One Punch Man | Season 3 | Trailer | Reaction!

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@kujovonko9724: This guy watches anime? I mean apart from dragonball 😮

@shadowchaos1991: So excited for Season 3! The animation in that teaser looks great

@4sakend1: Having read the manga, well i don't know how the anime will be able to match that level of awesome but i will be hopeful they can pull it off like they did when Saitama faced Boros.

@Jin-Solo: it has now been officially announced that J.C.Staff will be doing season 3

@JoelBarrett-vv3zr: Mappa's not doing season 3? Hoping the quality's still great. I'm happy that season 3's coming out either way but that fluid Mappa animation is amazing!!

@lumpystilskin5367: I actually this was animated by a different studio cuz of the enhanced quality, but it's actually not! I'm impressed 😮

@sociosanch3748: YYYEEEEEEEESSSSSS

@anjanasharma2187: This guys voice reeks with testosterone

@ryancute22: Good thing. So when season 3 will come out?!


@asphyxiapunktwister8534: it was lit asf! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

@aminhaekal5709: Garou The Monster is coming. Then hopefully we can reach...Cosmic level!

@bizzareadventurer4521: The foundation of what is about to happen y’all don’t understand but season 4 & 5 how they go about it to the manga sheeeeesh 🔥💯

@rrkkmindsvids8774: the animation seems like similar from the season 2 which was underwhelming.

@sheldonmustdie2: I just hope Jc staff gets it right this time

@user-sn1hi7my7x: MAPPA will not let us down. Get some rest you guys.

@fokushigaru1310: About time we get season 3 hell yeah!!!

@mysteryniggadel491: yeah season 2 was a lil ehhh but they did they thing at the end of it hope season 3 focuses back up

@adriandj3141: This is so good I feel a sneeze coming on….

@joshuaterrill2964: Hey Tyrone could you do more law of attraction videos if you can. I like when you talk about it and your viewpoint of it in the previous videos. Trying to be positive after a break up and believe in law of attraction.

@godcosmicgarou: ARE YOU SERIOUS??

@shirosaki15: So excited!!!

@afrofree4950: Saitama my favorite character

@tonybrown512: Now this is something worth looking forward to.

@user-zy5vg9pe3e: LMAO

@gchrisb1: Season 2 was just as good as 1.

@Enceladus335: ONE PUUUUUUNNNCCHHHH!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

@V0RTYXXX: Best anime in my opinion sue me

@Flash-FireCC: Cape FLAPPING returns!

@michaelwatson9089: Season 2 would have been better if they kept the original theme song from season one. I would blast that on my way to and from work and when I work out. "Hero"

@TheDecafec4: 😂

@theultimatedisciple7974: Garou and Saitama is all an anime show needs. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

@Tokski: J.C. Staff Animation Studio from Season 2 will still produce Season 3.. Was Madhouse Animation Studio going hiatus?

@aresgodofwar2336: Animating a table probably killed the animators 😂

@blue-phoenix115: The Psykos Boss Battle is gonna be insane!

@jomantaspocius2888: Turn on the subs

@tallerwarrior1256: Bro I was begging for the studio to be Mappa but I guess I’m fine with JC Staff

@keikialanifrazee8892: J.C. Studios (Animation Studios) does better animation on games than their Anime’s ergo Season 2’s was lack luster. Hopefully? They improve, cuz the story gets incredible super Fast!

@mr.mclovin8901: opm GOD

@lbnycity89: Solo Leveling , One Punch Man, and Bleach thousand year blood war part 3. We eating this year.

@mgtowmichigander5528: Nerdrotic just put out another one

@lbnycity89: Garo is my guy. I can’t wait till it gets to a certain part animated 🌌

@jaylenharris343: Shit's about to GET REAL!

@robertrouse8945: It's about damn time 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@Chriscross1049: I love this show!! Step back, fam. I'm about to throw some Consecutive Normal Punches!!

@tonydak8573: Wait, it’s by JC Staff?! Season 1 was peak! I physically bought the Blu Ray and I typically don’t do that for a lot of anime.

@Garou_kills: You don't like me? I fight for the underdogs everywhere. Good? Evil? I reject them both

@yvngrey9092: Thought this was just a myth

@g-foxgaming5710: The one above all!!! OPM

@asmara9779: Both Saitama and Garou is normal human that train themself to get stronger, this season is exciting, and i don't feel any superhero fatigue

@user-kk7hy4qg8i: No one happy more than me😢 no way

@JorizTheGreat: The big question is, will the anime version stand out to the manga or not.

@CHIEFSKINGDOMM: Will cosmic garou be in season 3?

@BaldCape9: Garou's just getting warmed up 🌌

@KaiserReinhard: Garou is back and season 3 will be built different.

@brendangatenby8066: im very exicted for season 3 as a anime only enjoyer

@tonyxultra2279: GAROOOOOOUUUU!!! LET'S F*CKING GOOO!!

@SuperCasperman: S2 was amazing idgaf what y'all say..sure it didn't have madhouse level of animation but I still was great

@michaelgreen8737: let's go can't wait

@Superman00000: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊let’s goooooo!!!!!!!!

@archangelwarrior8900: I’m happy too but i would be jumping like a frog from excitement if i knew there is a chance Mad House did the animation for this season.

@leom.r1107: Anime-Only people have NO idea what's coming, Manga readers know the tremendous story, development and battles that await us. ONE PUNCH MAN IS REVIVED, and as an OPM fan, always on the lookout, I am very happy. I can't wait to share the hype with you all.

@ricardo762: The studio that has to animate this is in real pain during this production.

@Rouges_shadow: Tyrone I need to know. Are you a sub or dub man?

@jbp9653: The building for Garous arc and the rest of the S class heroes are very lit for S3, and s4 will be more lit because that will be the main event of the whole Monster arc

@johnmivule-novabow8143: Garou bout to cook this season !!!

@christianmbabazi9722: Wait there back? Thank God 🙏🙏

@Mercz91: I hate this guy so much and can’t get him off my feed damnit.

@dubdb4107: If you love One Punch Man then check out Mashle

@astriverofstrengthknowledg173: It’s been way too long

@Royalstl: This season about to pop🔥🔥🔥🔥


@higeki3232: Yee Yee!!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

@jandonovtamayo3817: Oofff J.C. staff will animate this. 🤞pls be good!

@Pandemona01: Great news!!! Thank you for sharing!! Love this anime!!

@justsomeguywithamustache2901: If jc staff do it better than season 2 and give one punch man s3, the danmachi season 4 treatment, I'm actually good with that, the animation, cgi and composition for danmachi s4 was incredible and is enough to my liking 😊

@kiddoki4201: ONE PUUUUUUNCH 👊🏻

@Bigran36: Oh man it’s about time!!!!!

@awonddy: Garou is my favorite character

@justinhunter7125: Ooooooo LETS GOOOOO!!!

@josephnelson3717: He'll yes!

@kenealex9965: I’ve never clicked faster on anything in my entire life 😂😂😂

@awonddy: Yessss cannot wait!!!

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