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@miguelcolon1769: 34:37

@Good.-496: Sup Tg

@nicholerengel7260: Do u have other creators skins

@zio9453: I mean new guns are really good

@6emmerstv: I need to go to shool

@zio9453: Hi

@zio9453: No

@koreynolin1673: Renegade raider

@koreynolin1673: Imagine if typical gamer got a low tapered feet 6:13

@user-hq5hi6io3l: yo mom

@manuelpizarro1377: “And my mom won’t let me use her credit card anymore” - Typical Gamer

@LuffyUnleashed: The best mythic is nisha s striker AR.

@user-fs7vu8md2w: Red vs blue

@user-kp3kx9ul1t: Low taper fade

@user-fs7vu8md2w: Red vs b

@Saquonprod26: low taper fade

@LoidVoidTroid: Greetings! Super cool video! Waiting for the next videos from you😉! Keep it up! I just started playing Fortnite but already love it so much! Thank you! By the way, have you heard about any cloud gaming services, in particular about Boosteroid? It’s a bit sad that they do not support 4K streaming, but the service looks promising. They have Fortnite in the library. Please check this topic out and if you are interested, I’d like to see a video from you.

@user-hq5hi6io3l: hi

@Spizze6788: Friday tommorow no school so im playing it

@Htx_Jake: Bro is gonna have a fresh start with a new haircut and new season absolutely insane

@jilldoucette3398: Red vs blue is good

@elourdestheodore2089: Yea

@SmilingAurora-hb8so: Galaxy

@MarliEliza15: That is crazy im learning about Greek mythology in reading class😭

@TankGraham: Do you now me

@user-hp9ty9er6j: Superman

@TankGraham: Yes

@allisonschaus2789: My birthday is on March 8

@user-zq1jj1vo3s: Do you have a aerial assault trooper?

@diablo24lv7: Hi 1:41:57

@MINECRAF65875: Get a win today 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤

@kimmysimbeck-1067: Nisa

@user-hp9ty9er6j: H i

@Stevenmbeatty: ❤❤

@carlospereyra7827: I am using your code

@TheAsha00: So, really my idea😂

@Fortnite71226: Season 4

@TheAsha00: Make a custom game make a custom game 5 o’clock at noon

@TheAsha00: And no dashes. I hope you friend me.

@TheAsha00: My user is D-Block 440 no spaces

@TheAsha00: I started playing in chapter 2, season five. I didn’t ask for anything, because I wanted to wait until the good tapper starts trap chapter starts like chapter 3 season one that was so fun with the mythic.

@TheAsha00: No, but I got to watch it. It was fun to watch it.

@user-nb4bk9vh8l: I don’t

@TheAsha00: Chapter 2 all the way, except for season, one season three and chapter 4, except for season one, except for the Collab season two that was golden season four season five

@TheAsha00: Typical gamer I put it in your code, but I’m gonna stop spamming now

@TheAsha00: April 22

@TheAsha00: It’s almost my birthday typical gamer I meant to say Andre

@TheAsha00: I can’t put in your code. It won’t let me.

@ellenshepard371: Can you please give me v bucks please please I used Jordan cod my name is AWakeOw1355

@user-nb4bk9vh8l: Chase❤ 10:49

@culhaneaine: Apple bottom jeans hits with the fur

@Valid_ryze_Shortz: I promise I will tokight

@ashleyirwin799: No mcreamy😅

@WRPRODZ114: 15:41 the cool kid be like in 2001

@ryanbuzard1973: Hi

@brendamillar3077: Of course I use use code tg

@JayHillied-ex2cy: Gold mites

@UKNOWNUS4R: My one skin is travis scoot

@nathanbuerk1393: Low taper fades instantly turns you into a DB

@Brittney-mc7wk: goldtrooper

@JayHillied-ex2cy: I'm an og

@casengabrione6169: Like= milk shake

@Brittney-mc7wk: i am sreme siping

@Brittney-mc7wk: your red blue sucks

@ChrisC-yo4cs: Who's the king tg is the king

@Brittney-mc7wk: tg you suck

@ChrisC-yo4cs: Map is amazing better than other creators

@patk2sch411: Laser

@SpiderContour: I always use code TypicalGamer in the item shop since 2020

@user-ec1my4pj4e: Yeah

@ashleysmith3952: I also like that map on all my different accounts I even go into my cousins room and then like that map give it a heart hurt hurt on his PC and monitor 11:50

@ashleysmith3952: OG renegade raider


@HappyRugby-vb8iv: Do you have gold star wand

@allanforsyth2347: Hi

@allanforsyth2347: Hi

@maxinekassim9269: can you but on slim shady

@PEDRO-qy5kx: Kado thorne

@user-mb3kz3jo4f: Bro you are FAKE you didn't spend 40,000 on skins

@ramona6093: Renegade reader pls

@straw7384: Youse code typicalgamer in the item shop❤ TG

@TheOneAndOnlykaia: OMG THE DEADPOOL💀

@Equestrian.A: Day 1 of asking for Samehra to start streaming again Sorry I spelt her name wrong❤

@leoniesmart9607: Love the content tg wish you would play some more bed wars though

@AbelSchuurmans: fortnite jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

@HappyRugby-vb8iv: Td I love your red vs blue vap your the best

@kellybradford2010: Typical gamer I love you're super red vs blue map

@maryfisher8097: I Love that skin

@rileyskyler7160: Sorry I ment the girl in tomb raider Lara craft

@toddwoodward8066: Typical Gamer

@rileyskyler7160: Tomb raider

@princeameer9221: Yo

@toddwoodward8066: Hi


@jesseypereda256: Low tapper fade

@jesseypereda256: Low tapper fade

@user-zw7fz6fd6v: yo

@rishabhkarmakar3825: He used to be Soo fun when he used to play different games 😢

@aliciaw4343: ❤ you

@KathleenBrown-vn8dm: Can U show item shop

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