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@superduetz8005: Pick only challenge

@superduetz8005: If I’m allowed

@superduetz8005: Pickax only challenge

@superduetz8005: Mythic only challenge please

@user-ky8zk3qu4f: What states do you live in?

@superduetz8005: Getting shot

@curlyhairboy14: 10

@superduetz8005: Peely

@user-ky8zk3qu4f: Yeah

@superduetz8005: Change your skin

@superduetz8005: Who knows

@user-ky8zk3qu4f: You’re literally the best Fortnite player in the world the other kid that just killed you. He’s just a sprayer.

@valeriajaramillo8489: my fortnite says not responding

@superduetz8005: My Fortnite name is naner-lok or nanar-lok

@user-zn9xt3ev5r: 1bil

@valeriajaramillo8489: Tg I'm trying to get into fortnite

@superduetz8005: Whoa

@superduetz8005: Please show us please

@superduetz8005: show us

@superduetz8005: Your the best

@superduetz8005: I want that skin so bad

@superduetz8005: You have a cool loading background?

@superduetz8005: You’re my biggest fan

@superduetz8005: 10 for sure

@jrez2014-xi6ud: 10000)0000000000000000000000000000000)0000000000000000👱🏼‍♂️ and yes I like back words hat

@20aik: Hi


@jrez2014-xi6ud: No it’s low fps

@jrez2014-xi6ud: Yesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!222000000

@user-yw6mg9vw7j: can you gove me v bucks please

@jrez2014-xi6ud: My username is red. Khalifa can I have v-bucks

@fortnite1234-df6kb: Hi you are my favorite youtuber😊

@tonishajerry2719: Who's ready to play the new season

@EliPosos: Every time I go try to join it just sets a know timer

@loubrown8025: Eminem

@RogerThorkildsen-yz3qv: 10000000000000/10

@rachaelharrison4306: 1

@yasmeenbham: I watched you from the age of five

@user-ke2un2xs3l: I can't play it does not work

@wilvelissilva3616: 10 out 10

@wilvelissilva3616: Infinity out of 10

@michelet223: Mine has 12 hours😭😭

@daltonthompson9483: Bruh how can you like it when idoit like hack it to where only yall can do it

@jameymirandagoss5608: My Internet not work

@ChristianHammond13: I’m down ❤

@patricksummers540: Yes u did

@daltonthompson9483: Looking like drake lost cousin

@daltonthompson9483: Bro you can ignore the question all you want

@daltonthompson9483: So y’all are able to get into the game while everyone else is having to wait

@derek8279: Food

@MaxFallsYt: Mines almost done but I have school Dangit

@jayssonmuir87: Yes

@user-rm9fv2it4t: You

@kelsburch75: Scary spooky

@kelsburch75: We are venom

@user-kl5ny9eo6e: I miss Peter Griffen

@user-kl5ny9eo6e: can you gift me stuff on the fortnite shop my username is fortnitepro2391

@Fortilcameton: I’m hyped

@patricksummers540: Classy courts fav drop

@puppygamedestroyer11: Yeah

@loubrown8025: Like your cut ge

@patricksummers540: Scarecrow

@puppygamedestroyer11: 10

@puppygamedestroyer11: 10

@Real_Fax4Life: That is legend of Korra. Not avatar

@Airjackson24: percy jackson gang

@Nate-rd5fi: Sup I love you

@Nate-rd5fi: I’m old

@loubrown8025: 8/10

@user-kl4ve3gt8v: 10 out of 10 hair cut.

@brandongyllenband7610: Severs for me still offline 📴

@user-mx3wo4yw4m: Renegade raider

@eitanmeshkov: -1000000000000000

@blurtskidsports4725: 0:26

@eitanmeshkov: 10/10

@user-kl4ve3gt8v: 10 out of 10

@margarethazanin1858: Don some game play please of batelroyal

@eitanmeshkov: 10/10

@olliebnextlevel6894: Me😊

@brandongyllenband7610: 10 awesome haircut low typered fade

@tinayurick5010: I’m in a hospital right now 😂😅

@bronsonandtoys3604: ❤❤❤I love you tg❤❤❤

@eitanmeshkov: 10

@eitanmeshkov: 1000000000🎉🎉🎉🎉

@jennifersmith2491: Infinite out of ten I am so happy 😀

@Dirtbiker69: When is the lanch

@eitanmeshkov: 100000

@dhruvffgaming4824: 10

@dhruvffgaming4824: 10

@dhruvffgaming4824: 10

@dhruvffgaming4824: 11

@dhruvffgaming4824: Yo

@brandongyllenband7610: Super Hyped

@Ksgamer225: I like your edits

@Eliyayyy: I like your haircut

@brandongyllenband7610: Bein awake

@lesleykcaven8471: im so excited 3rd season i have bin around for

@katkit7934: Plaese

@brandongyllenband7610: Already have

@user-gl7rr9pu7m: Mine says severs are unable 😢

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