Apex Legends: Emergence - Official Season 10 Battle Pass Trailer

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Finn: This battle pass looks absolutely terrible

Gam3zilla: 900 Apex coins in the BP? WUT!

Cheekytron: Definitely not getting this battle pass.

halosky258: Vibe check failed with this BP

Vaeltava Artisti: No one likes artists except artists

DJTXD: Absolutely dissapointing, you wait a whole season for a new battlepass and this is what you get

1year Journey: Im so excited to try out Young Thug as a possible new main

PhuHub: Lil Nas X

El Alien con SWAG: My eyes

Moises Jimenezz: i’m sorry but this game has some of THE ugliest skins i’ve ever seen

God is King: I'm finna ₵Ʉ₥

Lumine Maverick: this pass is even more dogshit than the last. there are better games to play

Katherine Duncan: Omg

Josiah Martinez: pov your better than the devs at their own game look at their aim😂🤣

Marmalade Kylo Ren: Great, another battlpass

turtlerr r: POV: you were the sweat wraith at the start and disconnected

G H: Maybe the art team should spend a little less time on useless hollows and more time on decent legendary character skins.

ChaoticFrost_: Pretty meh honestly.

hazmir atif: Dayyym

Angel T: Again no new loba skin?

Ivan Denis: Kings Canyon?

Weebs are cringe: Hands down. Apex has the worst battlepass of any game. No other has 90% recolours in it.


Jayson Chery: Ngl, I’m honestly getting tired of the all the damn holosprays they keep adding

TheAusHulk: We need next gen versions already

Blob: Season 10 Isint out for me on xbox

Mugen: … well at least we got the volt reactive

Infinity: Yo that volt go crazy

TestTubeGamer: Seer reminds me of the Bartender Gail from Letterkenny

Josh Bernier: Can’t wait for the new season

MedicBobs: Booooring. Y'all need to change up this pass. We need some dismemberment effects.

TheIcedWolf: thanks for saving me money and making the battlepass items absolutely hideous

Matthew Gut: Only thing is the volt skin. That looks neat

Anthony Amante: Well this is the beginning of the end... Looks like they hired the left over devs from Fortnite by premoting more bright colors and useless holosprays...

Emoceanal: They put lil nas x in the game wtf


Josh: “IS THAT F&:$ BLUE?” Angry Joe

Fierce CrazyToad: Worst battle pass I've ever seen

ehzzy: Why the bug theme? :/

pretty_chickenno: they did horizon dirty on the skin😭

Mr Metal detector: When will another revenant sky emote come oit

436 hz: 0:36 imagine if the wraith left and her box popped up in the air 😂😭

Yaboifilo: Bloodhound 2.0

criskiss500: Is it me or the skins are again meh at best?

Shaurya Kumar Gautam: Respawn release a new game already. Enough of this shite

YUMMY TRAPS: Wait what

Alex: Valk and horizon skins are 🔥

Guntas Singh: No lvl 1 BP Legendary, only 1 sky dive emote wow the BP is such a downgrade

Marcin L: No thank you

Feather Fellow: that gibby and lifeline skin looks so bad

lvl2mage: worse BP then the last one, crazy

OGC: The Volt skin 🤤🤤😮‍💨😮‍💨

Fr0sty Gamez: 1 more season without a crypto sky dive emote 😔

Kail: 10 seasons and nothing has really changed

Lord Richard: Imagine buying 10 battlepasses for this game that's free

K L: This game is still going?

AzzamNix s: Noo pls, no more holosprays

Blasti: Nice

Prophet Boo: These skins are garbage

Vaughn Catacutan: Wow is this Apex MOBILE?!

DatBaka: I'm early :D

Kit Fisto: 2nd

Henny The Lemur: FIRST

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