Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem - Official Gameplay Trailer

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Justin Wilson: 🙌

Johnny James: Yea I can see Dr. Disrespect using this guy.

Elm Family Indonesia: mantap sekali game nya

Nuts: Proceeds to show almost no gameplay for him

Jake Riffle: I could create better characters than this

ChunKeyPeachezz Z: Here is my money

Роман Кравченко: когда Брауму надоело саппортить и он начал убивать)

Ikonic builds: f

Ikonic builds: f

Ikonic builds: f

Ikonic builds: f

Satyam Barnwal: I hate spitfire with purple mag in enemies hand. Now gold mag ???? T - T

BeastModeJelly: I been wanting to play Apex again for a while.... 😏last nigh..i bought Game Pass Ultimate for $1 with 2 extra months included for a total of 3 months 😏 Xbox is life😏

Brian: Why does he hurt his friends? Is it some toungue n cheek thing im not understanding? Maybe a Aussie thing?

Leif McCurry: Pardon me while I clean up all this drool over the spitty with a gold mag.

Icemanz666: Why is nobody talking about the voice over - looks like they got the guy from Honest Trailers in for this!

Spiderbot: Imagine rampart with the gold mag and her passive which already gives lmg’s extra ammo

Kweku-Abeiku Attah Anyen: i thought i had honest trailers playing in another tab

Sekai Naishe: as a mirage main im both offended and happy that he was seen in the trailer in this way

Hwoarang: He looks like Kurt Russel.

Slippery Meat: Fellow Rampart mains.. get ready for the gold magazine 😈

toby smith: Is this the honest trailers guy??

EverBR: Duke nukem

walied XIV: no deathmatch mode ?

Christopher Navarrete: Angryjoe? Is that you?

Harman Singh: Cheat mode on 😀

Fausty Kyeremeh: Apex kind of look animated every season

Samuel Springbett: But has the battle pass been fixed?

Edric Storm: so this is where Kenny from the walking dead games ended up lol


franz salas silva: What about nintendo switch?

It's Steell: Are thay going to release this game on the next gen consoles.

Beaven Jnr: ''In a world...''

Chill_ guitarist: Serj tatakians in a game

mark brown: I'm looking forward to playing on this map, and having some fun with this new weapon

ridikailous: I do indeed need a piece of the action.

Jeetu jaan king: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️वो खूबसूरत आँखे जो इस वक्त ये पोस्ट पढ़ रही है भगवान उन आंखों का हर सपना पूरा करे❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jeetu jaan king: Apni Maa ki Umar kitni honi chaiya ? 1 Like = 100 M year's ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kiisotu: Is that Kenny from Telltale’s The Walking Dead?

Joshua Carrapiett: DZ Deathrays could have done a song for this too

Joshua Carrapiett: Mullet: 10 Cracking a cold one with the boys: 10 Aussie: 10

Karl Lorenzo Lubbock: Horizon, Caustic, and Fuse team here we go

M Wolf: thats the honest trailers guy

Griddlez: 1:40 - 1:47 what everyone fears of

TEEN1DOL: Now THAT was a badass trailer. Sheesh

TheHardMode: The guy in the picture looked like Angry Joe.

Tonii: This character is so classless & vulgar. I even prefer Bloodhound & Revenant & Mirage to this arrogant floorboardbrain legend. Give us an agility legend for God's sake, not another brainless thumper. 80's vibes making my stomach turn :( so dissapointing trailer; At least King's Canyon back, even tho badly mangled... :,( After 3rd ,4th,5th party chaos on Olympus. I won't spend money on this season it's not worth it.

Maykheir: This better be way better than the last few seasons.

Francis Treks: He sounds like lazarbeam

T.F.O. DevilOne: Yup...Johnny Silverhand

Nick Apostolakes: he should have been transgender smh

Ace Lim: tachanka ?

Chris Chance: Nerfing wraith hitbox to be like bloodhound............................ Caustic buff: his hammer can break doors............... Horizon nerf: no strafing when using tactical................. Mirage buff: clones make footsteps. Rev buff: a smaller hitbox........ Rampart buff: 45 extra health on tactical............

AMAZIGH: Mobile version ? Give us the mobile Version !!

REDACTED: What song is this?

Bos: his passive something to do with hip fire calling it now

JwayneAdams: Nigel thornberry is gangsta now...

roronoa zoro: Ngl i would like more movement based legends since movement is the most fun part of apex for me

Sophie Salcedo: When will they fix their servers tho

just a nostalgic gamer: Omfg I'm excited for fuse and revenant voice interactions

your local animator: I don’t care anymore I’m spending 120$ an getting to teir 100 straight away

Ree _ DV9: What type knock off action movie is this I can see it now lmao.. Coming to a theater near you Apex Legends Starring Nicholas Cage as Fuse.💀😂

Juicy Doubles: Why would you make longbow the tier 100 skin 🤦🏻‍♀️ actual circus at respawn

Hadi: guys nerf the gold magazines

Jay Pocaigue: I literally cannot take this trailer seriously bc of Smosh

Fejér Tamás: bwahahahah that trailer! 10/10

Axel Zellman: I’m a fan.

Jordan Sharp: I’m only gonna play this cause we finally got a true blue Aussie legend

Abdelrahman Tarek: I expected his ult to be a nuke ngl

DRK RED: What's the playerbase like on this game??

Rafa Moss: Thanks for making what we've all turned in to during quarantine a playable character in a video game.

CduB: I stopped playing war zone cause of the dmr now your telling me axes has one?

Lubey Doo: Fake. No one used aimbots like in the real game.

Han gerr: That opening parts reminds me of "Tropic Thunder" lol

ted webber: Thought I was watching honest trailers

Phil: Apex season 8, Legends in Lag because EA are a bunch of money grubbing thieves that make millions off a game while refusing to upgrade the servers

David caca: Or you can just go to Apex legends yt

E Winters: New vault hunter looking great

Kayla _: Not the Spitfire with a gold mag... This is great😭😭😥

Ben Henderson: Dr. D

Kaden Zeller: Finally a decedent Bangalore skin

StingerGamer: *STARRING*

LVXVRY: that lifeline skin tho >>>>>>>>>

ABHMughal: Can’t wait for new bugs

Daniel Friedmann: Is that the VA from subverse trailer?

Ragin Pooh: Best Game trailer of the year right here!

Enrique Jimenez: Fuse kinda looks like Adam K 😬😬

ThePunisher: why does he look like angry joe

spaceface 777: I love that’s it’s like an 80s action trailer

Neva: Australian Legend is cool and all But can we get some players on Australian Ranked playlist cause the region is dead AF

EL ADMIN: Dr.disrespect x apex

L'illustrateur: Intéressant.

David Meleh: Pablo Francisco?!?!

ASTROFLAME: DMR - is introduced Me - “Vietnam flashbacks” It has come. The fall

Gordo: an apex 80s themed map would be so dope

I love EVERYONE: When does this come to Switch? We need it man

Dillon Mackenzie: Everyone get ready for “tHe GoLd MaG iS tOo OvErPoWeReD”

theoneguynamedjesus: What’s the gold mag do?

SALTY Peasants Always Need Salt: They legit ripped off another developers character. That's low.

Kurf: Now what bugs are goona come along with the new season that will break the game?

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