RICK AND MORTY Season 5 Episode 5 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

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Heavy Spoilers: Apologies for the double upload, noticed some audio sync issues with the last export and I'd rather my bad jokes weren't made even worse by bad editing. Much love for you Monday.

CrushThemFoolxx: 2:14 a alien bong?

T Hayabusa: So if no one knows if you tried watching the episode on YouTube a bunch of people leaked all of episode 7 the voltron episodes and it’s probably the worse. Episode worse than the sperm episodes

Destiny Captain: I think it’s nifty.

Jv Saxopeal: The face pyramid could refence the creators’ friend’s show: Gravoty Falls. Their a villian named Bill Cypher who is a face pyramid and all seeing eye.

Jake Haskin: Episode 7 was ALOT better than 5 suggest watching it if you don't mind not having a new episode to watch in 2 weeks lol

Bazatron Murphy: I just watched the Voltron episode and boy am I confused

Quintessential: Fun fact: the website I pirate rocks me Morty episode on, played the wrong episode. I watched this really weird episode with Gordon ferrets? And it was scarface?

Nathaniel Becker: HAHAHAAA...! YOU PIN!HEAD...meow

Nascar Official: I actually watched episode 7 already; it’s about feret mecha’s and Summer mocking rick feel happy

Crumpled paper: I thought this episode was the vultron one which I already saw three times since it was leaked on YouTube. It was honestly very good. I don’t wanna spoil it, let’s say godfather, robot exponential growth.

Vision Scream: rick and morty are meant to be silly from time to time.....The last episode was a call back to when the medium of movies and tv were meant to soley be for entertainment with all "the old world tropes." Of all things "phoning it in..." marvel and dc have been churning out movies and tv shows that possess that one character or moment that audiences find tolerable for rewatchability. Antman and aquaman both had their humorous elements but were "the fish out of water story" trope....or the xmen saga that started only to fall back jump forward and implode back into itself with wolverine mostly bearing the rest of the insignificant swill or narrative. I am just airing the fact that the chaotic nature of a story about a family of meta time travellers is bound to attract criticism. Personally I am grateful to still have a series I love that is still relevant and new in its concepts and passionate about their. execution of making content. Thank you paul and now I will get off my soapbox because it's laundry day.

Greg Burton: Wait till you all see episode 7. It is fucked up!

Reduxanimatory: Wait, aren't those two main characters from space jam 2?

Mark: has anyone seen my chalk?

Gene Goss: Hahaha I love ppl with Google knowledge of the occult lol

Mr Boltz: I watch rick and morty for free on some website and there rick and morty season 5 episode 7 is available instead of episode 5, and I watched it and I know every thing about it, the episode name is gorton jerysis, comment if any one wanna know what the episode is about and etc

Rhoderss 206: Wait i got an important question, how are you watching season 5 on Mondays if the episodes comes out in the uk on Tuesday?

Daniel Hughes: Wait am i lost. I saw the voltron episode last night not any of this

kalemsmith12345: Episode 7 has been leaked too!

metalgearstud1: So now i think its safe to assume rick has no more portal gun after it was stolen from him after episode 1

Julio Rodriguez: Did any one notice that the green transformer resembles the green Mitsubishi Eclipse that Paul walker drove on the first “fast and furious “ ?? 🤔

The Bronze Age of DC Comics: The ship carrying a solar system is reminiscent of when the TARDIS carried planets behind it.

I'm red: How did episode 7 get leaked

Reagan Dewell: Is this that marvel

YRMA_Fletcher: i think the diving pool is a nod to monty python possiblt, also its probably galactus, but it could be a jab at final Space if its a Titan

Soufiane Hajali: sofa wine is my bloody new mantra

Albert Ma: First breakdown every week 💪

Origin of Comics: 3rd time is the charm

Aaron Tuck: Slow down with the breakdowns man give the other youtubers a chance

Tiny Grimes: Hey Paul have you seen ep7 yet?

Jimmy TheGhost: What reality is this??? Has the video been taken down yet or is this the first time it’s been uploaded. I just want to finish it. I’ve watched this video in 4 parts now, maybe I’ll finish it this time.

Nigel XD: Episode 6 is already leaked 😱😱

mcmastxr: episode 5 only just came out but i’ve seen episode 7 some how

Aditya Paldas: 1:46 is Devi, Shiva's consort 1:57 That's Shiva

arturo182: You know who else liked this episode? My Wiiife

BEENHER209 Cali: Good video

Average Joe: Great episode! Last week was a little off, I agree.

Hannibal Solo: @2:17 Not gonna lie, I seriously thought that was just an adorable little cheese grater that Rick bedazzled when he either got incredibly high or just plain bored in life.

ameenation: the new kid looks a lot like rick tho

Rebecca Steen: The Smash Mouth song is called "All Star" not Rockstar.

Hoàng Nguyễn thanh: No one : Heavily spoiler: speedrunn go brrrrrr

Devansh Bolsure: Chut slang is from India..damn..

Jack o Films!: The 3rd eye pyramid guy is a easter egg from gravity falls the creators worked together on that show

Mooch TV: Your not having much luck with the copyright variants on this ep lol but you got there in the end ;)

M. Collinson: 7:40 behind Jerry is a poster for the Charity Brothers, Char and Ity. This was an animated sketch by Justin Roiland and Zach Hadel produced for Seth Rogen's 'Hilarity for Charity' special on Netflix. Look it up, but I warn you that it's not for the faint of heart.

X Mitril X: Wait what if Ricks's wife’s soul is in the Car?

Rangga Wiratno: Paul, fastest breakdown YouTuber alive

Peter G A: phantasma or fantasma is also the greek word for ghost

dooney78: The tall object from the occult box is shaped like a metronome.

Heinrich Everson: Lol I got recommended this 3 times which peaked my interest to watch it before the episode 😂😅

Isaiah Word: I’ve smashed the like button like i did Paul’s Wife

Pentagram: The quality dropped from ep 1 and 2.

Tiny Grimes: _Me gets notification and opens the video: Video is not available_ _Me gets notification and opens the video: Video is not available_ *How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, Old Man?*

Oh yeah Yeah: Yall seen episode 7 yet it leaked the incest baby comes back and the family turns into some robot thing

DinoDion: on kisscartoon, it has epsiode 7 on it for some reason. its the vtron epsiode

alex cornell: you miss the "hell-racers" video game at the back of the bar in case it wasnt clear which movie they were referencing hahahaha

The Mandalorian: Surprised to see this upload wasn't privated again

Beta Ray Bill: I'm a new fan and already I'm mindfucked! Love it!

djtripmix: Awesome! Thanks


Jeffrey Solomon: Loved the episode 👏🏾🤣🤣 those cenobites were so funny🤣, thanks for the breakdown Paul

「 EnglishSmiddy 」: Who else saw the episode Tuesday

Celly SZN (Caleb Israel): Rick finally used his portal gun.

Peanuts Gamer: What are your thoughts on space jam a New legacy.

Marcus: Did anyone els get erectile distinction tablet advert lol? What you trying to say YouTube, I ain’t got no problems back the fk away with that lol.

Tsepo Dladla: The multi-upload war

Patrick Ragland: I've gotta get me one of those Aversion-Conversion Inversion Reverters.

A7XfoREVerfan: Somebody who saw episode 7 already?😂

Saikath Ghosh: Mate I am just waiting for your space jam 2 breakdown!

Saikath Ghosh: I think paul was time travelling with Rick and Morty to see how his videos do in future!

John Micheal Kane: Are you having a small stroke by any chance? I pray to god for your health.

Yashodeep: 3rd time is the charm.. 😂 😂

xaifer: real OG's are clicking on this for the 3rd time

randomweeb: Why did u re post?

Saikath Ghosh: So many videos so little time!

Ark -S: How many do you want to upload Yes

Saikath Ghosh: Paul is just trippin!

Lord Venjix: Awesome video Spoiler Man 👍

Lil Pockets: what happened to the other vid?

Saikath Ghosh: After so many uploads Paul succeeds to release the video!

Roshan Shah: Fixing issues from multiple realities to ensure video correctly uploaded.

elytra: third times the charm

vjbalcxg: Paul's tripping

Menziah: 👀

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