Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence Trailer | EA Play Live 2021

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Arthyks: Wow 🔥

Snoot Boop: Irl revenant would have killed them all

Aldito Castelo: can we just talk about that perfect timing when the seer was falling and octane deploying the jump pad

Yeet Dab Mc Fap Dab: I still have zero fucking clue what his abilities are

Alle_Lust Will_Ewigkeit: I can't tell if the new guy is Kung Lao trynna be Young Thug,or Young Thug trynna be Kung Lao 🤔

the au sans: dude the trailers just get better and better

Samarth S: Revenant: Forget all these skinsuits they don't stand a chance Season 10 After seeing Seer kick the shit out out of him: I take back what I saw leave me alone

poop gang: Bru thats lil nas

T Destroyer: I just can't understand why anyone would want to harm a beautiful horizon.

Hex Addams: Did anybody else spot Rampart skipping down the stairs about to finish Bangalore who attempts to crawl away from her demise? 😭😂

Eric Tran: Anyone notice that Rampart didn't have to be sitting on her turret for it to shoot in this trailer?


yupingo1: Javik? Is that you, you cranky old prothean?

patrikragan477: I’ve saved up enough tokens for him

Saul Bahena: Imagine. Loba’s Staff was the next Heirloom… 😁

2024 Tyler Ramos: LOVE THE TRAILER

2024 Tyler Ramos: Fax

Night Wing: Guys watch it changes everything Apex make it titen fall

Night Wing: Coming after you guy new character 😜 so watch back

Miccro Life: apex gea

Francisco Morales: This is amazing!!!!!🔥❤️🤩👍🏾🤯

Darth Vador: Why he have to bully poor caustic and wattson

jonathan .hernandez: My ocd 😡🤬 when I see another character with side dreads, Give me Symmetry

Fresh Empire 747: Why they dont make a damn tv series and make some money is impossible is like they dont want to win

Bambino Wilson: Oh yea he’s a bum

Maou-Sama: Watson buff????

Ted T Galaxy: I have the secret item, a weapons charm mini drone yes I was watching closely

K1LL3R SHAD0W: Octane with a big achievement of not dying for once

blakeg1823: Seer favorite song is montero

Anthony Voice of the people: Screw this game , I want another leveling system. 12,000 games and no damn heirloom season 1 player at that and I get lvl 110 every season but noooo let’s reward the people who spend money on skins that I can’t wear in real life . Show me you care about more than money . Let me trade In these weak ass 400k red tokens . I’m so sick of looking at them 😂

FuhzyLiquids: Woah that's a cool legend that I'm not going to play

Reza Sayahi: So basically he is Kung lao with JoJo poses That's really awesome

itsEASYMONEY: Me wondering how octane is gonna die this time: 👁👄👁 Edit: he doesn’t, wat.

Oliver Ventzki: YEEES, LETS GOOO! Crashing servers inbound! Connection problems comming! Disconnects gonna be lit!

Yoshi Troubled: Octain dies in every single one

simonhillancocacola: no manoeuvrability will mean this character will be dead on on arrival just like fuse, no one is going to stop playing octane, wraith, rev or pathfinder. also the way he waves his arms around is so fucking shit I already hate the character

Question: Minecraft

Afro Beats: Blood hunter looking deadly @1:23

Cristobal Benitez: New heirloom for loba?

i84lunch: Wattson and Caustic dying because they were camping is the most accurate thing ever

Rhythm Gupta: Dudes dancing bro.....

Empirical Smut: He kind of looks like Dr Facilier from Princess and the Frog

Zero: Best BR out right now. But i gotta say i dont think this guy looks usefull

A Subscriber: What is lukang doing here

1up_papa_yogito: Lil Nas X has joined the Battelfield

hi: literally lil nas x

Jack Maruyama: okay i still got no idea what the fuck his abilities are

evan master: 1: mirage at the start of the trailer but nowhere else. 2: Seer and valk both ignored the wattson ult?

Brytin G: Lil nas x looks sick

No one: Where’s lifeline, and pathfinder

A jm: Lil naaaasssssssss

Zaybro02: They make seer seem as if he can beat rev, rev can literally silence him and make him useless.

Tomas: rather fix servers ?)

Wolf: Omg octane finally survives his first trailer

SecretlyEpically: He looks useless

Thomas Darby: Holy hell the design is so stunning

mclovin5000: fuse is still shit even in this trailer

Jack Odeon: Lil nas x

darling002: I think rev and the new guy have history

Matteo Cusenza: 07/26?

Kris Bell: No one's gonna talk about Loba and Rampart teaming up to take down Bang? Because after this seasons comic I'm hella reading into that 😂

Topanga Moods: Finishing every seer I see

MP Productions: i’m so fucking confused

tony_ tass: Wow so cool

tsume12: 0:52 look at him voguing

Tech Support: lil Nas x what are you doing in apex

YOOO HOOO: 1:00 kung lao?

PORTALLMB00: Now fuse is going to die in every launch trailer

Soap and Butter: The sfx at the start sounds really familiar, I can't place it it though.

Lil Kupid: This to hard 🔥🔥🔥

krkn 2003x: If lil nas and Neymar make a kid

Abraham Cole: Lil nas x


Fiqrie Red: im thinking something familiar with the "emergence" and "metamorphosis" dont u guys think that too? hmmmm

Nino Garcia: he didn’t killed the last legends wtf

champ laso: Finally lil nas is in the game

JBT-JD: What’s up danger miles morales

Isa Rafiq: why did he have to do rev like that 😢 rev would still beat him tho

ya Ya: I can’t wait to play as lil nas x!

RottenNoisesTV: Is it okay to confused about his abilities?

Viridian: 2WEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Namelessg1911: im getting homosexual vibes from this new legend.. LMAO

Marvin Brooks: Whoop whoop!

Yasin Ador: Literally killed majority of the characters the fanbase likes But keeps Rampart alive -_-

iYotoZ: Black Liu Kang looks dope

Joseph LeBron: idk but Lil nas is the vibe 🔥🔥🥶❄️

Die Depressive Zitrone: This is an epic trailer Rip Crypto

Turtle Animations: if only fuse grenades blew up like that in game

Hungry: Fuse is the new punching bag for trailers now lmao

Francesco Tittarelli: EA is this a jojo reference?

Void Finder: pog champ

CuteHuntress: He gives me Striker from Helluva Boss vibes

Not_Destiiny: I already know he is going to be annoying I’m sticking to overwatch 😩

Fishera: I still don’t understand Lil nas X’s abilities

Crackers: Wait could the lmg be boosted by a thermite like the sentinel?

MidNight: I get a Love. Death. + Robots vibe from him Zima Blue & Ice

Crackers: The song is used in the dream smp animation hog hunt

GalaXstar YOLO: Awesome trailer but I keep thinking of the video ("hog Hunt" dream smp animations) cuz of the background music

- Gray -: Man fuse just gets his ass beat in every trailer. As a fuse main this hurts my soul.

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