Evolution of Kevin The Cube - Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1 to Chapter 2 Season 8

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By Post: After spending weeks putting this together here is the Full Storyline / Evolution of Kevin the Cube! If you found this useful please consider using *Code "Post"* in the item shop! And try out my 👚50 Fashion Show - 3589-2124-6433

shachar movies: Kevin had cool past!and he still with us!!מגנייבב הוא ממש מניב!!

shachar movies: 11 hours ago!!

MeH AlRiGhT: Despite me already knowing the timeline since season 5, this is satisfying to watch.

Dream_NL: Kevin is cracked at fortnite bro, he killed 3.2 million people

Acorn Dude: Since I’m bored I’m just gonna say every season in the game (as of chapter 2 season 8) Season 1 - literally nothing interesting Season 2 - literally nothing interesting again Season 3 - space Season 4 - space again Season 5 - big crack in the sky and also Kevin Season 6 - kevin Season 7 - winter Season 8 - pirates Season 9 - futuristic Season X - mechs are op af the zero point oh yeah and also the end of the og map Chapter 2 Season 1 - once again absolutely nothing interesting Season 2 - agents or smth Season 3 - flood the map just what everyone wanted Season 4 - marvel Season 5 - the zero point again Season 6 - primal Season 7 - aliens Season 8 - kevin again I have achieved the max level of cringe in this very comment

pim tillemans:): Its so cooool and i subscribde

Dan erdy Caballero: ik kevin the cube crack but i saw a heart with a crack

WhoToTrust: why doesn't kevin attack back when u shoot him

[]Shocky brr[]: "I dont think theres any of kevins power" Ufo under steamy moment

Julián Zamudio: could anyone give me the battle pass? my username is cacti8089

GalaxysVoid: hey post! i believe since the aliens have rift/portal technology (hence how kevin was summoned in the first place) the portal in the sky while kevin was floating and falling apart was the aliens controlling it. i think they were trying to show us and tell us about the inbetween. i also think that the seven and aliens are in contact with each other. explaining how kevin was summoned through a rift the visitor made with his rocket

Postbox Games: 😍

SXB SXB: I have a theory that starts with the idea of both the old island and new island existing on the same planet, as we see on Astro jacks head. The original cube was sent through the rift by the mother ship to find the zero point. It located the zero point and used the runes to power up enough to send a beacon to the mother ship. But by the time the mother ship arrived at the old map, it was too late. The Black hole had already moved the loop to a new island, and the zero point was no longer there. The mother ship abducted a few things from the island such as the pirate ship and sunny steps temples. Then it made it's way to the new island and arrived there in S7 to try to abduct the zero point. It failed because of the foundation, and the zero point was retrieved by the IO as we see in the floor in the Imposters game mode. Now all that remains of the original Kevin is piece of him that broke off during the butterfly event and fell into the vault, which is located in the imposters game mode, along with the infinity blade and captain America's shield. This was a very rough description of my theory, but it's a YouTube comment so this is already too long.

Model The Masters: Oh yes... The memories of when it all started. Great video and content. Thank you for all your hard work. Great content!!! Your a legend.

Skelehog 1234: uh oh if there moving i hope that none of them dont get contacted with water... that wuld be bad if we have to deal with another floating island... maybe even seven..

Karlewis Orwel Garcia: I know it's evolution because there's different Kevin the cube

Iron: Never thought a cube would get a season…

Jordan Fratti: Don’t you mean kevolution

Escape the darkness!: Purple:Kevin Blue:Bob Gold:Goldie?

Clip Crew: The blue Kevin should be called Kelvin and the Gold Kevin should be called Keleven.

Meowscles And Freddy Fazbear: Different cubes: Kevin~ the OG one that started it all Destroyed Kevin~ Destroyed versions of Kevin/OG Kevin Stationary Kevin~ The Kevin In the Chpt 2 map that doesn’t move at all White/Out of order Kevin~ The Kevin that was eliminated in the Sky Fire/Kevin Event Blevin~ The new Kevin for this map that gives you health/ the nice Kevin Queen Kevin/Golden Kevin~ the main leader of all the Kevin’s

Super MKGaming: By the way, you messed up when saying Raz was in Chapter 2 Season 5, he's from the Season 6 Battle Pass

Mosstheboss: If you pause at 7:11 there’s actually a heart on Kevin Also the siren noise at 8:10 is the same noise when the rocket took off in the Season X event

Mohamed Hany: My only question is how did the aliens make a trillion other kelvins

All About Football: I just saw Kevin move for the first time and I’m so happy

Sawyeboi: Operation Kevin fire love it🥲

The Invisible cactus: Kevin Blevin And Gavin

ExoticRex: Hi by post

The Invisible cactus: Season 5 chapter one: 🟪 Season 6 chapter one:🏝 Late season 6 chapter one:💥 Season X: 🏝 again Season 7 chapter 2 (live event): 🟪🟦🟨 Season 8 chapter 2: 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟨🟦

FNCS Ripp Brayden: Sheesh

Exploding-Tomato: Wow, I never knew that

creeperbro2999: The Kevin legacy

❌DO NOT READ MY ABOUT PAGE YOU’LL CRINGE❌: The day where Kevin was born was extremely unexpected and nobody saw it coming. Fast forwards 3 years and he’s back & has a whole season themed around him

postboxpat: Rising Of Darkness!

The Muskagamer: Thx for the video

sonicwhacker66: By post subscribe and like add me

The Muskagamer: I love 💘 this season

sonicwhacker66: Good video bro make more by the way fortnite username is jerky_son4

Aquir: Hi

KITTY KIT KAT: I don’t know why people don’t know this and I keep saying this The zero point is under the aftermath. also the path for the cubes have been leaked. They’re all going to the aftermath including The golden one. I don’t know about the blue one though. My theory is that the queen is after the zero point like everyone else’s.

f1shyb0y: This is AWESOME

Scott Moore: Hey hey

Mohamed Hany: Told you I was gonna watch it

Hamster Weirdness: *sniff* They grow up so fast…

Scott Moore: First


Koopa: First

Ahmed Yobi: I like kevin

No One: First

sad loaf of bread 🍞: Pin?

Mohamed Hany: Told you I will watch it


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