Best New Trade Ups Rocket league (Season 3)

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Asher Hornstein: 2:06 my guy casually trades up a cobalt octane.

damaris garcia: 2:05 person traded up 2 tw boost and a painted octane how stupid


flipping_i: Does this happen to anyone else as it wont let me to trade ins It says its temporarily down but i dont know if its for everyone

l jdjs: im on xbox and it wont let me trade up items

Melloboi_: there is gonna be one of these where it's just pickapixel lol he got so many good things it's insane

Glotón · Agma: Sooo now I can trade up crated items? I need help I dont understand

Jacob Porter: Anyone else’s trade ups not working?

FlameEZ Bert: Who in the crazy world would trade up a cobalt octane

Shiekhah Albuainain: انت اسطوره

glxy_rl: Dont work anymore :// They disabled it temporarly :((

Harley Roberts: Dat tw mainframe

Secret_ Psycho_YT: Lmao pickapixel got these like 10293929282929 times

MemeGamer 123: i cannot trade in why???

lailey77: I got crimson striker digiglobe from a trade up

John Suddaby: Picka pixel i am subscribed

Ꮒuͥgͣoͫ Ψ: The Guys : TW Mainframe Tw Hades Bomb Tw Hypnotiks Me : black synthwave 🙂

Aira Hamzaa: We can't trade now :(

Knightblade2007: I got grey hades bomb from the new trading system

levi's tricks: My trade ups no works

sharel fun: I like 1k

Darkness Mania: Why isn’t pixel on this list? He got 20+ white exotics. Like come on

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Keks Dealer: I cant Trade up😑

Skilly BS: I got TW Handheart in a traden up

YK.Pickles22: 2:06 why tf would you trade that in

Nakkiッ: bro what do i do it says "this feature is currently disabled"

AmarieAutism: These clips are funny cool and awesome and idk why I enjoy it so much thank you compilation clips! :)

shail: bro y he trading up the cobalt octane when there is a lime standard sitting there xd

TheMangledTriangle: You guys do realize this is going to kill trading

alberto echavarria: I feel like they disabled the trade in feature because they probably messed it up I think, because everyone I see gets a lot of titanium white stuff. I don’t know it’s wierd

Cole Mamane / yeehaw: Thx for mentioning me lmao idk how I got it my luck is insane


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Joseph Schultz: How on the holy earth is Pickapixel not on here

Inferno: MisTik opened a tw mainframe after Zenic called it live on stream! Maybe check that out for a future vid :)

JTW_skatez W: 3:18 you put that in 2 times

FNI Kurplunk: Them: titanium white mainframe Me: gets a juiced

Ben- Brawl stars: Not my trade ups not working

Portgast D. Ace: Dude i enetwr the game i make a trade up and they give me comet titanium withe ._.

Because Yes: Guys I have a question regarding the new exotics trade ups: can only golden crate items be traded up? Or if I per say had 5 elevation series items would I be able to trade those up? I don’t really understand

RAFAEL coin master: Wtf dude

Bilal Atmani: Me getting a purple octane

Jabayaba: why did he trade up his cobolt octane

Kryptonic Gaming: how did i submit?

Lucas K Tusset: Cmom, isnt the best trade-ups, only PickaPixel got like 87 TW exotic wheels and 54 Painteds Black Markets!

CheddarChees e: 2:08 this idiot traded up tw flame cob octane like

Yannis Martin: J'ai eu Draco noir

Organic turtles: go see pickapixels video for good trade ups

Dodgers fan: 2:07 that guy really traded up those good items

RoHyper-offical: Holsd up did this kid trade up blue oct wtf is wrong with them

Spluuzy: Ayooooo I’m clip 3!

Angus Wylie: pulled white zombas but didn't clip it :(

danny gaming: I got a tw zomba bp from my first exotic trade up and there was only 1 revival series bp in the tradeup lol

DahJona: I can't trade up :(

johnny cormier: Does anyone know why I can’t trade up?

Ethan Rivera: imagine getting grey mainframe from trade up :smug_animal_crossing:

Héctor Manchón: bro i just have the tw fennec bp

Crxpticc: Me who GOT dissolver😎

Funky Duck: I got purple kalos and I got sky blue zoko inverted

i do nothing wassup bruh: Mine won’t work it says it’s disabled can you help?

Jannik: I got tw wheels from accolade 1 dont know the Name lol

Tubziii: i got a heatwave today

MelvinWuppi LP: Can trade up crated stuff now???

Santiago Estrada: Which golden series is the one that has the painted mainframes?

Memes of 2021: CompilationClips what platform are you on

Zachy Gilby: I am subscribed

Eddy weber: I got black certified Draco on the first trade

JBPgames15: Loool it's me! Clip 2 I got the black equalizers

hans boksem: pickapixel laughing at this

Trust 1146: Bro ive gotten a tw interstellar bp from this before so good

Roman Marshman: I got pink dracos, fg striker loopers, and 2 certified mainframes, and my friend got a striker fire god

Roman Marshman: my friends friend got a tw guardian mainframe

Fabian Bartstra: i know JBP games

dawood al saeed: that guy traded in cobalt octane bruh

Fast JJ 707: I Traden up random items and got Titanium white interstellar

Nils Crazy: the last one 🤯

RoseRook 7010: I got a fennec out of a trade up but I didn’t know how to clip on pc 😭

Xavier Boisvert: Dude at 2:11 is strainght up stupid

XISHADOWIX: The luck is unreal

Hotpog: Waiiit can i get diecis black now?

jujuxpłay: I drop standard boost orange yeeees

yx-yx 5: You are the best Rocket channel

K Gyamfi: i got crimson intersteller on first trade

Luke Kayser: The Tw Mainframe tho

LeXus: 2:10 this guy is stupıd

simone malventi: Omg

Bardyboy: Omg Tw mainframe 🥵

dion v: Does someone know where I need to send my clip to?

Rams ꨄ: I have 0 trade up. Who can help me ? Please 🙏

WoomyThing: Iun

Jesús Servian: Ahora el iniciar rocket te dan algo del torneo

LEVI EBERT 27: These are nice i got me a titanium white exalter and a grey 20XX

Eti3nn3 06 Ogle_leach: Still ain’t got my boosts yet :/

Frenchsticks123: This kid actually traded up a octane

Fillepipp: Time stamps: Done Cc just takes only good clips in the vid Thanks CC<3

Sea-Boss: Yooobibgot dueling dragons!!!!

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