The Walking Dead 11x07 Pope Unleashes his Anger Season 11 Episode 7 [HD]

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K: if daryl gave this dude a snickers would he become a good man and stop trying to hunt down daryl’s friends?

Star lord: I can't take this pringles looking ass dude seriously

Johnny Begood: The Governor 2.0

Adam Turner: god dam TWD is awful now, whos this fucking idiot. thank god its finally ending

SuperFutureTrunks1: "Unleashes his anger" shit negan did it better

DjZeroPlayer1: pope calls them assholes, while they clearly attacked them first and killed innocents during that. i love arrogant assholes who think they are not the issue.

cookie: Pope is like that incompetent manager who yells at his team when something goes wrong cuz he has no idea what he is doing.

dookdawg214: This was when I realized Pope is played by a British actor. These Brits are mostly ok at hiding their accents until they have to scream and be angry, then you hear it all. He sounds like an angry Scotsman, drunk at a bar here. Some of them are just shit at American accents in general. Like in FTWD -- although he mostly was able to hide it, you can hear Frank Dillane's accent often. First time I watched the show I had no idea who he was, and by episode two I'm like, Yep, he's definitely English. That being said, Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Lennie James (Morgan) are very good at hiding their accents. However, they're also very monotone throughout the series, so it's probably not as hard.

Aitsh: in this scene you can hear his UK accent lol

Gamaliel Turcios: Honestly Negan terrified mi more as a leader look what he did to Glenn and Abraham he broke their skull man with a barbed wired bat.

DSkehan2004: He played the Russian in the dark knight

Mohamad Pakdl: بکشین اونو خشنه خخ

Anaken RYZEN Abad: Walter White after the Apocalypse

Varun Srinidhi: I can imagine Pope and Negan being in the same room, what would that lead to?

Jay Bird: I wanna see Negan with Lucille vs. Pope

MisterMAYHEM935: At least Pope shows his loyalty and mourns to his dead brothers unlike The Governor

Alex szn: i love this character.and the actor himself completely nails it

A B: Weak villain... nobody comes close to the governor.

FirstDrop427: I love the fact that this reaper is armed with a blunderbuss. To think that about a decade in the apocalypse that they would make that weapon still work in it is awesome

Nick S: I could not care less about these people

Mrs Dixon: Shit Veridian looks huge! Our people need it bye bye Reapers Maggie's coming for your ass

Brandon Alexander: I love how Pope looks exactly like Walter White.

Reece Burns: We all know how this will end they'll beat the old guy's team and the survivor's will cry " We were just trying to survive we didn't agree with him it was just impossible to stand against one old guy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 forgive us you know perspectives and shit"

Avery Lockland: christ why do they give TWD villains the most ridiculous accents? Pope, and then there was Alpha sounding like a southern muppet before

Kairu Mizu: Toads:"3 different sweeps no sign of coins or power ups nowhere Mario" Mario:"Have you tried World 2-1?" Toad1:"Yes Sir!" Mario:"On Yoshi's Island" Toad1:"Yes Sir!" Mario:"Luigi's Mansion?" Toad2:"Yes Sir" Mario: "Oh come a-mon! there's a dozen of these a-Koopas out there!" Peach: "Mario!" Mario:"Don't!" Mario: "Your Toad Brothers are a-captured!, are you not ashamed?. Do you think this is Mario Sunshine?" Peach:"They were following my orders, I told them where the last Star was hidden, I told them where to hide next. You wanna yell at somebody? yell at me." Mario:"You-a Tryin' to be Rosalina? is that it? you-a trying to get them to love you?"

Jon Creed: Walking Dead and their Southern Supervillains!

renaissance18: family guy pope: you make pope look like a fool, god will smite you lol

Cyber Flame: What even is the goal of these guys? Just to raid?

Mario: We're gonna have a sad Daryl moment again after Merle and Beth died.

chantillycakes: The Pope might just be my favorite villian. The actor is doing an excellent job with the role in every scene he is in. He is so scary and we probably haven't seen the worst of him yet.

Dagaming Flea: Dude looks like an American captain price

James: So funny the actor who plays Pope is the guy Joker burned that pile of cash in front of in The Dark Knight xD

Silent Bliss: I was expecting Pope to hit her for interrupting. He's not that bad afterall

Abdullaah Waheed: Just found out recently pope is that guy in the dark knight, that guy in the mob...

Max Montair: Shame reaper season is so short. These guys the most elite enemies

Leonkiller2569: Pope kills daryls dog 😢

Nathan 28: If I was in this show I would kick his ass

VeryEpicFrenchFries: 100k dozen people alive*

Alpha Guardian: Acting in this scene was amazing from Pope. Pope's lip quivered while these lines because he showed true sadness and mourning. Bravo to this actor

Trailer Mash Productions: I feel like Pope is gonna die a silly death like get swarmed by walkers or something

Knightwalker V Peace: NI~HAO 😘

RAMREY: Did the uploader place a filter on this or is this how the episode actually is?

Egg Boi: "there's a dozen of these assholes" There's like 4 everyone else from the meridian mission is dead

Jessie Swaby: Daryl or Gabriel will have to kill Pope

Syrenity Lowe: Where in the hell is Luigi when you need him

Dwan Garcez De Oliveira: I thought the name Pope alluded to some religious authority, but now I think Pope is just a shortened version of Popeye.

Dante Grim: Yo, somebody explain this mans hat cause it confuses the fuck outta me. What do you even call that?

Flailing Elbows: Davy Jones made it to the walking dead XD Man about to start sprouting tentacles when Captain Dead Sparrow goes lumbering by

Lasssof: Okay Mario Bros 👍

WarGrowlmon18: "Your brothers are DEAD." Yeah and YOU killed one of them!!!

Polite Cat: I wonder if daryl will get a mask as well

Dupe Doxy Dox: The actor nails this scene as Pope! Can't wait to see how the fight will go down later!

Roxana Borjas: Wait? Am I messing something who the hell is that one reaper in the watch tower.

DFMRCV : I mean... he has a point, why would she interfere here? He's not attacking them or anything... better not piss off the guy who killed a man on a bonfire, you know?

I'm Joker28: Mario is definitely off his mushrooms

Sxcred jones: Thanks for the content!!

Run : Wish it was logoless :weary:

Corey Jordan: 😈

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