Going On a RAMPAGE With Seer In Apex Legends Season 10! (Emergence Update Gameplay)

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Garcia, Alexander Dean: Lil nas x in seer cosplay would be so good

Nah.2dae: Holding his tactical to activate his passive is faster for on the go checking than ads

billy bob: The L star now good king? Because i been enjoying it in arenas

SydiousSneakySnake: Hoping they add a gun at some point that uses normal frags to give bullets and explosive radius to it, a grenade launcher that uses frags to double explosion radius maybe, or a shotgun you can load frags into to have aoe shots

Supersukas: The Japanese characters on the side of the skin, Ranpe-ji XD

FluffinessFluffo: Is it just me, or should everyone start playing mirage again? I mean, his clones help him confuse a Seer-enemy-player. 🤷‍♀️ sounds nice to me cuz everyone wants to play Seer nowadays.

Genie Lamp: In the last game, I was that caustic i think.

Vini 1111: "Gotta keep the morale" What a great leader

Michael Kastilahn: 13:40 😱😱😱 I already love the Rampage!

Fun For all: Teammate: he's one shot! Seer scans: bullshit he has 90 hp

Joonas Mitt: Did you tell him that you were recording the arenas match?

LC: No rats in endgame

TUB Plays: The gaming merchant u can see the heartbeat senser while holding ur tactical which also allows u to sprint and to slide jump

Adam Hatem: Did no one see that downed player jump at 4:37 🤨

unknown.: The introduction to seer made cryptos only useful thing respawning with a drone. Other than that he’s useless now

ArticBreezGaming 21: Seer and the Rampage LMG is so good bro. I’ve played both of them in Arenas ranked and normal ranked and I demolished people. So my favorite legend and weapon.

IzjioGaming: 6:04 nie after doing double kill with rampage on close distans: onono i don't think so

Six Of Spades: Theres so many seer players it's not even fun. I just hear the drones and die inside cause it's either his tactical or ult. And his tactical has a range of something around 30-40 meters uh... not fun. Especially when there's multiple. His passive tho. Very handy. And I dont find it to be op.

Depressio n: Having wallhack is always good

Karel Kangur: every season they release an obviously overpowered gun, just for the hype

Biggamane Da Beast: Gaming Merchant + Rampart + Rampage + setup = a dead lobby Side note: they will probably take away Seer's ability to see enemy health. It literally let's you know just how hurt enemies are and how strong you should push

Stay BLESSED! DA BEST!: https://youtube.com/shorts/FxtClLYGFcM?feature=share

OGS_LUCK BOI: I cant even play no more it freezes every game

Soul Stone: Am I the only one that can only hear “in my cycle” every time seer speaks

Adrianna Smith: I love your vids

Konstantin Hadelich: oH My GOd MerCHANT HaS WallHAcKs

dawnrax plays: You want lose any momentum if u jump and hold ads for his passive Yeah so bassically u do a slide hop then for the duration ur in the air u hokd ads and let go when ya reach the ground

JustLoveAndHugs: i like it he says i can see them all the time @The Gaming Merchant Agree to wall hacks are ok in apex its okay gays its a legal one i can use

Rancid! Games: Seer has completely changed the way I play lol!! I feel so much more confident in fighting everyone lol!! I’m officially a Seer main 😅

bignp1: i sorta wish the rampage charge was a broken as the sentinels in arenas... literally broken 90% of the time

Quency Williams: I love how literally no one knows you can make the prowler automatic

Kakashi X: 5:17 why didn’t you get ur teammates banner

Paavokar: rampage with fuse more thermites for him to charge rampage

Jaidev Singh: Whatever the game is, but it has the worst matmaking system, it purposely chooses weaker opponents against stronger ones. Sh*t matchmaking.

meis: I have to play solo duos to use seer. I am not good enough for solo duos. And it's starting to look like a crappy mall with all these seers

Marshall Garber: I used the rampage all day yesterday with no optic and would tap the trigger instead of hold it down and it's basically a scout with a long bow sight

TrippY Editz: Rampage and R9 is gonna be the meta

Ghost: Love it when your teammate revives you as soon as the fight was over and give you heals and you can’t even pick up pathfinders banner. I am happy he died that game. Revenge for pathy.

jerome riley: It may just be me but the way his passive works with color blind mode may be bugged or not optimized

riothero313: I'm seeing a sick Fuse/Seer combo in arenas. Once they get scanned fuss can just drop nades/knuckle clusters all over them. They have no choice at that point but to leave cover.

PortalSlingerPlays: was tgm smurfing?

Nathan Tapia: i think that the rampage is better used as a marksman rifle. not an expert opinion, just mine

Slowdro: I'm kind of salty they didn't make the Rampage use light ammo.

OnyxSenpai: rampage lmg is like bit low damage full auto G7 scout that uses heavy ammo also more mag count. For a G7 scout user rampage feels naturally good like g7 in mid to long range

scotty morgan: There is nothing wrong with the hip fire on the rampage. It's called aim and hit your shots

Monjiro: A group hug for all the people who are still waiting for their update to finish downloading 😢👍

RAHUL M: TGM.....please donate me 300 apex coins pls.......m short of 300 coins in apex for battlepass

Zodi X: Fans: hackers are using wall hacks Apex: makes a legend with wall hacks Modern problems require modern solutions

ParJoshHam: Yeah I’m glad they added that gun spitfire was getting crazy this is way easier to deal with

Sigh: His passive is very good at finding players, nearly a scan.

Preston Lawrence: Seer is really good I wouldn’t say he’s broken tho cuz in the hands of noobs he’s completely useless let me tell u I do think they should just remove the fact it does 10 dmg then it would he will be ight but god the rampage is just no bruh nerf that thing it’s way to strong this just feeds into the guns break the game not the legends and considering they added a lmg that’s easier to use then the 301 but does way more dmg I can already see the rampage becoming the new spitfire but even worse then the spitty

Old Jebidiah Brown: Rampage and prowler seem like a good combo in br, rampage for rage and prowler for up close

Yatin Valecha: Seer’s tactical is more useful than his ultimate when used right tbh

TpT: Even the ceo of apex imperialhal still make an effort to grap his teammates banner when he play pubs. 😬 Whats the point playing with team if you just gonna ignore your teammates. If you want to go solo we have nofill option you know.

Ashraf Adam: Loving the gameplay and the wholesome interaction with squadmates. This is why I've been a long time sub dude, keep it up!

Traivs: try out a devo in arenas, its just built different

Laura Oblivion: Hi guys, sorry to be bumping in like this. Its an amazing video, respect to all the content and its creator. I just want to add Im also a gamer girl (Apex mostly) Youtuber, and it would mean a world to me - your support. ^^

Botclan Boi: NGL seer is pretty op he’s annoying to play against I haven’t played as him yet but first thoughts nerf his tactical

Ultra SaltyRug: Love ur vids and I just got 2k with Seer, I’m sooo proud of myself and I was stuck in a building for half of the game, his ultimate is amazing, keep up the work!!

Ravi Rao: Yeah, mate I think you should stick to no-fill games. You're a horrible team mate.

Joe Brinkman: Why are YouTubers so bad at recovering banners from teammates? So many opportunities to recover the banner when fighting in Capital. You have a legend that allows you to know if it’s safe.

Helena de Vries: Its another team! Oh its the bloodhound. *downs them*

notorious alien: the octane in the arenas round at the end im

michael caley: Pro Tip: You can hold the tactical and use the passive to line up your shot. The icon will turn yellow when they are in your cone.

Bryan Antonnio: im just waiting for a legend with aimbot skill now, we got seer to wallhacks, octane for speedhacks, horizon to fly, etc.

eric w: I'm looking for a team mate for ranked arenas. Must have been ranked in BR plat or higher with a mic

badtiming220: Time to pick up Fuse again for that x2 Thermite tech on the Rampage. Oh, and that ult buff is good too I guess.

SadMustache: His lunch bundle is soo good

youtuber_vip 10: I hope he will figure out that he can hold his tactical button and use the passive while the tactical is held down. Because it is so much easier to use.

chuckmynorris: Seer is just retarded. Gonna get nerfed to the ground just like Horizon did.

ismail fadil: Stay with the Rampart

Antidge: Still sad that the alternator is in care package

Krish Sriram: Day 62: hey merchant I hope you are well

FadleLight: rampage is basically a DMR, the thermite makes it a bit viable for close combat but still not enough to be effective close ranges

batty bee: So painful seeing all the chances you had to recover that Pathy and he waited the whole time too… especially after you dug into that Horizon about leaving.

Xriqq: My first impressions of seer were also quite low but after forcing myself to play him for about 10 games and really getting used to the heartbeat sensor/scan combo, he is really good and can be equally as fun to play, showing the enemy’s health is really his saving grace in my opinion, if not for that I wouldn’t recommend him over bloodhound

Totherkoala: Tip: the faster the heartbeat, the less hp an enemy has. Use this to decide whether to third-party or not, but be careful of armour swaps!

NGN Gaming: Seer is MUACHhh beatiful

tá shá said watch Mason: Why didn't you get Pathys banner in the first game? Thought you were a team player dude

Evate: *Seer:* Can hear and visualize where enemies are, and use beacons as a passive. *Pathfinder:* Beacons only

Revanth Rao: 3:37 shd have swapped blue n helped teammate

Jacob Law: They have basically made it harder to spectate players and figure out if they are cheating by seeing players through walls because as a seer they will be following players anyway 😂 I wonder if the devs got inspired by the cheaters

Somebody Nobody: A lot of teammates have been having no patience today lol, they always leave even after grabbing their banner

matteo lo buglio: so the seer tactical sounds like minecraft ghast

wet warrior: Poor pathfinder

Fish Melon: You should usually throw seers ult into cover cuz people can destroy it

Sponge Man, Ice scone: Tried rampage lmg its good, slow, not deadly, have to learn the weapon

Apex Gaming: Seer season 10:op I guarentee u in the next season. Seer season 11: nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf.

Nicholas Chan: This clown complained about the leaver horizon and left his buddy to die... twice lmao

bloodhounds only fans: In the first game there ult was as useful as yours

Katn: I pray for #PathfinderJustice homie could have grabbed his banner that just disappointing :(

ToadwasTaken: I use the Rampage as a markmans weapon. Its so good lol

samen shahriar: Rampage is definitely not a close range weapon. Missing even one bullet is very punishing.

Javian Brown: His ability does too much when it hits you and it makes him really annoying to go against(not in a good way)

ConnerTheCrusader: not grabbing banners? thats a yikes from me

Angelo Tabayoyon: Feel bad for my guy pathy, my guy left him hanging on the banner recov 😂😂😂

FE4RR: If you didn’t know you can hold his tactical and use the heart beat while running

nate dawg: i’m glad Merchant is loving the news stuff vs every other pro on apex rn 😂

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