SEASON 10 LOOKS AWESOME! Emergence Gameplay Trailer Reaction - Apex Legends

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Truth Prevails: Quite the game Rag Tag! We'll done in overcoming your demons to get the impressive win :>)

Sanan: Rag's ascension from the gutter

Harry Haller's Flight Diary: I hope that one day I could reach gutter tier.

Timothy Letourneau: am i the only one who watched bullets fly through the building at 10 seconds?

SirShootyShoot: Hammonds greed will be it's downfall, why don't EA learn from this trailer. A man can dream

No Name: RDR 2 talls videos ???

conscript117: Your'e no gutter tier anymore! you've graduated from the gutter tier by now and I'm so happy for you.

Ezotyric: Looks like Rag is about to get promoted out of gutter tier!

MrZero PointFive: How has everyone in this lobby streamer mode?

Zarko Yanev: Flawless wingman game as always :D

Benny 2498: Bro wtf what a game

JP: I love how your accent makes it sound like "fool send". I'm going to start using that when my team mates rush to their deaths.

Hammond's Angels: Hey Ragg,thanks for being the inspiration to create my channel,since you show both failures and Epic moments,thank you a lot

Rozart: I would love to see some red dead gameplays from you!

Trevor Hutson: Is season 10 gonna be us gutter tiers rise up? Anybody else feel slightly less like trash going into the new season?

Adam McG: Who are you and what've you done with the gutter tier?😒😂

Jean Heradien: What is the song at 4:45? Awesome upload love the content Rag

Man of a good Will: Can you please react to “The lady of heaven trailer?”❤️❤️

Andrew Robertson: Gutter tier game play? Nope Top tier content ? Definitely

Stephen Shange: Oh just realised at the end there you were play Bloodhound, the amount of sweat been channelled by you on this one I thought you were playing Wraith. My bad. Brilliant game Rag.

Wayne F: Great upload Rag, really enjoy the narration of your 'tales', you have a gift to always make you game play feel like a new tale. Keep up the great work!

Zachary B.: Come on man... You're making us real gutter tiers look bad.... Or good.... You know what I mean.

Fred Crinson: Damn those kills and that damage!! There is hope yet for me!

Atabak Fartash: You guys can loot and move holy

Kang: Some call it game sense, Rag calls it paranoia

Abel Patino: Emergence!

chris worthy: Rag: 15 kills and over 3k damage and feeling good Matchmaking: I’m about to end this mans whole career

B P: Can we talk about the cryptos stats I mean he what a hundred damage to that team that he used the emp. But the other 50. And how can he only have a 152 damage and 5 assists I mean I’ll do like 65 damage in ranked in diamond and I won’t get an assist man but 5 assists with 152 damage and 1 elim. It leaves so many questions for me.

B P: He’s getting so good

Artiya Thinkumpang: That's pro Crypto that doesn't want to hurt anyone

ThatScottishKid ♪: As a Scotsman myself, I love this channel

Keshav Roopai: Man's rolling lobbies

Voidrex: The new arena map for olympus, you can go below the ground and above, that's gonna make for a really big change in how rounds go

James Welbes: Bruh

God Kiana: ….they gave valk a legendary battlepass skin literally the next season after her release. Think This might be my first battlepass I don’t buy because of disappointment.

keelan bicknell: loved the video rag tagg you have now rissen to the goated gutter teir!

crispy cream: So your telling me.. nobody's mentioned that beautiful Horizon skin on that volt scene at 2:15 ... Nobody noticed it??? It looks like a tiefling from D&D.

Bryan Techno: You are so gggooooddddd!!!!

Jordonius: Rag youre awesome! also ive been playing a lot of RDO (red dead online) lately, too

sugirdan vadivel: It would seem that an promotion from the gutter tier is in order Rag with those crispy shots.

Andre Chevrefils: Popping off, the coaching paying dividends now.

SleepingCyber: 16kills and kill leader too!

SleepingCyber: WTF tf is up with your gameplay dude, i thought you were one of us (trash aim noobs) THE Gutter Tier WON WITH A KRAKER!??!?!?!?!?

SleepingCyber: are you sure you're still the gutter-tier??? these plays are crazy!

instigatordj001: hahahahahhahaha the end

ClassyDemise: Gg Rag


BigMacZach Attack: We are not worthy to view such talent way to go rag

Juan Molina: What a game! Good job 👍🏽

ViperKang: I'm not gonna comment on the console cursor. That's not important. What's important is the "gutter tier" getting 16 kills and 3K

Quentin Wilson: Nearly a 4k nd 20💣... secretly a bh main?

Darth9kGaming: Ragg your getting too good! Pretty soon you won't be able to call yourself gutter tier anymore. Great video! 👍

Malvi: So no one gonna talk about how the lmg bust opened the door?

Young pup Phil: Those Kramer shots bro! Like damn, fuse had no idea what just hit him lol

FJ Gensokyo: You’re not living up your gutter tier title anymore

GameSiege: I haven’t play the season yet because I was playing soo much of gta 5 but I’m going too hop on now and see what’s new

Jose Guerra: 🤣🤣🤣💪🏽 that last part though

Byron Bamigbade: The greatest tier!!

Chris diggy: ll wil insemirte ou to not drunk

cxrdz: Controller gives you POWERR

Ttv Calebtx2010: I tried to be gutter teir when I got my 3k

MATH.: Solid 301 work, Rag!

GutterTier God: It's like freaky Friday and jankz and ragg switched bodies ;) jk ragg great video and your becoming godly mate

4mp3d: Controller aim assist. Gg

Shagdidz: Almost another 4k gawt damn! Your 301 game is strong.

bri4n: when are you gonna admit you’ve leveled up from gutter tier?

louis godin: Well played good sir.

shahrukh khan: seems like 20 bomb game is on the way 😍😍😍

Joe Keltie: Another grst gameplay and top tier video. Btw rag can I have the track ID for the dnb track you used. Editing is so good bro!

Shy SoFly: Just imagine bloodhound crypto and seer all together

freeman hill: a gutter tier dropping 4ks and 3k games like its nothing and me struggling to get 1 k so what am i with highest damage of 2k in arenas then what am i called

AJZulu Ch.: is this why people say to play at 70 FOV? (though seriously not sure if there's a good/bad - FOV similar to aim sensitivity that depends on the player?)

Mellani Hill: This was awesome to watch! Great job Rag Tagg, so badass! 👏👏👏

iiTzHaroon: ggs

lancefromohio: This is the first time I'm glad I wasn't with ya. I woulda been the kid in the back yelling slow down I need a minute. You're gonna end up having to ditch the "gutter tier" if you're not careful.

Kpgvc: Wow rag great job 👏

Combat Brony: on this day lads our leader ragtagg has elevated the gutter tier to a new level of pride now let's here it comment below FOR THE GUTTER TIER LADS!!!!

Jacob Stephen: Beauty game!

Micah Colbert: RAG! What a game!

Meld Machine: Crypto with the huge 152 damage

Luis Villarreal: You're doing way better

Lynn Moorhead: OMG!!! Rag that was an AWESOME GAME! 16 Freaking Kills and well over 3K damage. WOW! ...and those ending Kraber shots were the perfect "icing on the cake" so to speak. LOL! Take care.

Lynsey x: Fire fire 🔥

Ryan Holden: Perfect thanks dude 🤟🏻

Ryan Holden: Cheer me up dude 🤟🏻

Chris Grace: That was one of the most entertaining ragg vids ever! That fight with the Valkyrie team had me on the edge of me seat! Well done RT!

Prince: the ending got me good... i m dying

luke: ragtagg, please bring back the "shut your fuckin mouth" at the end of your videos

Ian Osterland: Yeeeaaaaahhhh… I think you’ve graduated from gutter tier lol

Miles Cobley: "perhaps I was just so much better at apex, no lets be honest here" this actually had me in stitches

GLG Unleashed HD: Season 10 on the way and I'm still leaving matches at the speed of light when my random teammates hot drop on top of 40 people . LEEEEEETTTTTTS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Jason soulshade: My prediction "pros" gonna cry nerf for everything

Cheval Nektosha: Fullsend or Foolsend?

Andy Robs: I just hit diamond!!!!!

Noah Fantom: me grinding rdr2 online watching the ending of this vid🥺

arshia hazrati: نوب سگ

Mythicc Mouse: I want artillery back in arenas rotation

Sina Rad: Daaaaaaamn son, you were possessed for sure

Remco Hamersma: It realy helped that your teammate is crypto, lets you see enemies etc and doesnt do damage

Titus .D: great game rag!

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