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@KTK-o: JC Staff better break their limiters for this one

@thetimeisnow2827: Really hoped JC Studio Upped their Quality...

@juuchan5795: oh...j.c.staff again...expectations lowered. these guys cannot do fight scenes. this will be a disappointment.

@snejuf: You gotta watch the s2 ovas now

@alexithemia9746: at the end it says "Supreme Power vs Ultimate Fear"

@Ghost_of_the_Cursed_Night: Probably late this year or spring and summer next year

@midnightstories6619: I've been waiting everyday for the last few years for this 🥳🎉

@animefan3713: ❤❤❤😢😢😢😢

@Slick_Aspirant: Royal ripper about to go down🔥

@yugiboyable: Its the guys from s2 making s3, not the s1 production staff

@user-fh2bc7ws6v: No hazbin hotel reaction yet?

@markgregorygacosta531: are we finally going to see Cosmic Fear Garou in season 3?

@ChildPredator666: THIS OPM SEASON 3 WILL BRAKE NOT ONLY THE INTERNET BUT ALSO 2025🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

@SakshiGangwar-gr5fj: Ironically Manga has the one of the best Artist but anime has the one of the worst

@convergeads: what the name of music????

@listenlookandlistenandlear8271: Can't wait to hear epic sound effects / pure sound engineering from JC Staff again same from season 2 🔥 stop hating the studio. Let's gooooo!

@jkomodo: Darn it. JC staff...

@gamingrocky6782: Still can't believe😂😍😍😍❤❤

@AppleJambles: Literally boutta 1 punch that subscribe button from excitement

@AlexGaming-yv3ec: 😎👍

@bortprime1: JC STAFF..... DID WE WIN??

@Garou567: Lettt G oooo 😭😭😭✊🏻👊🏻

@kishorsawang9211: Bro why don't you even check if there's captions or not, it improves the experience a lot.

@matthewuchiha8501: Can't wait kid emperor vs bird man

@rogergaitan7826: The video sountrack remind me doom eternal ost

@shashwatmishraalumni4918: Which ones better animated ? Opm s1 Jjk s2 DS s2

@saurav5434: You could have just turned on the caption.............still nice reaction!

@blox1659: I like how the 3 is shining just like Saitama's bald head

@itsmekrisna: I don't think we can see that internet breaking fight this season 😢

@Ryan_Reynolds_SUCK_ASS: "Bounce back against these npc villains" Don't insult NPC villains bruh, it's not very nice ^_^

@why-fu5979: SUPREME POWER VS ULTIMATE FEAR Saitama vs garou cosmic fear mode lets goooo 👊💥

@user-mp8hg3qv4o: YEEEEEEEES

@Ez0X_: JC staff..... Rip.

@X_x_ShadowGaming_x_X: Eh, I'm not impressed. For waiting 5 entire years the single fight they showcased was barely an improvement from what we got in S2. The other shots are literally just stand still images pulled directly from the Manga and colorized. J.C Staff is going to have go from animating the most LAX part of OPM, to the most DEMANDING part of OPM to date. And so far their score is 0-0.

@Aguy645: ITS THIS YEAR! MID 2024!!!! (Probably and from what I know NOT OFFICIAL YET)

@emirpunch6275: W for us OPM FANS🔥🔥😩

@louissekyledelrosario3571: Hey nick, will you ever post black clover highlights?

@bloodlineff8121: full crazy

@murcielago5804: 19th day of asking Nicholas to react to Otaku lyrics

@user-op7tc9tu9c: what happened to mappa making season 3??

@Scented117: I remember back in 2018 when my dad told me about one punch man and I watched it all in two days. After I finished it I asked where the 3rd season was and he told me it wasn't released yet. Here I 5 years later in my second year of high school finally seeing the trailer.

@MahmudBinAbdullah-nu8lb: this guy is too much annoying.🤬

@supernova5934: unfortunately it will probably need to be 24 episodes long if we wanna get to the end of the monster association arc so hopefully they dont end it halfway through or rush it in 12 episodes

@Glenn_TO: The arc where Saitama doesn't pay for his food😂

@wargun09876: Just for information: madhouse haired best animators in industry to animate season 1 and all of those animators now working with others studio so don't get hope madhouse can give same quality as season 1. JC stuff got only 3 months for season 2 they still able to give pretty much good animation but this time they takes almost 2 years so it's gonna be good

@brandonhines9106: The chills that i got when that guitar started playing should be illegal

@M1LZ0.: Litteraly gonna break the internet ong

@baikunthanathbehera9132: Its Jc staff , i dont believe in them......

@itshouldvebeenMe: plz Next Year cant enjoy it if it ain't Good (im talkin about the Animation)

@charlesjordan8226: Where your fucking naruto reaction?

@revfivez7069: It said Supreme Power(Saitama) vs Ultimate Fear(Garou) that gonna make the animators not see their families

@dragnoviper: When you gonna watch NINJA KAMUI 😡😡

@kashtirariseon: jc again huft. madhouse better tho

@daichi.m333: YouTubeに英語字幕付きある気がするぜ

@wiinnnn___: 🔥👊🏻🔥

@mr.jhoan.9326: GOATROU IS BACK

@user-gb9zw2jt6p: Bro watched it without subs....

@reidt182: holy shit this actually looks good

@rileymccormick1102: Jc staff better bring there A-game to this season after the bad feedback from season 2

@thiminhhanhnguyen7658: I am so looking foward to this, Black s was my favourite character in this arc

@BARNZ_x: Idc whatever the studio, unless the animation is good iam ok with it, they were saying opm 3 was going to be animated by mappa , I was afraid they were gonna work them to the core the way they did for jjk, cause there are many impossible scenes in opm s3 and they wouldve worked them even more for that sh*t, I am releaved its different studio mappa should get rest for jjk s3 u know 😅

@Snatat_: YES

@Frosty42047: YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! Was hoping so much that Sunghoo was picking this up since he left Mappa but guess got hands full with Ninja Kamui which I cant be mad at it Ninja Kamui is incredible but man Id have loved S3 of OPM more than Ninja Kamui but all that said Im not writing off JC Staff… Theyve had a season learned some things maybe theyll impress us with S3, Regardless even JC Staff cant ruin the hype for me, Id take S3 Animated by damn literally anyone just bc of how damn long its been, I think lot would take a S3 from JC Staff soon rather than wait potentially years more to get S3, We gotta get this ball rolling and maybe by S4 JC Staff will be doing damn good or theyll find new studio by then, But This Looks Good So Far Imo!! Regardless Im Hyped!!!

@j.a4055: FINALLY

@Shinra-Kusakabe: 2:02 I thought this was blue lock too, Idk why 😭



@lennethomega6731: If this covers the entire monster association arc, should be 24 episodes at minimum if not near 30 episodes, then manga readers know whats coming.

@rxrgaming51: 12 episode is not enough for this arc, at least 24 episode

@xenter7106: Help I'm about to pass out cuz of excitement😂😂😂

@HullsColby: 🥰 I 🥰 love 🥰 Garou's 🥰 backshot 🥰

@DaRealHelper: Talking about creatons by one WHERE THE FU IS MOB PSYCHO AT

@benjimanbooiii6863: I’m kinda shook that JC staff is making season 3 since they made season 2 and it was a bit off but they had a whole 5 or 6 years to do this so I hope it’s peak 😭😭

@togata4300: I just hope the studio don't do One Punch Man S3 dirty. I swear some of the manga panels looked impossible to animate, it is just that good.

@senseinonsense5559: Nah I'm not ready for thiis

@evanblake5252: Up until now I was getting worried about OPM season 3 based on what some people were saying about it, but based on this trailer, it actually looks really promising. I'm cautiously optimistic that they'll do it justice. Still possible they could drop the ball, but I'm hopeful for an awesome season.

@JGaffney9000: I've got doubts on what they JC will deliver. The Garou vs Bug God and Royal Ripper fight is animated really well. However they could have gave a key animator time to cook for this trailer, I think it's unlikely to reflect the level of animation for the majority of the airtime. Realistically I think doing the whole arc in one season out of the question for JC. It would be best to do 12 episodes maybe covering up to Saitama vs Orochi as it will contain episodes without much fighting, and most of the fights are either short or smaller in scope. If the season does well then pull in some favours and amazing freelance talent for season 4 and conclude it in like 16 episodes. Boros vs Saitama was just 1.5 manga chapters, THAT fight is 8 full chapters.

@steelburst9356: bro forgot subtitles exist

@finnyism5005: Nick please watch golden kamuy 🙏🏻

@austinistooanxious: Yeah JC Staff again no fucking thank you, more trash animation inc.

@tonyw1423: one punch man is officially over... the animation is just as bad as s2

@zymerahmetaj557: React to HIROYUKI SAWANO "Seven Deadly Sins" suite

@zqrxzym4600: trailer out for a few hours and already people shit talking left and right about j.c staff. i hate todays anime community. so many people with high ass expectations they even call stuff like jjk or csm "bad animation". i remember when a dude in japan apparently started a petition to remake chainsaw man because it was not how he imagined it would be even tho the anime wasnt even fully out yet. opm s3 will be just fine, maybe even better looking than s2 which still looked good but everyone be talking shit cause they could do better 🤣

@user-jw8ve9vw6w: I’m so excited I’m so watching it


@stravd: it had subtitles man. and it was awesome


@user-kk7hy4qg8i: No one happy more than me😢 no way


@shadowx5285: The only thing i,m upset about is JC STAFF💀

@nucleartaco6112: yo, the garou incident?????

@OliverRza: 3:54 LMAO 😭

@A1t3ra: Really hope J.C Staff is taking their time with this because they've proven that they're able to deliver when given time to do their shit so let em cook dammnit!!

@Abreinan: The trailer has been subbed

@epnlvr9790: This red faced over reacting retardeds mom should've swallowed, world would be alot better

@mesa4207: im happy about this

@CubeDeveloper_Games: enable subtitles maaaaan

@JO-oq2rn: Анимация на уровне судя по трейлеру.

@enthernal: jc staff made the second season of opm, the first was done by madhouse which is making frieren, they also havent done alot in terms of animation, they are known for pumping out alot of shows every year with okayish enough quality but not anything to write home about, tbh when it comes to opm just look out for what the director has done instead, we dont have any info on him even though they showed us everyone else which is weird?????, it doesnt look like shingo natsume styles (s1 director) tho so he hasnt returned for this which is a bit scary but we will have to wait and see.

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