RICK AND MORTY Season 5 Episode 2 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

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Heavy Spoilers: Let us know your thoughts on the episode and if there's anything we missed. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ?sub_confirmation=1 *Check out our BEST new videos below* *Fast And Furious 9 Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG6CMdkOODw *Shang-Chi Trailer Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h53dLccY9k *Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 9 Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-0Dso2OKRo *Loki Episode 3 Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl3A6faQLyQ *Reel Rejects Interview* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0y3Y_v84ho *Black Summer Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3h8v8--hfk

杜令日光: The true clone wars

Maximo Perez: You’re not mediocre, I’d say at least slightly above average.

Hyun XP: That post content makes me think, this ain't the Rick we know. It was a different one, on a different dimension where the timelines there starts from the far future then devolves overtime.

Duru: i am patiently waiting for a new evil morty episode

DanFarrell98: Did anyone else think that the ad break cut out part of the episode? When they destroy the squid ship anthem Jerry emerges alive and then suddenly adverts. When it continued it was as if it never happened

Julio Rodriguez: This show ceases to amaze me!! We need a Rick and morty movie !!


dfailsthemost: I love Dracula saying don't INVITE me back in.

Bill Norfleet: Great breakdown. I learned more about some of the true meanings. . Plus how Rick and Morty = Doc and Marty. 🤯

Dom: youre just telling me the episode

Reign Greyson: "Turn off your Nintendo 69" Bold of you to assume that will ever happen.

Lucas Martins: This episode sucks, im apalled people liked this, not a single joke was funny, zero character development...im worried

Ben Green: I read a comment that pointed out that when Rick describes the decoys they are “having terrestrial adventures,” so it stands to reason that the only family seen in space (with clone Beth) is the real one.

Isabelle Oh-Criner: In the episode, Rick says that the decoys are designed to have self-contained terrestrial adventures. I think we’re supposed to be able to tell the last family is real because they’re in space.

Asturianix98: 10:42 I'm season 2 Testicle Monster said: "If you get to the dolphin people, you got too far". There is indeed an acuatoc apocalypse that creates a new human/dolphin species.

Almighty OG: They are gonna throw a mean curveball this season and i cant wait. So much confusion🤯

HazyDazyStoner: Did anyone see that they also have a shield implant in their teeth as well that Rick uses to protect himself from the suicide pill in the decoy Rick?

Alex Williams: You missed a few things I noticed in the episode: 1. The other decoy analysis mode was "8==D" 2. The Ricks strapped up in the "hills have eyes" house were references to The Wizard of Oz 3. Both Ricks bit down on their teeth. The one choking the other bit down on a blue tooth that protected him, the other bit down on a red tooth that made his own head explode. 4. Best of all, this episode was actually sponsored by Wrangler Jeans, which is a reference to the finale from last season, when the planet laser was sponsored by Wrangler

C K: I think they are taking dump on their audience and feeling like they are witty for it. R&M is getting a little stale. My fault though for thinking there was something deeper to a show that hints at it, whilst also saying existence is meaningless hahah

Steven Shade: This is awful

skaetur1: Rick drools when he tells Nimbus he destroyed that mermaid puss.

Rukitlas: I bet the real rick was just chillin on the couch watching cable the entire time

Nikola Genchev: the barcode on the ass cheek is reference to futurama and the time travel code

Midzfar Jaji: Really cool video. Just watched this today and it’s the 30th here in the Philippines. I hope I still made it for the raffel 🙏

Stephanie Polanco: I ADORE both episodes. I have laught soooooo much this season

mcalaru: Why would you spoil west world…

jdnelms62: Yes, you got the Saving Private Ryan reference! Few of the other critics did.

Ron Lebedev: 09:10 looks like Rick gave Morty the Laser whip that Morty wanted to get in season 4 episode 7 after they started killing the Glorzo Parasites with the samurai mecha suit

ari c-s: The other shutdown code is 8==D

MindsOfConflict MOC: “Hey (burrrrppp) MORTY”

Larry Delizo: Yoooooo what's up with that box set tho?! But both episodes were good, love ur breakdowns too, thanks!!

Lucky: I still am not convinced we are following the right family lol

Yvette Vera: I love Jerry ruining something again!!

Medaddict: I think the family at the end is the real one bc rick said that the decoys are programed to do self contained Terran adventures and that family is in space.

Random Joe: Anytime the adventure is terrestrial and self contained: it’s a decoy family. This is why the family was coming home from space and it had Space Beth; the episode wasn’t contained or terrestrial!

Ashley Hernandez: I love these in depth reviews of the episodes as they come out!

Clinton Brills: They were in Italy hanging out with football star Cristiano Ronaldo

Brian Mascolo: The other pass code was 8==D 😂😂😂

Asiatic OverLord: The time travel scene is a nod to Dark.

Vince Hill: So much fun, loving the absolute insanity of this last one

ryan savage: At one point in the episode one of the family’s get blown up and they have bones not robot bones but real bones so there probably the real Rick and morty of that universe not c137 but the real ones of that universe

Jonny Morfoulis: Awesome video!

Leopold Kain: I dont have Hulu live anymore. So this is really the only way I can see and keep up with the show. Thank You

Lars Erik Johansson: When the Rick who made the shitty squid costume saw the other decoys had better squid decoy costumes he just gave up.

ProJECT PHOLOSHO: the episode was boring, not moving just wrapped around the idea of decoys..

Wes Stapley: I think episode 2 was the writers’ way of expressing their regret for ever writing in Space Beth.

pecosROB: Someone already brought up the Star Fox boss Andross but those weapons Rick gives everyone - Morty asked for a whip in that episode where they had the Voltron suits and the swords were hard on the wrists. Rick tells Morty "no way you don't chop your dick off with it" but ends up giving him the whip in this episode. I only remember this because I VERY recently re-watched seasons 1-4. I think Summer asked for a light saber in another episode as well, and the rifle that Beth gets is similar to the one that Space Beth has, right? And then Jerry gets a small gun (Cricket) like Will Smith in the original MIB.

Funny Bunny: I’m guessing the real family is in the space ship

Bokie: cmon man not every single second of the show are some references. sometimes it just is what it is.

Texock: Great episode

Yoda Goat: The wicked gender unusually wink because element thirdly melt from a nebulous bass. cut, tangy romania

Justin Reich: I genuinely don’t think we are following C-137 family anymore, their Rick is so much darker/twisted and like you mentioned the Rick we’ve been following this season isn’t drinking away his precious brain cells! Lol. Nice break down though, just found the channel and love it!

Chris Gates: The squid ship design is a nod to the sentinels in the Matrix.

queen kiara: okeii but wouldn’t the last family be the original family because they were with space beth. like yes the decoys do have the same memories and know that space beth exists but space beth probably showed up to the original families house where the real rick made her. which means that she went to the real family therefore meaning that the last family shown in outer space has to be the real family.

eliborio camacho: The Squid ships remind me of Reavers from Gesrs of War

AwesomeSpaceStudios: Whenwolf should be a show.

Alexander Lebedev: Whats written on the cross in the end, above Jerry's face?🤔

BEENHER209 Cali: Good video

Audycja Bla Bla: Oh boy that episode wasss sooooooo good! Mindbombing but good

Miguel Melenciano: Good stuff

Luqu Chaos: decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing decoy killing and the list goes on and on and on and on

Marothi Lepulana: Confusion of the highest order!

Dwight A. Spencer: Space beth family is the O.G. family. There was a line at the start stating the decoys where having "terrestrial adventures" while the original went off world.

Frankenviews *: Many of the characters look the same because they're all designed by Justin Roiland and he's not that sophisticated an artist and also doesn't give a F. Many of the characters on his other show, Solar Opposites, also look very similar to Rick and Morty ones.

Bird Person: Wasn't as big on this one as the last episode

Daniel Silva: What if evil morty is a decoy who found out he was a decoy

Best Short Videos: The episodes keep getting better

Random Youtube: Now that ep was confusing....!

Clinton Evans: Think I made a mistake starting to watch RnM at season 5

Drank Sinatra: Was there a... Mephisto decoy?

Clinton Evans: How do we know this is not a decoy Paul?

Junya Itadakimasu: Terrible

Mario Rodriguez: Summer getting suicidal/fatalistic all episode long was not hitting for me.

Chaz Cormier: When the last two decoy Rick's fight one uses duel energy swords it's at the start of the fight

Matt Gilbert: That's the most beaver Jerry has had in his life

The Italian Stalian: Mediocre video indeed

D B: Good video thanks

Oceann Tye: I don’t think we’re watching the real Rick anymore..unless he quit drinking? Where’s the drool lol.

Der Felix: Between minute 2 and 3 Rick says the decoys to on fun self-contained TERRESTRIAL adventures. So that's why I think the last one is the real one. Also the first Rick we see says something about how he created decoys because of the business with space Beth. It makes sense to involve her at the end. I think maybe Mr. Always Wanna Be Hunted is there to wrap it all up, because if the decoys are busy with eath other he will kill the last one. But I am not sure about this part.

Psychloptic: Say decoys again

Jonas Søndergaard Nielsen: When summer cuts her arm to See if it bleeds, its not only a reference to terminator 2, but also exmachina

Joe Bartolone: The 'when wolf' bit, i feel, is one of those references that is an incorrect reference within rick and morty (ie. Tom cruise-cuisine/cocktail bit). When morty says hes never seen a use of who/what/when and where wolf, they purposely dont say, why-wolf, which is a character from adventure time...and we know that they know all about adventure time and reference them sometimes in this show...i might be stretching here, but my first instinct was to say, 'what about the why-wolves from adventure time?!' ****why-wolves are the first reference of the cosmic owl in adventure time which was directly referenced in the last episode!!!***

Eddy Sandland: There can only be One!? Guys!? Highlander 1986!? Sean Connerry plays a Spanish warrior but does Nothing with the Accent! Hahaha 😅 😅 😅 lol had me in Stitches!! Sooooo True ha

Mr. Wicked: give me my jacket back!

Ivancho Allegro Mundaca: Definitivamente the craziest episode so far. My brain did hurt too. I mean. Man what an episode. The best of it all is that even when Your(Mine) brain hurt, You had to keep watching. Becouse rigth before the "When wolf" episode, Rick said this was going to be a Special one. The "when wolf" episode. But ended up being a Special of THE AC TUAL Episode. Marvelous.

Protoman: Seems to be subtle for mister always wants to be hunted and why One specific Rick knew about him and that you couldn't hunt him to completion.

Delicose: I noticed what could be an Easter egg. At one point two Mortys are fighting and one has a spoon. This may be a call back to the episode Look Who's Purging Now where Morty throws a spoon to Rick during a fight. Rick makes a comment that of all the things that Morty could have thrown him, a spoon was the least lethal.

Sofa king Insane: Weak ass first two episodes of this season. I really hope it gets better.

LoveAllGirls TheyMakeMeFeelSoGood: Just didn't quite understand how this all started, were the first squid soldiers real alien squid soldiers or were they also decoy's, because if they were decoy's was it discovering they were decoys that lead them to hunt other decoy's or did they just discover other decoy's and decide to exterminate them? Because it's basically an episode of smith family clone wars. Secondly wouldn't it have just been smarter for the real rick to have made a better more obedient rick decoy that wouldn't think 100% exactly like him, because the rest of the family would have been dumb enough to believe a robot rick was real. Finally did anyone else notice somebody wrote hentai on the tackboard in the garage around 17mins in, lol?

Rob Rose: The last family is probably the real family because there would've been no Space Beth decoy made by any of the Ricks, so she at least has to be the real one

JC Woodman: I'm telling ya all Hiestatron is behind it ALL! And Mafisto😘

Brian Lefevre: The other password in the episode looks like a phallic symbol

Dem Beku: This episode was just insane. Loved it 🔥

Rusty Shackleferd: This ep reminds of the Jordon Peele film Us. Just on a massive scale. :)

John Rabbit: When they were in Italy and by the pool you see morty interacting with a good looking middle aged dude and I think that’s a reference from “call me by your name” with Timothee chalamet

SimplyStimulating: Interesting

Imboosie TV: U spend all your time making great videos💯🔥🔥

blockify: I’m fairly sure we’re following the original family because Rick said in either this or the last episode, “you’re the old morty” or something like that indicating that they’re the old and original one

blockify: “As christianity hasn’t been *invented* yet”. Very well said ;)

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