Season Five Cinematic | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™

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MuscledRMH: If they only took the theme of the game slightly serious, we could have had a badass Cold War game but instead we got a mix of bunny suits, bright colorful suits, 2025 maps and alien/dragon mastercrafts.

Fxxl31: this soon November and still no news from the new call of duty ???

Armadol: Another season full of hackers. This is why games like apex and battlefield are still alive.

FATTEST BEAST: Anti cheat please

Paraducks hehe: Woods is tough enough to not get brainwashed i guess

The Legend: Trash live service garbage

Jacob Flores: Anyone else think that guy is Hudson?

Jayson Belleau: Fix the hacking situations on ur game or everybody will go apex and i dont want to so.. 😂

Adam Mc: Mason?????

naphz: cold war ruined warzone

Hyp3r_reflex: Pov: hackers against Activision

Calfin: Bro just add anti cheat

Jack Galaszewski: We don’t care about a New season JUST FIX YOUR GAME

Stormypenguin: 1:17 is Order 66 in call of duty

Bembling: Cant wait till 2024 for the next zombies map

YouTube Recommendations: 2:07 why every treyarch game should have someone to sit like that?

Jack Lee: Mason and Adler.

Vu Nguyen Duc Anh: Is she from North Korea? That would be cool.

Arthur Morgan: Sooooo Tec 9 and L86A1 are the next weapons

Jeremy B: Hey Modern Warefare player here. Stop 🛑 Harassing me to buy black ops you have enough of that on ur plate. You’ve crudely pasted ur black ops face over my Modern Warfare season. ✋ 🛑 it’s annoying

Tyler Durden: Well there we got the female big boss and reference to the mgs4

apa g ky totky: When is Captain Macmillan coming?

Divanshu Patel: They're just showing how easy it is to hack in warzone

Rudy Ramirez: Bruh she looks like Zoe hange for aot

Kevin Kohlhuber: no sir im done and gone

Rosaria: Took 5 seasons to make proper milsim

Mr.Bryan 830: confused asf

mitchelle11: 1:15 "What I remember about the rise of the Empire is... is how quiet it was. During the waning hours of the Clone Wars, the 501st Legion was discreetly transferred back to Coruscant. It was a silent trip. We all knew what was about to happen, what we were about to do. Did we have any doubts? Any private, traitorous thoughts? Perhaps, but no one said a word. Not on the flight to Coruscant, not when Order 66 came down, and not when we marched into the Jedi Temple. Not a word."

Rationalist Faith: All my Phantom Overlay and AIMEX users represent!!

security tim: The soldier who saved woods is a g

darryl rusli: I’m sure this female operator is an ex-yakuza

Meyveli Tuz: i cant believe this kind of game can make trash battle passes and doesnt fix any hackers and i tottaly understan why nick mercs left playing warzone

Johannes Burghardt: What about adler?! Is he brainwashed too? 🤔🤔🤔

NixX: Interesting

Andy Peterson: 🙄 Cold War just keeps getting more and more unrealistic

Juli Jim: CW ruined warzone

んんんん: Nani !?

Lờ Mao: finally, a computer scene where character dont slap 10 fingers on the keyboard and magic stuffs happen

Crazy Boi: Since the color theme for season 1 was red season 2 was yellow season 3 was light blue season 4 looks orange reddish and season 5 is purple would season 6 be green

Pintobean: N O I C E

I Man: I am Switching to APEX Legends. Just letting COD know.

Yuri Viktor: Nice work, well done!

Gestophoby: Order 66??

Daniel Doo: So Call of duty 2021 teaser was included in the season five promotion ? It has Japanese text in it, which in English translates to ' Vanguard is coming ' Wonder if this means the rumors for 2021's game were true. The finalized title will have ' vanguard ' in it.. Interesting.

M3RK KYRO: Stitch really wants people hearing his new mixtape

حسن: Is this Hanji from Attack on Titan in real life? 😂

Manuelsd420: ANTI-CHEAT PLEASE!!!!

Can Berk AKBAŞ: need ranked warzone

dark enchanter: I know a new cod is coming and all that... BUT COULD YA PLEASE FIX DEV ERROR 6036 ON ONE S

Blue Skykingdragon: I want Ak-74u damage to be lower its to op if you agree with me like this message

JediCore: Am I watching Metal Gear Solid 4 Cinematic or what?

Cooky Crazy Kai: I’m so excited for the tec 9 I hope they add its main feature jamming after every few shots

Sinan Altinova: Fix your game first.

Smile Smiley: Hope this season i can see some changes that will make me back to the game

OldTimeVortex: I thought Steiner can only brainwash

viperxs: FIX YOUR GAME

Landen !: Tbh thinking about quitting CoD altogether

Call of duty Let's go: Luckily I was cod play


CGX Reflex: I guess stich wants everyone to become Jason Bourne

Mhamad Karate: daum , she is khot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Vincent Dorado: Idk what’s going on in these cutscenes lol

G______Balll: Why, why, don't, you, just, shoot, her

lincoln mahmud: Oh i cant wait 😎😎🤣🤣

Diego Robles: Why do all the new title characters look like a 14 year olds Devianart oc

TimmyMasss: Am I the only one that thinks that she looks like hange from aot?

SHREDZ: Ever since the legal thing has been going on I honestly hate Activision now

Dumbo's Comedy: Seems the bad guys always be winning in these cutscenes haha.

BERNAUS: If u would take all the time, u needed to produce this video, to produce an anticheat...

Iraqi Falcon: Women should always be on top and we all know that's not possible with all due respect to the feminist element. I am disgusted with this lie. Advertising is very unsatisfactory every time and every season shows women as world champions

Golf Boy 39: thats the fucken gun from saints row 2 😂😂

Catalin Rusu: mason numbers what do they mean, I remembered black ops 1.

fallen8bitotaku: Can't wait to play the new season I'm hyped AF right now

Juggernog Soda: WHERE. IS. MY. ZOMBIES CONTENT!!!!

Dwyane Bacanto: Players: Anticheat now? Activision: mmmm maybe later

MRESKI 964: This game is dying So F Fast without Anti-cheat , no matter what, you can put into it a thousands of cool operators or bundles it will be dead M’ fu*kers Activision because you are Greedy MF’rs

carl mikey: This is literally Metal Gear Solid 4…

Randy Cheow: That guy in 1:44 looks like Sam Fisher

J W: Someone at Treyarch has a fetish for one-eyed people

lost vîbe: Maid outfit finally?

LoeKi: ok this is getting a bit ridiculous.

WeakliestTerror NightsOfHorror: Snitch finds the most colorful band of characters

RezZ: activision is so tone deaf its disgusting

Tonyo: Weapons are kinda weird. Why would a nato member run around with a ppsh?

N P: So I guess we’re never getting Mason

Taylor: new map or ill keep playing Splitgate, Destiny 2 and Halo MCC thanks

JedEye MindTrick: Mapera!!! Battlefield is coming, where is your anti cheat ? You’ll be sitting at home !!! Lonely !!

Casper519: Trying to get this going but with the extreme lack of care from Activi$ion about the extreme hacking issue I say everyone just stay off the game on the season 5 release day August 12. let them release season 5 with zero battle passes bought, zero micro transactions, and zero downloads. It will crash their stock and hit them where it actually matters to them, their pockets. In 2020 Activi$ion made over $500 million dollars from modern warfare and warzone micro transactions alone. They just reported the call of duty franchise has made them over $3billion in the last year and that is just one of many franchises they have in gaming. I say we give them a player blackout all weekend. Season 5 drops Thursday august 12 let them have the lowest player count they've ever had. maybe then we'll finally have some of the fixes we've been asking for, for over a year now. I say let the game go idle until sunday and really mess up their financial numbers. this was once an amazing community of loyal players and we've been getting abused by false hopes and false assurances when it comes to them "working on fixing" know issues that just never happen. Give them a player black out and see how fast things get fixed

Kauê Hirata: Nice akimbo! I bet it will be very balanced

N M: FOV Slider Ranked Playlist Anti-cheat!!!!!!!!!!

Rey Ramos: if there isn’t something to combat the hackers in warzone this season i’m leaving for apex. i really dont i love warzone but i just can’t handle it anymore.

zrinyi istvan: We are part of the system.we keep playing the game every they say...hey we still have a lot o people playing so the players are happy without anti cheat as well

Bloody Knife: Hope you makes the game better

Jasoni: At least she doesn't have a mask

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