Destiny 2: Artifact Leveling Guide! | Season of the Lost

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KackisHD: Make your Artifact ArtiCRACKED! *NEW MERCH*: NEW AdvancedGG Flavors ► Join the Discord ► Save on Astro Products ► More Destiny 2 Videos ►

Zack shotwell: Anti barrier auto rife Overload bow Disrupting blade Sword scavenger Fusion rifle loader Passive guard Fusion scavenger Unstoppable fusion rifles 2 flex spots Particle deconstruction (best mod of season) 1 flex spot

in cognito: You promote simps? Fak dude you're a cuk

xSTH1TMANx: Maybe the next expansion should be titled Which Queen instead of Witch Queen. Mara is the true queen 👸

Sin Flower Seed: Rick "That Comment Section is Out of Control" Khakis

Scotty 44: Rick "Season is 5 months long and these yt fools all race to make videos and blow thru all the content in the 1st week" Kackis herei

matt clarke: Rick -checking,checking,checking-kackis

Henry Tessman: Rick “that comment section is out of control” Kackis here

Jamon C.W. David: Rick "moving on from there" Kackis!

November_india_ charlie_kilo: Rick "I drink savathuns bath water kackis" here

Scott Curenton: So I woke up this morning and while I was laying there getting my thoughts together it popped in my head that it would be nice to have a video on the best new artifact mods…..Get outa my head!! 😆

Töb: Literally everyone knew Breach and Clear would be the best mod of last season. What kind of a person brags about "calling it"?!

Jason Barnes: Rick 'smack dat ass' Kackhis here

enir mairink: Rick “ Salve salve quebrada” kackis here

James Jung: Rick "I would just like everyone to know that I suck. And that I'm a girl. And I like ribbons in my hair. And I want to kiss all the boys" Kackis here.

Jay Henderson: Rick “You know what it is” Khakis here…

Leonardo balestri: Rick " no no no, switch from nova bomb to well, we want to one phase it" kackis

Aceyy: Rick “Nah he Tweakin” kackis here

T2RIllusion: Pretty sure the light ability increased by stasis also work for gun dmg when you are in a warlock well, atleast it did back then.

Blah Blah: Rick “i don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain” Kackis here

R-FY: Rick "Hey guys this is Rick" Kakis

Stuff: Withering heat seems pretty useless and thermoclastic strike is another class item mod. You unlocked 4 class item mods that are high cost, guaranteed you will never use half of them. Better spent somewhere else. I had this same artifact mod loadout originally and had to change it. Picked up shotgun scavenger. Shotguns aren't "meta" this season but it is really good for a fun No Backup Plans build on titan

Crocodile Deathspin: Rick "Yes, the highest energy cost mod is the best this season too" Kackis here

Fort_Knight: Rick “The line between light and dark is so very thin do you even know what side you’re on?”Kackis here

Onesolution: Rick fallen on the field here kackics here

Eso Aldo: I’ve been waiting for this video , thanks man.

24dasr: I wouldn't really agree with the 'focusing lens mod' as it's dependant on someone on your team having stasis, and most activities are not co-ordinated Although it does provide some great damage bonuses, I would prefer using something else

Mystic Gaming: Rick my a#$h0le is bleeding kackis

Eduardo Torres: Rick "there are no mods here" Kackis

Rorschach Poe: Is Kackis Canadian?

raydn2323: Your best videos imo. Thanks 🤟🏽

VzClash: You can 1 phase atheon with 1k voice lol with that mod

Eric H: Rick “there’s no ‘z’ in resources” Kackis

Oddlogical: Very helpful!

Godfrey Leitch: Lmao i didnt know people be simping for Mara that much😂

Bryan Day: Rick “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” Kackis here

Chris Redfield: Well it seems I chose wisely then, I just went with different flex mods

Rogue American: Rick "That comment section is just wild" Kackis!

Paisaboy: Rick “I’d drink Savathun’s bath water,” Kackis here.

mezias00: Rick "they dug up the folding chair" Kackis

Nick Shepherd: Rick,"lorenzo catalyst is a ridiculous grind" Kackis

DopeItsAlonso: Does anyone know a good fusion rifle I should get?

Ben Sams: Rick "You can burn Hive guts for a fire in the wild. It's toasty!" Kackis here

CharismaticWonderman: Rick “It’s over, Anakin! I have the high ground!” Kackis here 😂

Josiah Vanewyk: Rick, “one phase or wipe” Kackis here

bullet smart: peacebond rolls look cracked though so unstoppable sidearm wont be bad to pick up

Rough Collies Rock: Rick “Once there was an ugly barnacle, he was so ugly that everyone died, the end.” Kackis here.

Proper Aussie: The mods this season are absolute garbage along with the anarchy being ruined The double dash with warlock also ruined. Fking pvp cry babies ruin this game for the majority

Purple5hadow84: If you are a pve player, I found that shotgun dexterity work pretty good for stuff like Templar and Taniks pt2. Especially with 1 energy and so it allows for you to easily run two of the mods and this is super helpful with the quick swap patch. Just shoot and swap immediately after and repeat.

Merefailninja: I'm just waiting for a certain elemental well mod to be available. P.S. its probably gonna be as broken if not more broken than our current..... "Incident"

Bobo the Wood: really wish they just got rid of that cost and let us either unlock all mods or swap at will to you know, "play how you want to play"

Robert Stewart: The only problem with this, is you need unstoppable early on. Otherwise nice vid Rick "Smile and Wave Guardians ... The Queen is Here"

Pibb and Kannan: Rick "Rolling the Vangaurd" Kackis here

SpeedySloth 2048: Rick “let me know what you think my next intro should be. That comment section is out of control” khakis here

Charles: Rick, "Dead game by the way" Kackis here

ivan domaniczky: Liner fusion target is also good in PvE, with the faster aim down sight you can stunt a champion and swap to sleeper simulant and shoot more quicker

Juan Campos: Rick “ I always pull out “ kackis here

YungK3: Rick “Operation: Baby Dog” kackis

N30EXca: Rick :"Call the Praxic Order, call the Thanatonauts, the Gensym Scribes, call everyone, so they can witness... YOU!" Kackis here!

Mitchell Delaney: Really disappointed at the trash choices Bungie is making for the game!! This horseshit making scavenger mods cost so much on top of no stacking is a dbl FU to the player, With all the other dbl/triple FU's we already got on WM cells, Anarchy, etc! Going to shit qik imo.

Novox Cage: Really don’t like Bows. Like hate-bows

Finley Slevin: Rick “I didn’t illegally mod the holster they are just really lucky pants “ kackis here

Justin Bucher: Can you trigger focusing lense for yourself with a stasis primary?

HLGpanda: Rick, "I wonder how many more Destiny quotes people can keep making" Kackis here!

Ricky Johnson: Sorry…..couldn’t help it

Ricky Johnson: Rick “ I gotta tiny” kackis

Slick Walrus: Okay... sooo how do you boost level the artifact ...?

Darknight 0717: Rick "which queen witch queen" kackis here

Scott Griffith: Rick “a million deaths are not enough for master rahool “ khackis here

Agent Washington28: Can we get an episode of just your impressions of destiny characters for 10 minutes?

TheGeneral: Rick "C-137" Kackis

Inhospitableduck: Rick "roller" Kackis here

Only ZJones: Rick "Wayfinders Compass" Kackis

GalaxyOfCat: Rick "I'm not as original as I think I am" Kackis here

BoB_Liebt_Apfel: Rick, "I don't have a clue on what's happening in Destiny" Kackis here

JsK1103: Rick “last seasons meta is the new meta” Kackis

D Kat: So if you were not so hell bent on fusions what would suggest for those who think fusions still suck ?

DonAntonio HM26: "Rick CatPics here"

Twisted Sword: Day 1 of Rick “You're nearly there! Fill the bank! Get that Primeval up!” Kackis

Retsul Triborn: Why swords you never explained at the end why you chose it? And what swords are you using, now energy accelerant is gone and my crownsplitter is doing a lot less damage I kinda feel like they are great risk for reward getting close to the enemy

Dean Check: Rick ur not that guy pal kackis

Fizbyn: Its pretty much the same as last season except fusions are the new grenade launchers and we have different archetypes for the champ mods particle deconstruction is interesting it does 10 percent more dmg than b&b did but only fusions get the benefit unlike with b&b it affected all dmg. This is "that comment section is out of control" kackis here

Robert Anthony: Salutations buds Quick Khakis present: Must have mods 1) anti barrier AR Overload Bow Overload swords 2) Sword Scavenger Fusion Loader 3) passive guard Fusion scavenger 4) Unstoppable Fusions 5) Particle Deconstruction … and we’re done before the intro - QK out!

Kam: Rick “that comment section is outta control” Kackis.

sneakingpillow: Rick, so let's get to taking out there command one by one.

smokeyd88: Rick, "You gotta have all seals unlocked, be light level 3000 and must have Gjallarhorn to join fire team," Kackis here.

marc smith: Rick " I'm definitely not spending merch money on 'Krackis rocks" here. Pls no more drifter lines he's the juggalo of destiny

Radio Head: I'm using lament with getaway artist on bottom tree stormtrance I'm rarely having a moment I don't have a turrent up in nightfall. It might lack damage compared to other builds but it's so much fun

Felwinter: I just put the likes to 1k

Justin Shaikewitz: Rick “Lore Daddy is the other guy!” Kackis

J j: Will leviathans breathe take down overload and unstoppable Champs if you have overload bow mod?

BLAKKPERSON: Thank you khakis because no one is smart enough to think of this themselves LFG IS PATHETIC

Dragon Gscales: Rick “these comments are crazy” kackis here

hitman_agent_90: Rick factis here speaking only truth about season 15

Bandit Bro: Rick "Show me your MOTIVATION!" Kakis

ihatenjoi: Rick “that comment section is wild” Kackis

Jacques The Bard: Rick, "Momentum Control isn't even real anyway" Kackis here

Hayden Oakes: Rick “daddy” kackis here

Dominick Liguori: Rick “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” Kackis Here

YouRebelScumm: Sure I have 10 mins to spare and watch a video *9.5 mins later* "Alright today we have"....

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