Is Savitar ACTUALLY Back!? What’s Going On? - The Flash Season 7

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Hello I’m a cat: Anyone wish nora would come back?

Jeshua Avila: Please no Savitar I hated season 3 and dont want him back

Jessalynn Carr: Yes bring the time remnant evil barry

it's me red !: He wasn't a good villain like he's origin made no sense

AZJJ HXAT: Can’t wait for season 7 the flash

Aby Hales: Maybe 2020 has been a new awkward timeline, cause Barry saw the COVID-19 coming.......

Bradley sky: I so hyped for season 7

CRAZYgamer09: RIP Season’s Greet7ngs

Ash Robertson: Question: how did the Godspeed "clone" or whatever have full access to speed when the speed force is dead?

Blaž Fijavž Vivod: i dont think savitar is coming back it would be too hard to write him back into the story.

G5AnimeTortoise: This is a stretch, but what if it’s red death and they made this version of him big. I also believe the theory that this version of red death is gonna be reverse flash and blood works combined.

Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride: He was erased so not possible

shaz prothero: Savitar has to return. Essntially he has to return and Barry has to lock him in the speedforce prison. But this Savitar will be pre season 3 Savitar. Like when we saw Reverse Flash return in season 2. He was Reverse Flash but Reverse Flash before season 1. When he was Eobard Thawn Reverse Flash, before he went back in time and killed Harrison Wells and took on his Identity.

Diviy Idnani: i dont think its savitar cause his whole existence was possible only if iris died(which unfortunately she didnt), so unless they wanna go down that road again iris will need to be in mortal danger for him to just exist and i think thats too much of a hassle to go through so no way its savitar

Aniruddha Roy: Did barry create an artificial speed force..??if not then there is no savitar, only thawne..

CrimsonAvenger_: But if he is back, that means HR's sacrifice was for nothing.

Schteff: I haven’t really enjoyed this show since season 3

Cogan: I think that on one of the episode that Barry has to fight all of the main villains like reverse flash, zoom, Savitar , ciscata , and the thinker. This should happen when the are made in the mirriors

I’m an Tottenham Hotspur Fan till I die ForEver: YES SAVITAR IS BACK TO KILL IRIS 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂🎂 AND SNOWBARRY WILL GET TOGETHER AND GET MARRIED IN SEASON 7 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️💔💔❄️⚡️⚡️❄️ #SNOWBARRYFOREVERMARRIED

Devon Hopper: 9 min vid...5 ads....really? Come on.

I Gr: who s still watching this bullshit ?

Etim Damilola: the question that nobody is asking what happened to the God Flash why it didn't take God Flash time to die the ending of Flash Season 6 i wasn't happy with the ending

bobioko: Me wants Harrison wells to be alive (the Jesse quick one)

Etim Damilola: thank you for that question if Savitar is back i will love it & i will see him back in action

Moses Douglas: Cobalt Blue And Hot Pursuit --- make him Patty Spivot's brother

Dwight Schrute: I really hope they bring Savitar back

Storm 48: The crisis brought all villains back on earth one. Makes sense.

mark quadri: Bro they said that flash locked savitar up and he will do that then history will repeat

SpeedyLiam: Is Barry Allen going to get he’s speed back?

Miguel S: Can bloodwork revive zoom?? That would be scary lol

ahmed1err: Why not Cobalt Blue they never bring him.

Max-Roblox: Ya if savitar comes back it will be cool but reverse flash against flash is always the best ngl

Stop Productions: yes

OaksBoysProductions: What if they’re not bringing back sabotage just the suit to charge speed force into Barry

Mehmet Mutlu: Vait a sec.İf savitar will be back that means future flash will be back.İf future flash will be back that means season4 suit will be back

Brolin Bell: Can someone please answer this?will Wally ever be back or what

Lokee Neuman: My personal theory is that the flash is consulting these people to learn how to get his wife and speed back

Stinky Poopoo: Why did they shorten seasons down to 22 instead of the normal 23?

Bxlal: After not watching pagey for a minute, something about savitar pops up on my feed. You know damn well I clicked faster than he could.

King Slayer: Hopefully Barry can use his suit to get his speed back someway lol

Kevin Christenson: the real Savitar is coming

opopt2: God man, you just throw a whole lot of crap at a wall and pray something sticks, don't you?

christian mirabelli: I can't wait for season 7

Mr. Powwow: This would be the perfect time to change Savitar to be checked to look more comic accurate

YM Logic: I want iris to break up with Barry so Caitlin and Barry can happen.

keeping up with kim: Does anyone think iris will escape the mirror world and finally came back to her world I think she and berry is going to get a divorce

seriously meme time: Savitar is not coming back just telling you guys. I'm just a messenger

J Sharp: Zoom is still hands down the best villain so far.

Justice League_1959: Savitar don't need to return. Bloodwork and Mirror Master should be the focus.

J Sharp: To bad they fired the best part of the last season. More flash and less Iris !

First & last Name: “Just mainly staying safe for the back portion or what seems to be the back portion of this crazy period” The 2020’s not just 2020: *Are you sure about that?*

Ayanna Watts: December is going to fly. January will be a crawl. Let's go February (my birth month!)

Nightswing vids: Watch him bring back black flash

GavinTalks: Honestly if Savitar returns, it wouldn't be the same Savitar, especially since Savitar was erased from existence as he was removed from the timeline completely, so technically he's gone, and now with speed force gone, savitar would be just as slow as barry as he also used the normal speed force just like barry. Although zoom can't come back really as he is technically alive, cause he's black flash now. Barry honestly is probably even slower than zoom right now. But if he makes his artificial speed force, he'll have a new speed color too which no one probably realizes, that would be cool, I'm just waiting to see it

Flash YT: I know what happened in the flash season 3x23, iris use a gun and shoot savitar and he was sent to the speed which means he will return

CraZe Jukez: The last season for the flash better have Thawne as the main villain

KAIN'S TORMENT: The flash suit needs updating it looks so outdated compared to Snyderverse

Christopher ODell: Bro I'm still waiting for season 7 to come out I'm so hyped lol

KAIN'S TORMENT: I loved Savitar

randy 098: Where is the black flash 🥺

NOT HG_STXRM: Hope he comes back he was the best villan and is it true about the flash ending on season 10?

The Hybrid Owen Starlight: Oh god nooooo we don’t need savitar he died and the only way for him to come back in the same armour is to have future Barry lose everything and become emo and we’re not doing that again unless it’s a different savitar then that works for me

John Spencer: Zoom and Savitar vs Flash and Reverse Flash 👍👍👍

SuperMarioOmar: That intro never gets old

John Spencer: Savitar returning would be AWESOME


Brandon Alvarado: I'm grateful that it's on my birthday

Mikale Gladney: Hopefully no crossover episodes, those suck ass, and hopefully Barry isn’t as dense and stupid, he seems to fuck up every season

ThePowerBunny: Savitar is my favorite character...after Ralph of course

Shaeq Gabol aka reverse flash and flash: I hope savitar comes back

Giovanni Roman: The physical Savitar suit is trash gotta be honest. CGI suit is way better

Aryan Pai: imma sdogdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfsdofsdofpsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofsdofhsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsohsoghomzxcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccmcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmxcznkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzkkskcfwehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuefddefhufiefhuihefihuifhiuuihhhhhhhhhhhhhiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuub;likouijk;jk;jk;jk;jk;jk;jk;jk;jk;uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubj;ij;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjij;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j; Now if you scrolled well done have a good day :)

DCSM: wait so savitar exists becuz flash exist and disapears in 2024 or he did but it changed right ?? so now he can return ? becuz flash wont dissapear in 2024 anymore

DCSM: if savitar comes back im gonna lose my mind like in a good way

Niall Patterson: Did Savitar exist in the Earth-Prime timeline?

Glitter Beast: If its savitar, they have the savitar suit in storage, so it's possible Barry is wearing the suit for the benefit of it

Gary McNabb: i actully think it would bloodwork instead of savitar the one who wore the savitar suit is ereased from existence

Electa buzz: when arrow ended i stop caring for cw . then The Flash had like two bad seasons

Bacon Toh20: I like if thawne is back hes arch enemy

Lego Academy: Do you think that Catlin's new 'illness' is the show's version of her becoming a heat vampire like in the comics? Also great video.

slade-joseph- Wilson: Please let savitar not be barry (any barry)

Jordan Postle: Hopefully if Savitar returns it's the actual comic version not that crappy tv show version.

MasterChiefSha: Doesn't matter if they bring back future Barry or Savitar. Until they bring back Hartley Sawyer, and stop the white hatred, I'm never watching flash again. Pagey, please start doing videos that focus on Superman and Lois. Flash killed itself with political correctness like supergirl did long ago.

Carmine Grasso: I doubt it’ll be savitar, but I think if they’re gonna get into speedster mythology, they’ll probably do the sageforce, strengthforce and the stillforce maybe.

Wiz Rad: Bloodwork makes the most sense. However, I could see team Flash using the old Savitar suit as a possible crutch for Barry's dwindling speed. I wouldn't expect the character himself to come back considering how he ended, but the suit could be useful.

XD_Koloking: In this world,wherever there is light,there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exists, there must also be losers.The selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace causes wars,and hatred is born to protect love

Isaiah Constantine: You should do a theory about the speed force and how they can use the stone Nash gives Allegra. It showed ultraviolet negative memory’s so maybe it can be made to make a negative speed force but it can be shot by positive tachyons like they did to nash when reverse flash was trying to take over his body

Prince Kashyap: SAVITAR is Just an Armor that was used by another timeline Flash... So may be they built one for Barry also to fight Godspeed?

Infamous_Quan: I wish they would STOP calling him Savitar. That's Future Flash. They only used the name Savitar so his true identity wouldn't be a dead giveaway.

king Romeo786: Ohhh wait the speedforce is dead💀

king Romeo786: Its savitar coz future Barry closes him in the speed force in 2020 that's what future Barry said😂😂😂😂💀

Brian Daleske: MY THOUGHTS ON THE SUBJECT OF THE RUMOR THAT VILLAIN SAVITAR MIGHT RETURN IN (FLASH) First off, if the rumor might be true that the speedster villain (Savitar) might return into (THE FLASH) t.v. show series, and than I have a few theories to how that might be possible, and to add I have one (or) two theories to the possibility that it might not be the same person. Now I theorize that the villain SAVITAR might be a clone of (Kid Flash) aka (Wally West) & I imagine that the clone might of been created by an enemy of (Flash). I also have another theory, I theorize that SAVITAR might be from a different dimensional realm, and I theorize that the villain might be after an alternate version of (Flash) that is responsible for ruining all of his evil doings, and to add I theorize that by accident SAVITAR had ended up in the realm of (EARTH PRIME). Now if SAVITAR might be the same person, and then I can imagine a few scenarios how it might be possible; For instance I can imagine he might be a clone of (Barry Allen) that was made, and I can imagine he might of been created as a substitute because BARRY himself had ended up in a coma, and I imagine (BARRY ALLEN) ended up in a coma after a very intense fight with a very powerful enemy. In addition I imagine that something had went wrong when the clone of (BARRY ALLEN) was created, and so I imagine he might of developed a problem of being emotionally unstable, along with becoming a bit possessive of certain types of things that he liked, and to add I imagine he might have of been given a name when he was made. Another scenario I imagine is that (SAVITAR) might not be a clone; But instead he might be a creation of the former (God SPEED) villain, and it is that person who made it possible for SAVITAR to exist, and so that is the reason why SAVITAR hates FLASH, and to add why SAVITAR is able to exist, along with the reason why he is after FLASH.

SpiritFan 23: I think we can expect some great things from season 7. Eric Wallace has given me hope and tbh I would consider s6 to be a rebound for the Flash. I do still think tho the second half of s6 could have been better but still it really wasn't finished due to covid sadly. Black Flash please be alive!

Harathen: I think with the universe reset we could see the return of Savitar but as someone who isn't Barry

Eobard Thawne: I think Godspeed , the real godspeed will show up with golden suit and incredible speed. Savitar , I dont think so.

Caleb Tonies: its gonna be godspeed vs reverse flash cause godspeed wants to be the fastest and will fight reverse flash.

Flash Gaming: Just speak a better accent of English ffs

KRW0: This has to be a big season of the flash if everybody is coming back

Kieran Tuttle: Abra Kadabra is an underated character in the Flash's rouge gallery

Charles B: I hope Ezra Miller plays any post-Crisis Savitar!

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