RICK AND MORTY Season 5 Episode 3 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

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Heavy Spoilers: Apologies for my voice in this, still got a super-swollen throat, hope you hate me still though. *Check out our BEST new videos below* *The Tomorrow War Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA1HZsN-Z8M *Fear Street Part 1: 1994 Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLux6672cuo *Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 10 Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9Fvs7lSIl0 *Loki Episode 4 Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMbE_VCKhtE *Rick And Morty s05e02 Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m_2KkD6az8 *Fast And Furious 9 Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG6CMdkOODw *Shang-Chi Trailer Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h53dLccY9k

Brandon Blessing: Am I the only one who notice Planetina pull off a Don Cheadle Captain Planet: Where he go crazy and kill everyone in order to save earth

swanand kavitkar: Characters who watched their loved ones turn into monsters Anakin Padme Gene Wolverine Omniman Debi Danerys Jon Dolores Teddy Wanda Vision Hulk Betty

JaydenB_2k21: imma need that link people. my homework assignment is due this week

Ervin: it was an episode where a teenage love was tackled. how Beth was more of a mother to Morty. It's a Rick and Morty Episode that is more personal.

Calvin Crasto: RIP Johnny dee

Vision Scream: this is a series i am proud to watch because they kinda of hold the Boner/mephisto card in plain sight with the metahumor but rarely use the knee jerk reaction of self awareness "Hey everyone here is some Conway Twitty". Its a show that continues its allure to rewatchability...which among most content is rarely worth the time or effort in most cases today.

Vision Scream: HELLO!!!

Vision Scream: the crazy part of morty's breakup he slayed generations of aliens over 22 minutes on episode 1 so i really dont understand his aversation to her killing 300....

Stuart Simpson: Great breakdown! keep them coming!

Prosper Sikhwari: Mortys arc is pretty clear this season, he’s becoming so much like Rick that he doesn’t even find Rick interesting anymore.

BonnieTheToy: Good episode, I wonder if we'll ever see Planetina again. Also, personally the 2nd episode is the best out of this season so far

StarskyRyan: This episode fucked me up reminded me of this sweet girl i loved and dated who just, slowly became something ugly right before my eyes :'(

Jason Sciberras: though i did like it, i do feel this was a massive decrease in awesome episodes of this season. i would like to see much more rick and morty together again real soon. they've really branched characters right apart from one another and its starting to take a toll on the series a bit.

Andy Delgado: We ALL know what group he represents.

Andy Delgado: Trump 2024

Bazatron Murphy: The real question is did Planetina rob Morty of his innocence?

Dabilicious Gaming: Awesome vid! Got reccomend to ur channel and was not disappointed

Frankie Fresh: I also noticed they took a few referances to scott pilgrim when meeting planet tina

Donny Womack: Why was this episode so deep

Marvel Legends UK: Whatever happened to acid rain?!

Bryton Up: When Rick says he needs some “elbow grease”…..

Marc Tramontano: I agree, this season is great!!! it's different than other seasons, but it's great!!! it can't be easy to come up with new ideas. and keep in mind, Rick and morty have 70 more episodes to write, cut them some slack. I love everything they do. keep it up Justin and dan!

Lysondra Webb: How did you do this so fast!

Rohit Das: Awesome video Sir 👍👍👍

Velociraptor Antirrhopus: The black-hole design that intersellar uses is also the most accurate reconstruction of a black hole that scientist can create.

r2dxhate: Global warming is a scam, don't be suckers.

Malachite Hawk: Morty, in this season alone you killed people and mowed down civilizations for wine.

Orlando Semidey: I feel like the the Diesel Weasel reminded me of Lobo from DC along with the Biker Mice from Mars

Daryl Dixon: Morty still has the rings right? I thought they'd get split because someone found the rings, but since they weren't referenced after that, I'm guessing they're still in morty's possesion?

Mooch TV: I didn't like episode 3 but I was tired whilst watching after my night shift. Lads Lads Lads! Great video

Mr Artmonkey: Uh oh! If 90s cartoons are in the lore now, can GI Joe or Eternia be soon?

sicdedworm09: This episode hit every nail on the head of my recent break up. The age gap. Trying to ask one to understand the other and seeing them do or say horrible things that break your heart. I cried like a baby.

DAWZAVELI THEDON: Lol yeah cigarette 😂

Roberto C: Morty will always kill someone to try and get some booty

Kindsaza DK: Mix in a few references to some old cartoons and you all jump on it like a bitch in heat. Personally, I feel like these first episodes have felt rushed and cheap. The 2. in this season had som great stuff, I'll agree to that, but the change to Rick overall this season seems to me like its coming out of the blue. I just feel like the personalities of the characters feel hollow this season. Not good.

Kingsley Fox: Loved that cartoon but god damn heart ring was the worst 🤣

C0re Téta: I 'm sure planetira will be on the moon because no human mess it up

FillyFoxTM: I’m honestly really loving this season so far, it feels a lot different to me and I like it

Amon Lainé: It’s great to see Morty standing on his ground he had an amazing character development

ben 78 and doctor15th: Hi

Shantorey Wilkins: 🕵‍♀️🕵🕵‍♂️

Soufiane Hajali: bloody barz

Ramy Pon: Plantina goes dark pheonix coz she has no heart?

Thembelani H Dlamini: I like how proud of yourself you got when you said "several elements" 🤣🤣🤣

U R Phake And Gey: To me, this episode actually shows Morty is unlikely to go the way of Rick. Morty broke up with someone he loved over morality. Planetina does argue back with the fact Morty killed her kids, but Morty isn't wrong in that the circumstances were different. Well done, imo, as it puts both of them in a moral grey area and leaves it to the viewer.

Rick: You missed a lot here in this breakdown and a lot you said is very obvious but you’re missing tons of small details

Itchy Phuck69: I know a few people have commented on this since season 5 started but, I absolutely love how bad ass morty has got. NFG 🙌❤️

XerØ-X Glitch: [Captain Planet]: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Heart [Planetina]: Earth, Air, Fire, & Water Who is the true symbol and hero of the environment?

--: Take in no portal gun has been used so far!!

Sabyasachi Das: This episode was so weak I feel like they cut so much from the episode

David Saenz: The flash is fast, but not as fast as family... *coughs* I mean Paul

dooney78: Rick also drew boobies under Morty's face on the shirt to make it Summer.

Paradox G: There's only one thing to say about this show and people who enjoy it or think it's genius.... FUKING DISTURBED.

Rick: You missed Johnny D’s T’s it’s a reference to someone who died

robobrain10000: This episode felt like filler too tbh.

Archit Tiwari: 😎

isaiahZ murray: This episode was very sad 💔…

FlynngoesIN: Time god Jessica Vs Planetina

_Neon - Xeon_: I'm kinda dissapointed that the drool is back I was so pumped to see Rick without the drool because I thought it was a progression for his character.....but no, its just set up for a joke

Ajwadd Anwarr: I am genuinely suprised by how much I'm enjoying this season. I really thought i would quit the show after last season but no this is actually really good.

Joshua Initorio: 3 episodes in and Rick has still yet to use the portal gun

Rajdeep Mondal: Paul, excellent video as always. What is the music that plays in the background?

sean kirschner: I dont know why you say hello i say goodbye

RunFlat plays: Yo heavy spoilers can i have comfort please. This episode was great and gave me depression

Nima Dima: I like this channel,who is not just talk about varians 5:04 summer is morty with ponytail

lil TOASTIE: After 5 hours of research I have come to the conclusion there is no uncensored elbow tiddies 😔😭😭

Sulack: This episode felt different.

Onionhorse: so Morty has elemental rings now?

christopher daniel: Morty is becoming quite the little badass. 🤘 I approve.

Hannibal Solo: Hell-O

Carbodude: I like how the Tinateers didn't have "Heart" in the team to poke fun at how useless Ma-Ti was in the Captain Planet cartoon

hellfish2309: 8:33 oh my god that’s horrible - WHERE ARE THEY? 😆

SAlcocer12: It may have been the side story, but I always like the Rick & Summer adventures. Those two really click.

Namcap01: Also, one thing you might of missed is the dance moves that Rick and Daphne do on the second planet is silmilar to Kid 'n' Play's dance duo in the movie House Party.

LogGrad98: This episode felt rushed.

Tommy Boy: I almost cried twice episode 1&3 how could you dislike this season

first name: people have been mixed on the season ??? the season has been AWESOME ! and this was a great overview of the episode -- thanks for doing it -- I didn't catch the "Bikers From Mars" reference while I was watching the episode, but after seeing you mention it it was so obvious

Yeleck Neroïd: Not Thanos references but, Ironman Mandarin's one! With the makluan rings!

Peter G A: heyyyy i remember the cartoon with the space biker mice !!!!! nostalgia !!

Lord Venjix: Awesome video Spoiler Man 👌

CranidOnYoutube: thank god i wasn’t the only one too think the pussy pounders was similar too the pussay patrol lmao

KT R: Morty is the hypocrite in all of us. Over the last five seasons he killed countless humans, aliens, sentient beings, civilisations, family members and even other Mortys. If he thought that there wouldn't be any consequences he'd even kill or hurt innocent people just because he could. It seems he fell in love with Planetina because for him she was the embodiment of innocence, morality and integrity - basically everything that got lost, perverted or rendered morally ambiguous thanks to Rick. Just like Rick he learned to make excuses for himself, learned to justify his actions - but the moment he realised that Planetina isn't as innocent and perfect as the ideal he thought her to be, he broke up with her, judging her for being exactly like him. It shows how we impose all those high standards or ideals on other people, impossible to live up to, and eventually get mad or disappointed with them, even if we are just as bad or even worse. Or in other words: He's still the horny teenage piece of hypocrite sh*t that Beth always knew he is.

The Cthulha: A man rat on a motorcycle like any Sigmar fearing citizen of the empire would believe that.

Gi Gaming: I tho those TTs man balls

Jalen5k: This episode had so many Gravity falls references it was funny. The voice actor for tina was a voice actor for gravity falls who said "Hello" almost every episode, and then Rick accidentally mistakes summer for mable after sleeping and getting drunk with tina.

Michael: This episode was full on degen with the sex to the point it was forced and unfunny

novagaming elite: I wonder if Mortys break up will continue in to the next episode or will show him upset

Coco Bug: I'm thinking that Planetina may play a role in the "Vindicators" section of the series. I'm not sure if the Vindicators are being revamped or if it will be the original squad that we've seen, but I can see her being a part of a corrupt "superhero" group that may cross paths with Rick and Morty again

John Kush Carter: Best ep so far.

Dacoolpro Vids: Who already can’t wait for ep4

LowLands Pete: Well that was the weakest episode.. 3/10

Jason Marbach: I genuinely don’t understand how people who claim to be fans of Rick and Morty aren’t loving this season so far. It’s f^+%ing great.

Big Trip: I don’t think summer was smoking a cigarette..


godking: Morty has come a long way from season 1. Season 1 Morty would have cowered in fear from Eddy and would be horrified killing one person current Morty just does'nt give a fuck if you come after him trying to kill or harm him or those he loves he will end you. I also like Morty standing up to Rick and doing his own thing Great episode

Frank Masselli: Anyone else notice how Morty is becoming more and more distant from Rick and more confident ? Remember what Rick said In season 1 a cocky Morty can be very dangerous…this season might be foreshadowing something

Sudip Tsai: Everyone had a breakdown . Jerry , Beth , summer, Rick ,Morty and even planetina

Zeno Sama: Your name is awfully accurate you sure are good at spoiling shit in your thumbnails.

Reinnemann2: Its been all solo Morty adventures his season, aside from the intros which we don't get to see

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