Season Six Cinematic | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™

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Hehe Hehe: NERF TEC-9 AND EM2!!

IronSoulElf: everyone getting hyped for Mason but we end up getting the guy that's with Stitch lol

Loudmouth: I hope we’re going to be running around a completely destroyed verdansk, that would be dope

اللهب Gamez: ديييييييييم سيزن الأنفاق

Txnsg: someone still play cold war??

Hamza Capper: 2:13 new guns

Eta Ending: why Adlers voice changes

kookie monster: yooooooo im getting major bo1 flashbacks this is why i love treyarch they know how to tell stories really really really super well

Ben Hislop: Does anybody else notice that Mason is dressed like Chris Redfield from RE1?

THE Basics: Turns outs the numbers are just the SBMM algorithm

имя фамилия: 0:25 Alex number 2?

M. s.l.b.: Verdansk falls again

M. s.l.b.: A new hacker again? Another warsaw pact battle pass operator. But one thing- Mason is back in business

M. s.l.b.: So frigging thrilled it feels luke yesterday when I saw the season 5 trailer

Aether Mains are Epic: Stitch be like: *What am I doing all along,Just Brainwashing Adler.I'm suppose to have Revenge by Stabbing him in the eye*

Angel Bruno: I haven’t bought any of the seasons because they so looking run down and boring. I’ll definitely gonna be purchasing this season!

Studioktay: I think this will be a response to the players. Players are fascinated by the destruction mechanism of everything in Battlefield and would like to see it in Call of Duty. They will gradually bring this mechanism into play. This will also be a start. <3 CoD

Vjordan Francisco: I have a question. How was I shadow banned? I've been asking the the other warzone YouTubers

STX AVERAGE: Mason,I knew you would do it

Onesadcatto: Mason injected Gfuel into Adler's body.

Alex: I almost cried when I saw the destruction of the Verdansk :-(

Sandeepa Weerasinghe: Battlefield 2042 let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooo

TTV AD GAMING: Lets gi adler is alive

JuniorEmpire: This is the squad we needed! True badasses! Like the connection to all of them for eatchother. Adler fits in so perfectly, almost kinda feels like he always was there with them from the beginning of black ops. But kinda feels like hudson manipulated him a long time ago too, the key phrase „we have a job to do“ is sus af. Maybe thats the reason why adler got so obsessive over the perseus operation. The reason why he was so overly dedicated to the mission in the campaign, like hes yeah….manipulated to. And nobody actually knows why and when his obsession started according to his biography… And the fact that adler placed those bombs shows that hes brainwashed from someone else, stitch seems rly upset about it, because he thought adler is under his control.

Triangle: I use the warzone geo fence tool to get bot lobbies

Mr. Mohammed Abdullah: The Numbers Adler what do they mean?

Tom lloyd: 2:12 the year 6s rocking up to nerf wars be like

MAJOR-X: my storage commited sucide again

Tom lloyd: “Verdansk go boom”

JUST THAT: Trailer looks nice but the odds of me loading on cold war again is like seeing second coming of Michael Jackson moon walk with Tupac while Elvis is signaling the JFK to give his speech on why need go to Mars. L'm just saying *never play that game again*

Dark2son: I suggest that you do not log into the game at all until the release of the new season, until the cheaters are removed!


Acrobatic Grapes: Yee

Shaheer Zahid: we'll have another nuke event at the end of season 6 where verdansk will be destroyed and then a new map will come

Andrew Pandrew: 3 characters with changed voice actors

xXMETHANOLXx: Can you guys fix zombies? Any game mode in there is bound to crash ever since abruptly. It's making the experience mediocre.

DRIP Cum: Poor bell....

Inferno Nugget: How many times has verdansk got nuked?

BatuCOD: Finally you guys care core multiplayer

NoVa_Iwarrior: MAP CHANGES

Kameron Mitchell: I sometimes never what the trailers to end

Тимур Тыква: Make please about Warzone and mobile Call of Duty + Resident Evil New characters -Chris Redfield -Jill Valentine -Claire Redfield -Leon S. Kennedy -Carlos Oliveira -Hunk -Ada Wong -Piers Nivans -Ethan Winters -Albert Wesker -Sheva Alomar -Helena Harper -Mia Winters -Joe Baker -Jake Muller -Jack Krauser -Moira Burton -Barry Burton -Rose Winters -Rebecca Chambers -Billy Coen -Sherry Birkin

SAUD: 👑👑👑👑

Vicrod99: Mason saying "trust me, this is gonna hurt" to Adler was pure satisfaction, got the BO1 chills

Turtato: So did the brainwashing just make him go more extreme and that's why he blew up parts of verdansk but I assume that Stitch never told Alder to do that so why did he blow it up?

Михаил Акиндинов: We got a job to do Adler

Bobby Hill: So.... no anticheat? Also, just incase you developers read the comments (which we know you most likely don't), you guys ruined warzone when you merged with modern warfare. The weapon customization was botched and unrealistic while the ones in modern warfare were far superior. Please try harder next time.

Its A Laugh: We’ve got a job to do!!!

Ameen Che Wan: That uniform when Alex Mason wears it. It's just gives me nostalgia

Kenny CC222: It is Mason! i am so eager to use him as my operator!

NeKett: 2020: Bell, we have a job to do 2021: Adler, we have a job to do

Yunus Alp Turhan: Alex masooooooon

Echo 3-1: Im just trying to figure out the accent of the stitch dude, im not sure if thats french or arabic accent....

Kunal Kishore: This explains how verdansk was destroyed in 1980's without a need of nuke

preacher ___: I think at 2:12, Mason hold a fricking Galil

Sahil Prakash: What numbers Adler what do they mean

Cereal is a soup: Everyone when realising that the tunnels are going to open for season 6: Finally!!! Some new POI'S

Headshot Mike: I wish these cinematics were campaign extensions...the campaign in cold war was so fun

Whis: Yup That's a Galil in Mason's arms

kok long: For next season6 Halloween event.Bring back night time warzone, zombie style playlist, and jump scared loot box.

Punk Lima: German ww2 bunker in Verdansk = Verdansk in Vanguard campaign ?

HadhariGamerZ: Sus

Fahmid Mahmud: Adler! Boss!!

TrippyTiim: The Numbers Mason The NUMBERS!!!!

SoloX Gaming: Yi yi yeah yeah yeaaaaah 💕

ALEC62 1246780: He's forever my CoD Operator

Major King Quan: We getting a whole new map

MOHSEN_NOUR: How me and the squad enter the game: 2:07 5 min later all the boys dead, me in gulag: 0:52

Junru Lin: it took hudson forever to bring back mason in black ops 1 but mason brought back alder in just a min in warzone

Pintexx: Last season of black ops Cold War looks pretty epic ngl, nice to see the OG’s mason and woods again

Vaxz / ThraxProductions: So Adler is brainwashed under Mason and the CIA?? And the original trio is back so I'm excited

Lil’ Burger: Oh what, cold War is still alive?

MitchellC4: Galil is coming back

Ghost Creed: Plz do black ops remastered or remake

AnthonyLu123: Is this where Verdansk meet its demise forever? Before moving to a new warzone map during Vanguard intergration.

SupaGloo: “This place was nice once. East and West Rebuilt Verdansk after the Cold War.”

juhis: If the verdansk desroys, after the ww2 one if they gonna bring back verdansk it gonna be verdansk 84, the operaton name is save the verdansk

Dystopic: Stadium, Downtown, and Promenade destroyed? Time for another 20GB update I guess Or should it be less memory because there's less buildings to render 🤣

Dystopic: How nice of Mason to share the numbers with Adler

Haity: 🔥🔥

Erfan YouTuber: Vanguard zombie??

Christian Banuelos: 12 year old me would have gone crazy over this trailer

Paşa Baba: Wow this Trailer remember my bo1 childhood

GEARSOFAWESOME4: Imaging destroying verdansk in the 80s, have the east and west rebuild it the exact same way after the cold war, only to have it overrun by zombies and destroyed again

Henrique_FNAF 4: Mason at the end “Thats was epic , here’s a chock milk”

Christian Tovar: I would play it, but battlefield 2042 beta is gonna be out. Priorities

Balen.orginal1: I've liked Alex Mason since Black Ops 1😭😢😎

Magda Varga: WOW, this a mazing!! 🤩

x_x DEADEMOJI x_x: Mason: The numbers adler what do they mean? ADLER: It means............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. We've got a job to do

Bxrt Prz: Nothing beats the originals tho

Jonas Schöllhorn: This looks sooo cool ❤️

Ivan Viganö: WOW

London's Finest: That's the second time Verdansk Stadium was Destroyed. Will they ever leave it alone?

Lil Panda: Zombies carries Cold War….

What Are We Winning Again?: I have no idea whats going on and I love that

Clipz: Are You Ready For The Final Season?

Spencer 123: bro this trailer feels like a wierd fever dream

Enrique Navarrete: Is that mason?

LAT: Anyone getting constantly fps drops in every update? Mine getting from 100fps to 60fps. The game is not fully optimise ngl. Hopefully the dev take a look of the graphic settings before they do something

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