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Speakton 24: It doesnt sound like a dinosaur it sounds like a werewolf

jumber09: My last game I won

Matthew: The sound isn’t roaring it’s growling

Zac Marley: Can we apresiate that at the start thier was a shotgun and he didnt see it

Suzy Qpon: Jurassic world x fortnite?

Wannspud's World: You:DINOSAURS ARE HERE me:there has been dinosaurs for lake 8 days

Toothless JW: At 3:55 there was a shotgun right there

hellFire_leart: jus theory: i think that the noise could be the poler peak monster

Ivana Kordić: Can i have one skin if i can bc i was like sub and everything and idk

Hayden Van eenenaam: Sounds are from kevin i know

Chrisgamerpr: I haven't heard the sound yet thank you for telling us I'll check it out

Cayden Ph.D: Yo sick thumbnail

rose dye: Some people thank it is that the people in fortnite is trying to protect there town from the primal stuff so there town will not be orange

Sandra L Martinez Adame: So if you have time can you check it out

Thomas Briggs: With raz and tarana

Sandra L Martinez Adame: There was a shake at the mountain between lazy and the falls

Thomas Briggs: I know some more seecret dialogye

raniashow 10: I heard a sound too maybe its the polet peak monstet

Stacey Halford: Bruh it's a t-rex IDIOT

Pie Nguyen: I realize he sounds like a monster last year call me if you something like something like a monster it’s coming different thinking the monster is coming different but but I think I’ll be smaller

Neydel Garcia: booooooooo stupid dinoser sub craib pls i lole jem

Pie Nguyen: It sounds like the monster season like the war roar sound like the last season monster by the flying robot monster roar something like a different sound but my unleash does some like under the rock or something like no I think the gate of the 0.0 Sheen The monster last season

[ BlueStorm ]: Hey Max when you watch the fortnite trailer for season 6 chapter 2 there was a bow that allowed us to get to high places and I don't mean the Shockwave bow.

Cowboy Cheems: Max, tbh we need a face reveal

Lashonda Harris: Why you never aim

Chester Patchell-Bennett: Fake clickbait

Alfioreno Sugih Firdiansyah: Communicgaming can you check level 87 in the Season 6 Battle pass.

Manny’s Mind Palace: What happend to the grappler bow

my singing monsters breeding!: I heard the noise

Sammy Powell: The monster

Sammy Powell: Cactusdogus

Wahid Elahi: There's a new gun in the game fortnite 🙂

Renzojoe Gonzales: Y does it sound like godzilla roaring

Joseph Perez: It sounds likes Godzilla

PARTYPANDA: what about the polar peak monster?

Antonio Blackie: she said look what the spire dragged in this time. Thats what taranna said

Antonio Blackie: imagine the foundation is making those rumbling noises.

Xander Vinyard: i bet i can clap him in a 1v1

Maria Aguilar: Ziro is kom op

Santiago Isaac García Juárez: Can you show your face

c -train: Clickbait

unknown saiyan: 37

unknown saiyan: Hey

Tyelor Easton: That sound good if that’s the Crystal song that agent Jonesey is talking about

rean Daniel: It’s not down the sky

rean Daniel: Max I played on game and this happened that to shake and it was the rocket launcher because I land

ILIJAH SANCHEZ: 4:02 Max: kills people* Also max: and still no shotgun. Me: You passed like 4 shotguns

Matthew Ice: Do face revel pls max

Valdrin Krasniqi: What if the sound of the zero point is a meteor hiting the dinosaurs its the primal update🐲

Conner Cochran: What if that roar is actually a Godzilla roar. Search it they sound so similar

Mint Boi: Trex

Ryan DiLiegro: Oh and you can kill Tarana she will turn into a ghost like ruckus

babooshka chad wild clay fan fan: Okay

Ryan DiLiegro: I think it is the devourer or you it is cap because you bin doing that a lot

funny songs idk why: my lads game was a win

Jakey Bird: when Will the lichens come😅

Bradley Miller: The spire assassin and the spire guardians are keeping an eye on the spire. Protecting us from dinosaurs and what might come from the zero point

Zeus gaming: I am a higher level than you

Lisa Watson: 0:01

Rebecca Bruce: I play fortnite when I play fortnite the world shakes

M. Pereira: It’s the polar peak monster

Chris Deloge: Yes yes it was

MRGamer3 Parra: me and my friend had a build battle and the i saw a gnome stuck in the wall

kamigamo: Worth it

NIKITA BARABASHOV: CommunicGaming connect the bosses locations and it will form a cube

Pamela Curtin: I trust u

Windows FE Anime edition: It's my birthday

Brandie Higgins: T rex or try seratops

Daniel Brookes: its the trex!!!!!!!!!!

Super FN: More 🦖

Luke Icewalker: I think the noise is the monster

tanix animate gaming unboxing L: Had you been living under a rock there's Raptors in fortnite now they've been out for like a week now

Daniel Brookes: i cant get past night 2 on five nights at freedys can enbody elas

Superboybash Plays games: I meant dino

Superboybash Plays games: More dinisaurs

crownow shindow: "7:22" Happy to get from *VB2.ONLINE**

IBRAHIM SIYAD: pay attention to the telescopes they are pointing to the spire towers

Murilo Balieiro: I already hearded that sound!!!!

Patrick Ruddy: Sounds like the monster monster

Patrick Ruddy: The monster

Cian Josef Enriquez: in my predictions, i think that is the zero point and the foundation is being eaten by the raptors.....

Manyiu Chan: raw?

Jurgiosonas Gaming: My screen was shaking for a few seconds from like nothing

Lou LaBill: No I didn’t hear that in my fortnite match’s

Menelaos Tsakirakis: G Max what if the roar we are hering is problebly keven the cube as a dino

Teddy Tansley: In this video I was eating popcorn and apple juice

CtRl_ Borii: 😳🤭😱😨😰

Devin DDanielski: that orange land looks a little like a dinosaur foot print

red mudding: He makes fake video's

1NS71NC7: Code tomato

saiful rahim: Shotgun are next him

Noam Nagar: Suond

Noam Nagar: Thets a t rex i recomend the spund

Aveiwdaya Maharjan: it could be the poler peak monster

Mackenzie Glidden: Expect Owen Grady from Jurassic world to come to the game

Zahraa Hashimi: I think those sounds are the polar peak monster

Debbie Morgan: Who realises that he only faces bots and he basically says hes a peo

Cool dude 2: I heard the dinosour noises whenever Im close to the spire

Cristi Badia: Sou kappppppp kappppp chanel sou fake

Sammy Wood: “And still no shotgun” Walks past 3 shotguns

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