Apex Legends: Emergence - Official Season 10 Gameplay Trailer

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Nomadic: Cool another lack luster season and character

J DiM: They added lil nas x to fortnite! This is epic let me get my moms credit card

Saiy: 2:20 lmao tf is that lame little dance?

ECHO Plays: Exciting

• • • — • — — • — —: So when is Kuben Blisk coming out...literally waiting for him every season and keep getting the opposite p.c character

Youngboy T music: The lil nas x of apex

d4nkime: Lil Nas X and Theres no such thing as a coincidences son

Jalen Humphries: He looks like young thug in kung lao cosplay

Floki: The music selection is atrocious.

Afa Aldira: Ah yes, 177013

Freakfamily: There is no such thing as a coincidence

Hey, you. You're finally awake: WHY WOULD YOU NAME IT THAT

IMORI: There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Shaglito: “There is no such thing as a coincidence”

Skyebunny777: Seer looks like he practice capoeira.

Cheekytron: Young thug with a kung-lao hat🤦

Nero Nero: Real question is will he be able to see revenant foot steps?

Flickkzy: new char is lil nas X?

German soldier: Ragnarok has come for bloodhounds home

Bill Doetree: This game has been going downhill for a long time... they need to return to what made the game so popular in the beginning...

Lightto: 2

Fenyx_L: Lil NasX looks different

A. RIOS: Whack.

Jack A: This was a boring trailer tbh

Icey JxSTxN: Lil nas ApeX

the milkman: Maybe they're buffing legendary knockdowns to give ultimate or charge ultimate after use.

Gianni Reeves: So basically we got Amish Lil nas x as a legend and I’m down

Carl Da goat: What was that volt skin it looked amazing

Converse1993: Reactive volt looks sick

B0sS Modė: Ayye, you get to play as Lil Nas X

Lloy McLove: Its like Kung Lao with JJBA weirdness. Im in.

The king of games!: The most disappointed season I've ever seen probably won't be buying the season pass it all looks lazy

YJN Tev: I'm happy very happy best shooter ever

Irvin Marin: Damm, the voice acting in this game is amazing

Iron Fist: Fix titanfall already u jerks

mighty murphy: Underwhelming trailer

Thomas Pena: Bloodhound pissed he got aimbotted lol

Mr.TopHat: Its looks like their hyping bloodhound more than seer.

Ak47: Hoped to see more of seer gameplay

TheRisingAngel_: so they just added a Lil Nas X and Kung Lao package..great just great

Heath Hannah: Nobody gonna mention this dude looks and moves like lil nas x?

Xman 0824: Soooo he does what again? 🤣 I got to play this more.

Emperor DxD: Gangsta Kung Lau or is it pimp Kung lau

trapped cat: That was a half arse effort to showcase a new character.

Gawi Audette: Still looks yuuukky

bailey fields: He looks almost too similar to bloodhounds kit



The1stMagnum APTTMH: Who thought... grown black man + halter top + lip rings + blond hair + blue eyes = perfect image of black man. W.T.F. Apex. Who is your black male image consultant?

Mahonri Alvarez: Inspired on Lil Nas x

Yxng Aura: Boi built like lil Nas

Wall Clock: The new character is disgusting

ItsyBitsyWidow: Those skins 👀

Johnathan Boyd: Looks like they’ve sped up the long bow

TATAKAE TATAKAE: This game is already dead lmfao

Buntha Phan: 0:52 aimbot

oGBeginner: does every single character's backstory need to be homosexual or trans in some nature? we get it. You support all ways of life.

Potato Lord: Love seeing bloodhound be a badass in these

Maxitolliony: so basically sombra from overwatch and a bastion lmg

Bladdyboi: So wait, what does Seer do?

-1MMTE-Killkiss_son: When will the PS5 version arrive ?

Roadhouse: Wow

Lu1mr: It’s on my birthday 😌😌

Nick V: why they put lil nas x in here??

Reno Uzumaki: Y’all showing everything else but Sheers abilities…ok 🥲

Shadow Lord: Cryptohound is a pass for me. Was hoping for better abilities and making two characters have a baby with blended abilities is just boring and waste of character. Sadly think they running out of ideas already. Words edge looks dope tho so that’s a positive.

Johndii The FAB: I'm liking this Jaden Smith x Mortal Kombat Kung Lao crossover

YouTuber: Can’t wait for this legend to be the worst thing added to this game since launch

Brenden Grills: Did the LStar muzzle flash get reduced!?

David Sargsyan: So new LMG can destroy doors apparently?

Midnyte CraestSpell: People from earlier trailer comments how Seer will fly into the beacon from thermal plant cuz he’s the moth man. Apex in new trailer: We destroyed it Dang, they got us XD

HaiiRayy: there's no such thing as quinncidence

MintCream: bloodhound looks so badass

Irfan Has has: Looking like lil nas x

Kayla Bown: Wooooowww the map is changing so much.... Looks cool

Nylon: who hurt my fam bloodhound 😭

Yes Sir z: It's lil nas x

Cravee: Kinda meh this time

Dante: Grand Rising

Abdullah Malla Othman: Welcome to the club, Eddie Guerrero!

crossbones: lil nas X?1

Mantis ZA: Still no next gen optimised version wtf!!

Weebs are cringe: Seer seems so unoriginal

Tripsski: if the rampage takes thermite grenades then fuze will be amazing.

Frankie Pine: Why does he remind me of Lil Nas X

Tirin Neville: Please give Bloodhound some shine this season!

Rehctixz: That volt skin 😩😩😩

Ezequiel Canales: they always make bloodhound look so cold

OfficialDesco: So, can mirage outplay seer with his clones? You can see only enemy footsteps with his ability what is when mirage uses a clone against it?

Mark5Carter: Rampage LMG = FAL from Black Ops 2

4bidden: Lil Nas X is in the game now lol

O. John: Seer look like a grown up lil nas x at the end

oO ShinoBo Oo: Idk lil naz x was the new legend.

CloudyDatBoi: Casually breaks door

Gulliver2010: Sheeesh

tommunist10: Meh

Amaan Ahmad: Giorno Giovanna

Migz Daily: This game is so underrated

Alexander Martinez Hatton: Coming the day of my birthday niceeeeeee

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