RICK AND MORTY Season 5 Episode 8 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

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Heavy Spoilers: Let us know your thoughts on the episode below. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ?sub_confirmation=1 Check out our *INCEPTION* Video theory here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjGV3Y7JG6k

destiny kent: I believe everything that Rick does is in his head. He's the most interesting man ever & always mange to have the upper hand against anyone. Also to live with the pain that your wide & daughter passed is painful, so why not live somewhere where his daughter grew up & had a family. They don't seem to grow up just stay the same age

Mike T.: the part where bird person woke up and talked like rick for a second was pretty funny. this episode was one of the best!

i9incher: So no mention how Rick admitted he was in love with bird person and is actually bi?

Sudhanshu Kumar: Brilliant Video. Thanks Heavy Spoilers 🎊🎊🎊

Eileen Snow: Okay but what if Rick told BP that Beth was dead, probably to get him off Rick’s back about raising his family, and that’s why the memory of Rick thinks Beth is dead. Idk why nobody has mentioned this yet.

Sunfishen Sunfishen: And they only do lore episodes every so often so we gotta wait a while to see what happens with bird person and his child

John Fenwick: "Weak season". Weak season??? Season Five has been epic!!! Dude...you've been watching Evil Morty's origin story all season

YeahRIght: seen them all and this was the best episode

Suraj: happy belated birthday!!!!!

hi yall: They getting better but too late

Sam Grossman: This episode was the worst and the season is awesome. Good thing they write for American audiences.

D Buck: Happy birthday I don’t know how you know so much but I enjoy the addition information !! Hope you enjoyed your bday man

JB86: Had no idea the plot of this ep was after a movie now it’s hitting home !!!!!!! Enjoy ur birthdays there all limited I feel like that’s something Rick would say

Scottie R: The Halo style warthog was awesome!!

Scottie R: Happy birthday Spoilerman!!!!!

Buzz_Skill TV: So we gonna ignore the obvious Halo Warthog Easter egg?

Bryan Frazier: We need a full Diane episode.

Bryan Castillo: Happy belated!!!!!

Joshua Leisner: Happy belated, not-so-old man

Fernando Perez La Cruz: Great episode

Ken Lalobo: Happy birthday!!! 🎉🎉🎉

sgreen4: Why didn't anyone stop Bird Person from marrying a high school girl ?

Elliot Evans: Voss, you should really read Save The Cat. Rick meant a lot more than you give him credit for with that line.

zz chief: Doesn't even mention the fact that they put a warthog in Rick and Morty

Human Disease: Nobody going to mention that they were driving the Halo CE Warthog?

Proven Problem: Rick Sanchez > Kang the Conqueror change my mind

Rookie5k473: Happy birthday! Rank the episodes.

BXGamingTV: Happy birthday !!!!

Neal Miles: I've been enjoying this season so far

charbel Masri: Wait I just realized this but we met birdperson after Rick and Morty fled dimension c137 doesn’t that mean that this birdperson isn’t ricks original one and if so why go through all that trouble

Let me sleep in peace: I like how I'm not the only one freaking out about that single line about Rick's dead daughter.

wellington DTi: happybelateday brosky and yea this was one of the best eps

wellington DTi: that means Rick is actually alone everyone is dead(family)

Fredy German: Happy belated birthday 🥳

Migthulhu: Happy Birthday. Mine was last week.

Job Del Rosario: Well, happy birthday, Paul!

D VJ: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for your fun and informative reviews on so many different shows/etc!

AMRF: Completely agree… the whole season was very meh, this one is the best… why didn’t you mention That real Beth is dead?

Blanca Rowden: HBD!

Diego Aguilar: Happy birthday! Love this episode top 3 for sure

Marcus Latil: FIRST of all happy birthday! Second when i saw the over the shoulders shot with BP and Rick i was more thinking Mr. & Mrs. Smith when they had the last stand in the mall also doing a shoulder over shoulder thing there. And yes indeed this was the weaker season we are all still watching lol XD Dont think its ness to do a list for this season due to its lackluster performance however perhaps do an up to date one for all the episodes up to the finale of this season.

Brandon Kelly: Yeah that goetron episode was garbage. Definitely some meh episodes this season.

queen chilufya: Finally Rick and Morty is back to it's lovable shinanigans

DestinyComix: Happy belated birthday.

Augustus Leo: “Lil prick like pickle Rick”? Gawd damn that’s a good one

DIllusiveman: so no one os gonna mention the halo warthog?

OUTSIDER40: Happy birthday 🥳 🎂 🎉

Philip Condry: Happy birthday

Leonardo Arredondo: Happy birthday love ur vids

Jay Bee: great breakdown and happy B-Day

Easwaran KG: The backstory was great between BP and Rick

Johnosland: No we don’t want you to rank the episodes since you view it as a weak season

Ava Boudreau: some things you missed: in the party episode from season 1 we actually do see Squachy squanching in the closet, it's what interrupts Morty and Jessica and causes him to accidentally transport the house. That passerby is actually Gene, who has been mentioned a few times this season and has seen once when Morty and Beth are fighting in the Rick and Jerry episode.

Jumpman G: How the hell? Season 5 is one of the weaker ones? This has easily been my favorite season

Christopher: Shut your mouth. This is the best season yet

Waba Duba Dub Dub: Happy birthday by the way

Kyle Jay: Happy belated birthday bro mine was on the 7th!!! This definitely was one of my favorite episodes I love me some closure…

Arcane Fury: I can't believe I never realized this. Construct Rick knows about the reason for Rick's multiverse hopping, so that means Rick told BP about all of this stuff no matter the reality.

Hafid Azer: bro this season is weak af

Burning Itching Stinging: Happy Birthday to Ya!

Bishal Magar: Happy birthday i guess

CJ: Happy Birthday!!

Nate Simmons: happy birthday!

Francis Valencia: Happy Birthday, HS!

KingCorr: Happy Birthday! Thank you for the fast and awesome content! Love the ascent ! Keep it up!

Sannu Sharma: That fact that all the Rick's in birdman memory realises that they are memory even before anyone mentioning it to them makes me wonder how brilliant does his friends think him to be🌚

SoraExe: even 35 years old rick doesn't want to hang out with his old version lol. that's so sad and depressing for old rick

Dragos-Stefan Damian: This could explain the conexion between Evil Morty and our Rick (The Rickest Rick) =) 0_0 Happy birthday mate ^^

Ringo Mamangon: Bird person knows that tammy is a double agent

Ioana Mihaela Sava: Nice episode tho* Happy birthday mate!

Richard Roy: Nothing tops the Planetina episode.

Darren Katumba: Happy birthday

Rick Smith: Happy birthday! Great job on breakdowns and ya know living another year!

Jerry Dunham: I dont think we will ever see the truth on Rick and his family. And maybe for the best. Besides, fans are doing a great job coming up with conclusions. Waiting for a full fan fiction cartoon on thw topic myself

Feed me: huge lore reveal

Daniel Fisher: Happy Belated Birthday!

Dick Chicken: Happy b-day

Mohit Agarwal: Blup

Jesse D: Definitely one of the better episodes this season. Happy Birthday Paul!

sLw1337: Low key? 🤔

Bryanna Kilroy: How is there a counicl of ricks with all their mortys if in at least half of the timelines Beth dies? Is it the ricks that lose Beth that go on do spacetravel? Is there a rick that interdemetionally travels but never lost Beth and her mom? Did rick leave beths mom in these timelines to save them? There's no such thing as an original morty bc any morty he found would be from another univers if Beth is suppose to die.

Bryanna Kilroy: The younger rick is surprised to hear our rick lives with "a version of our dead daughter" and later in blood ridge he pulls out the portal gun we saw in s3e1 in the false origin story. Making me think that explosion is cannon. So I dont think young rick is happy bc his fam ain't dead, birdpersons versions of rick saying the fam is dead means bp remembers rick telling him they were dead. Everything bp remembers is real. Rick is happy bc he's in love with birdperson.

KrazyKobold: Happy Belated Birthday, mate!

Anthony Ciofalo: Happy late birthday! Great video!

Bob Dylan: Why did u explain what an ion is

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Daniela Albuquerque: happy birthday!

LordofAssassins43: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Anthony Kovach: It’s interesting to note that Bird-Person views versions of Rick that live with a version of their dead daughter Beth as “pathetic”. Because it’s only what Bird-Person knows going on in his head. Either that or remembers Rick saying how pathetic they are for doing so. Either way, it would be.a point of contention for he and Rick or an interesting how did Rick go from that to living with intentionally now three Beth’s (Cronenberg, “new”, and clone). Did Beth disappear and get eaten by her friend in her play universe back in the day???

Naveen Pallavan: Happy Birthday Paul! <3 <3 <3

Daniel Weber: YES!!

Daniel Weber: YES!!

Daniel Weber: YES!!

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