THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 Episode 5 Breakdown & Ending Explained Review | Ahsoka Easter Eggs

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Heavy Spoilers: Hey everyone, I kinda touched upon the plot leaks in this video but incase you missed them you can find the full breakdown here -

Takko: I'm actually glad I didnt watch that plot leak because this episode was so amazing

Azeraph: I would say Sabine is on another line and that they are still on the hunt for Ezra. Otherwise she would have said take grogol to him, unless taking him to the temple is a step to Ezra and Sabine is with him.

Ben Chan: While I loved Michael Biehn from Aliens and Terminator, the more relevant former role here considering his gunfight with Mando, might actually be the Ringo Kid from "Tombstone."

Clinton Caple: Am I the only one who likes this story just a tad more than the original trilogy lol just a tad I'm literally on the edge of my seat every single episode 💯

Kenneth Sanders: Awesome show. Loved Filonis intro of Ahsoka to live action and to Mando. It brings up more questions than it answered and pulls the viewer deeper into the storyline. The name Grogu takes some getting used to but it's on me. (Pun intended. ) look forward to his back story being fleshed out. Ahsoka throws Thrawn 's name into mix and now we wonder, is Gideon also working for the Blue Devil or will they be on opposing sides? Has Ezra been found? Where is Sabine and Hera and Jason and Zeb and Callus and Rex? Tune in next week! Same Mando time, same Mando channel! I'm loving the chapter serialization following the classic format. I would really like for them to use the SW scroll to introduce each chapter. This show has the same feel as the first SW movies. I was there May 25, 1977. May the force be with you!

gilgamesh: HOLY SHTI BRUH

gginct: The duel between Ashoka and the magistrate reminded me of kill bill

Hollywood Purgatory: I will credit Heavy Spoilers for getting the material right on this one. That said so much misinformation in this community and on the internet alone, I understand why some fans are conditioned not to believe leaks. How can we truly know unless the source builds a trustworthy track record?

Kimberly Player: I'm glad you won't be spoiling it for us anymore.

Anthony Schmidt: Cal from Fallen order would be dope

Fawzy Nahwi: Was I the only one disappointed with how her hair/ears were short af ????

O G: When and where did Thrawn and Ezra escape together? It’s been a while since I saw Rebels

Nick C: Please be Windu.... or an altogether new Jedi

ToMegaTherion666: Great stuff.

D But: I'll geek the F out if Ezra shows up.

Richard Gerhardt: In the Star Wars comics, Jocasta Nu escapes the initial jedi purge. I know people want Mace Windu to be the one who rescued Gorgu, but I think it could be interesting if it had been Jocasta.

Jason Munoz: I bet the knob on that lever that Grogu likes so much, has the tracker Moff Gideon had placed in the razor crest last episode

Philip O Callaghan: Why does ? a jedi need an on off switch on a sabre....... a sabre not cut through Bescar....... Bescar stop a saber and still not give off enough radiation to kill its wearer in seconds.........PHISICS....... a jedi not organise the galaxy/UNIVERSE........... my drugs wear off........

J: New episode of #Mandalorian #AhsokaTano did a great job with the orange skin shows that we could’ve had the same with the live action Starfire Teen Titans, but instead we got the absolute worst bs garbage we have now

Bad Wolf Media: One thing you didn't mention here: they've already shown the potential for Grogu to slip to the Dark Side due to his connection to Din Djarin. Back in Chapter 7, when Mando was arm wrestling (and losing to) Cara Dune, the child apparently took it as a threat and Force-choked her. Another point that I think could come up as as contentious: The concepts of Light Side and Dark Side are a Jedi concept. Using the Force aggressively is "Dark Side" for Jedi, but for a Force-using Mandalorian, it may just be Tuesday. The entire concept of "good" and "bad" uses of the Force is a forced (so to speak) morality. Since it's a created concept, that means it wouldn't really apply outside of the Jedi order.

Cabelomello: So I guess this makes grogu the only youngling Anakin didn’t kill

Aika Tsujimoto: I would like to erase Star Wars Episode 7, 8 and 9 from my memory... It doesn't exist to me...

Jeremy Perkins: Loved this episode and her acting but the length of her montrals is bugging me

Ørjan: Yeah I came here for a breakdown, not a fucking voiceover that holds my freaking hand through the entire episode. I know what happened I saw the episode you doof nugget.

DeAlpha 369: Its nice to hear those light saber sound again, specially in a real live action starwars

Tim Peifer: Dark saber and beskar staff fight in the foreseen future

KidPrimeA9: How crazy would it be if Samuel L Jackson came back to reprise Mace Windu in this would definitely cement this show.

Obaman’t: I guarantee the person who took baby yoda from the temple was mace windu. He probably survived and it’s make sense for him to get a good death to boba fett to avenge his father

Christian Figgz: I have the biggest feeling that the Jedi who will come for The Child Grogu would be Mace Windu. It would be an awesome connection.

Danny Reyes: Please don't stop with the leaks.. Some of us just can't take it 😫

D: got tremendous chills as the men were facing off outside in silence, as Ashoka and the Magistrate were fighting inside with grunts, yells, and clanging of weapons

Fred Marble: The only thing I didn’t like about her is that she expressed the same bigotry as the Prequel era Jedi in refusing to train Baby Yoda. Anakin didn’t fall because he was afraid. He fell because the Jedi trained and educated him badly. Refusing to educate him altogether wouldn’t have solved the problem.

Jovanis Genevicius: this ep was like a short ,insane good movie

Chedel Castro Mahinay: They truly did star wars justice with the proper jedi debut in the series! However, there's still potential to the lightsaber fight scenes. Last fight made me feel dizzy by the film angle changes they mostly did. All in all one of the best episodes.

Daniel Plainview: Is it me or is star wars getting pretty close to Muppets in space?

Luke: I think the jedi that might show up are Cal Kestis and Cere Junda the jedi master

Taylor: There hasn't been any implication that Thrawn and Bridger haven't already been found and are now active in the goings on throughout the galaxy. Its been 10 years since they whale'd off into whereverland. If Ahsoka is asking this new magistrate character where Thrawn was, I get the feeling that he has already re-entered the picture.

bazorkin: I appreciate your humility over the pre-air spoiler issue. A lot of folks in your position would not have been anywhere near as humble and self-aware to apologize. Thanks for all you do.

Gustavo Mendoza: The Mandalorian is better then the sequels. I have spoken.

KidPrimeA9: Just disappointed Ashoka didn’t train grogu... the suspense of this show is perfect. If she won’t train him does the child just become a mando? A force wielding mando? Jedi? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT RRGGHHHHH!!! Lol

rockinarmy: I thought it was kind of a bad episode honestly, but it had so much HUGE context, story, lore, etc that I was absurdly hyped the whole time anyway

AlansMustache: Jar Jar Binks will answer the call of Grogu

A S: If no one is going to say it then I will...Ahsoka force pushed Vader and she struggled against a none jedi with a spear? she couldnt even force pull her other saber out of a shallow pond. dumb. really doesnt help the ST with Rey 'never lost' Skywalker, or maybe that was Feloni' plan.

Stacy Tucker: Nobody seems to have noticed the shades of Princess Mononoke story. The Mandalorian does a great job of taking stories from elsewhere and adjusting them to the Star Wars universe.

Revan 21: Best episode yet. This episode was done better than all three of the sequel Rey/Kyle disaster saga. Finally felt like I was watching Star Wars

Dave L: Since Dark Troopers are a thing, would love to see Kyle Katarn make his appearance.

Henry Skillz: Captain phasma staff?

OG S1MPSON: I think the name Grogu suits the child well.

Stuart Lee: The opening made Ahsoka seem like a Predator being all stealthy/invisible

chuck80y: Seeing Mando’s beskar armor in action against those lightsabers was pretty cool. Also that samurai walk eh?

Joy Con Boyz For life: Asokaaaaa

Giuseppe Papaleo: Honestly I didn't notice morai

PillowSmeller: What is the child reaches a force ghost at the mountain like Yoda, Qui-gon, or Obi-wan?

Brandon Meyer: Anyone else think the tiny ball Grogu likes so much looks like the death star?

Soul Simba: I hope we either see Ezra or mace windu as the Jedi but imagine if we see Cal👀

Samanth Krishnappa: that morai is soo well placed. Hopefully it is her.

undergroundoutlet: I heard it here first. She was amazing.

Michael Stewart: I lasted 50 secs until you couldn’t say her name write... great journalism

Tom Felton: Ahsoka Teno.

alexander voulgarellis: Fun fact: the main villain played by Daniel Inosanto, her father was Dan Inosanto Bruce Lee's top student

Connor Johnson: Hate the fact knowing next weeks will just be a filler episode it's a shame that they have one banging episode but the one after just doesn't progress the story

My name Is Aurange: I loved this episode it felt like a old samurai/ cowboy films

chrisboldra117: I was rewatching the episode again and I saw on the HK droids have Thrawn’s Chimera symbol on there head (go to 33 mins and pause it on the one that’s directly in shot) that’s an awesome detail that I saw and hinted at Thrawn before his name drop Awesome video as per normal man

Cisco Duncan: Negative! Baby Yoda FOREVER! Lol Grogu? How is it spelled? I probably misspelled it. Thanks for the video. ✌🏾👍🏾💯

MY 2 CENTS: Growgoo is the worst fucking name ever Wtf? Also god damn it, a Mace Windu series?? Can't somebody stay dead?

Bobby33z: a human who completely destroyed the natural ecosystem? She must be from earth.

cafeterialoca: >>Opening is the best in the Mandalorian history Not really, at all. Hell, the opening for season 1 and opening for season 2 I consider better and more tone setting.

Iain Kilcar: I wish the hk droids talked in classic hk fashion instead of alien mumbles.

Jacques Lin: Grogu's backstory was pretty interesting. I wasn't expecting him to be present in the Jedi Temple and survived Order 66. Though it would make sense since he is 50+ years of age. It also makes sense his abilities with the Force aren't completely developed due to him close himself off from the Force in order to survive. But I always assumed he was kidnapped from his home planet and eventually found his way to the mandalorian. Hopefully we’ll get to see flashbacks of Grogu's memories.

doteman92: There is also Cal Kestis.

Rummil Gaming: Grogu was saved by Anakin.

standing in: I loved that the way he dealt with the spear subtly.. As he could not have taken it honorfully as possession from the victim i.e. laying around on the ground, he had to make Ahsoka giving it to him as a present. So it is still "this is the way" then. Well done Mando.

ThEThYmEK13: I think "Grogu" is a PERFECT name for him. It's not so childish and obvious...

Daniel Polach: I think that baby Yoda is a much better name for him he is so awesome.

Var Eri: It is such a bittersweet thing to see Ahsoka. My favourite fantasy character, but seeing her reminds me of and carries so much pain from the clone wars, and its ending.

Ale Puglisi: The best episode ever.... Filoni is saving the franchise

Mark McKeever: There is a moment between Grogu and Ashoka as Mando is walking up his ship's ramp that makes me believe there's more going on between these it's Grogu making these decisions; Ashoka is just able to translate.

Luis Araya: Star Wars the right way... THIS is the way!

AnimeOtakuDrew: I'm obviously not certain at this point who took Grogu from the Jedi Temple, but I would be willing to bet we'll get a full flashback of him being taken from the Temple in the last two episodes of this season, just like we got the flashback of Din Djarin being rescued by the Death Watch Mandalorians in the last two episodes of season one. As for who did it, my theory is that it was Mace Windu. I think after surviving his fight with Palpatine, Windu returned to the Temple. Knowing Palpatine would turn on the Jedi, but also knowing he couldn't save everyone, I think Windu would choose to save the one with the strongest potential in the Force (he would, of course, tell anyone he met along the way to evacuate, but knowing that the Jedi evacuating the Temple en mass would draw too much attention he wouldn't tell too many). With that in mind, his main objective would be to get Grogu and get out so he could train Grogu and ultimately return to defeat Palpatine and Anakin. They may even have still been somewhere inside the Temple as Anakin and the clones marched in to slaughter everyone, only to slip away in the chaos. Sometime shortly thereafter, Grogu would have gotten separated from Windu, likely in a way that left the Jedi Master to believe he was dead. I suspect that when Din and Grogu reach Tython, Windu will be the Jedi that responds because he recognizes Grogu's presence in the Force (and even if I'm wrong about Mace Windu, I still think whoever got him out of the Temple will be the one that comes to them after Tython). Where things will go from there, I don't know. But those are my thoughts.

Sir Bob: imagine seeing a scaarred,half blinded old grumpy windu

Loukhyax: Maybe it's Cal Kestis they will find. Mace is dead.

Dejuan Dixon: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

dylan birch: Ashokas hair thingy doesn't look big enough compared to rebels.

Kaiser Dilag: In my opinion after Grogu decides to reach out to a Jedi it could be Master Luke Skywalker to train him in a Jedi Academy alongside Ben Solo and other young padawans.

teminator365: I don’t think Grogu will use the force to call out to a Jedi, because if they can’t get someone like Luke in the show, it would cause too many questions about their place in the original trilogy. Why would a Jedi capable of training Grogu not be around when Luke was fighting the empire essentially by himself?

Jose Tirado: 🔥

Jayjay: "Grogu", to be honest, I was expecting his name is start with letter "Y". But that's okay, at least I know his name.

Theodore Mauros: Imo you should keep posting videos about leaks (with spoiler warnings ofc), if the information is out, it's out. Personally I didn't watch the leak video but that doesn't really matter.

yan008: All those Star Wars ''nerds channels'' obviously not getting Yojimbo references from this episode, lmao

robert white: i think it might be cal from jedi fallen order if he survived this long

Henry Robinson: I thought Thrawn was dead Star Rebels

Clay M: I think the Jedi who senses Grogu could be Ezra. I’m mainly going off the fact that we saw Loth-cats in this episode which I believe was a nod towards him. In Star Wars Rebels, Loth-cats were often associated with Ezra and often helped guild him through his journey. I believe this could take place at the end of season 2, potentially at the end of the final episode we could see a shot of Ezra and from there it could lead into season 3. Similar to when Rey found Luke at the end of The force awakens.

Stuart Dunn: wait a day or so before you post spoilers. Some people work or live in other countries so cant watch it as soon as it launches. And no I haven't watched your video , I just hate the fact that you people post this shit just to get hits and be the first to cast your opinions.

Adrian Marston: Loved every second of this episode.

khaki man: I thought it was pretty good, which falls short of my monumental expectations for Ahsoka's live action debut. Her head tendrils should have been more extravagant for her maturity and she didn't quite capture the signature Ahsoka facial expressions. The light saber fights didn't quite have the flair that the mocapped Maul vs Ahsoka fight had either. Wasn't bad. Wasn't a home run like I had hoped for.

Matthew Erwin: Lol with your Windu pick as which Jedi it could possibly be..... I think Disney got to you👀

Ashtonplayz2003: When you realize in this time period Ashoka is the only one left of her ani and obi one

Toren Calduris: Another fool putting a spoiler in the thumbnail. Grr

USMCHernandez: 12:40 the imperial's medals always remind me of chiclets

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