallister: Tonight at 9 can't wait😀😀😀😀😀

chyann costigan: what time today will it be up !!

Niecy Ann: Yasss [channing]2 more days ☆☆♡♡♥♥

Marisa Davis: @StudvilleTV is the whole season 3 coming out on July 26or do episodes come out weekly

Miss Moody: When I say after work is my wine and watching Studville my phone will be on dnd I'm super excited 😁

Marisa Davis: Season 3 starts July 26 , 2015 at 9:00,pm

Marisa Davis: @StudvilleTV's just episode 1 Coming out or is it the complete season and did Channing die.cause the last episode of season 2 she.took pills

Yes That’s Leí: Loosing fans because of the wait summer is almost over


Katrice Renee: awe snap I cant wait

Clockwork Red: This season (3) is going to be BANANAS!!!

poetryQueen85: Yeeees can not wait, getting my list of snacks already to have night in!!!! :D

poetryQueen85: Yeeees can not wait, getting my list of snacks already to have night in!!!! :D

von russ: Summer is fixin' to be over lol. The wait is killing me.

Mar & Maury.: Dude it is summer 2015, where y'all at with these episodes! Lol I am so pumped to see this man. 😂💕

Brittany W:

Brittany W: Let's get it!!!! Season start nowwww!

Babiipooh24: OMG hurry and come back! I am in need!!

Latasha Johnson: He'll yea

Michelle Crenshaw: So the Summer is here when does Season 3 actually starts?

Marisa Davis: +studville TV when is.season 3 coming

Quan Kartel: Dey taking forever!!! Is there a date yet??? #studvilletv

Gilisa Romeo: Eeeeeep... I can't wait.. urghhh

Christine J: So ready for this season!!!

Zaileyah Berrien: What day does it come out !

Brianna Dennard:

Brianna Dennard: When will the season start?????

Blindspotter129: It is summer 2k15 when is the first episode going to be released already😩

NeTalyah Redd: HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

Kay Ess: ugh omg i am yearning to see Serenity bad ass. Like ugh words cant even express. i wish that was bae I swuh to gah

Prvnces' Palace: Am I the only one who receives life from this trailer? This and Between Women really are the bomb.

Alicia Gordon: Well... It's summer... So... A date would be nice.

Keshia Scott: yo, this look live as ever. i can't wait until the season begins

Marijuana Pepsi: Damn. Look like a movie. Can't wait. Serenity sexy ass though 😍😍😍

Olivia Clough: 🙊

Keisha Jones: When do the season start please give a date 😢😢😢

Dezi Storm: its gone be hot... but where the fuck is Siya....anyways cant wait

Shanetra Mccollum: I am so ready to watch the new stuff.....hurry up lol

Kenyatta Wyatt: I started watching Studville TV and finished season 1/ 2 all in one day. Very captivating story lines... with laughter and love of 4 friends. Oooooo but with the wickedness, mind twisting and didn't see that coming of season 3.... it's SURE to be a "MINDBLOWER"!!! I can't wait and "THANK YOU " for showing the LGBT community is a different light!!

Lawanda Nash: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

sassyblack100: look like some back stabbing, scandalous and sneaky stuff going on WOW now bring it ON though!! i can not wait..I LOVE LOVE THE SHOW!!!

Ieshea Beaty: Can't wait

RKJFamily: how soon ,cause im ready to see everyone

sheneika cole: Cant wait until it come on...

OQ: im so ready

jocelyn aurie: I can't wait any longer

Poetress Justice: Like this if anybody caught Dice from "LaLa's Full Court Life" :)

1234 1234: damn i cant wait anymore hurry up please and put the webisodes out ...hardcore studville fan here lol!

Mira Jane: Yall should use tempers fuck the summer up since this is a summer season

Joelles: This was published on my birthday !!!!

Jahouda Santos: I'm so excited to for this season I have been watching seasons 1&2 over and over!!! The summer has started so let the season begin!! Congrats to all the success of the show and I am a proud supporter of Studville TV #SVTV #Yayyy #TeamRiley

Star Jadore: I can't wait

Briana Miller: It's summer, lol when is it going to be posted?

Ace Wil: Dope!

Melanie Rainey: Sooooooo ready!!!! Can't wait 😊

Boricua Nani: Yes I love all of y'all and champ mmmmm

April Allen: This is some tomfoolery lol...all trailer with no start date......I'm ready....hurry cthu

Antaniea T Dennis: When does it start

Ronnieka Key: I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready in my sponge bob voice!!!!!

KyYouaFool: new cast members....

Ticauda Byrd: Thanks for the teaser!

Ticauda Byrd: I am so thirsty to watch season 3.....

D'Shon Dennise: Omg I'm going to cry I'm so excited 😍

mika _mcilwain: what date does this come out during summer 2015?

Ramon Bachert-Noble: They'll drop the season premier like Beyoncé dropped her album.. that would be dope, looking forward to it!

Kyeisha Maria: I so can't wait

Shawty Redd: I love this show. I can't wait til the new season comes out. It's summer time sooooooo when is it coming? On another note. The website is down. Just thought you guys should know.

Queen Walters: Omg! I'm ready! !!

WE ARE MAGIC: WAIT A MINUTE Was that Dice in the Trailer??????  Whew I am too excited isnt it close enough to summer to release it :-).....  Got my eyes all watering and stuff

theatrefilmgirl: My wife and I can't wait until this show comes back on. Excited!!

ThatGirlKi: I can't freaking wait yesssss honey yesssss

Shanese Smith: Omg did yall see that body bag 😱 the suspense is killing me....can't wait

jerrika francis: I can't wait

jerrika francis: When is the episode of studvilletv

Lisa ATL Maisel: So looking forward to watching this series again. Loved it from the start. Birmingham native that has moved to the ATL 3 years ago. LOVE the city and the vibe....GOOD LICK LADIES....I ,MEANT LUCK!!!LOL!!! =)

J Lloyd: Great job @StudvilleTV , the trailer looks awesome!

Shay Boog: Summer when tho? I miss my boo Shawn

London Arde: Yessss !!!!!!! Too excited

Kozette: Ladies you have 56,000+subscribers as of today's date. PLEASE BEGIN THE SEASON. I understand marketing, making sure productivity is at its best however you don't want to LOOSE the audience either. Successful people/ businesses are CONSISTENT too! Anticipating the production. Love and success. 💋

Jay Huggins: Where's Hope??

NolabelLezbian23: I keep repeatedly watching this trailer waiting 😢😢😢😢

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