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DinoYT Z: It’s like monograms the only pc player with aim asist

Richard Doran: Where was symfuhnny siphon if he was playing arena?? FAKE

Ryles: 14:07 I wish mongraal could just stfu sometimes 😒

Makayla Brown: 6:28 nasty ass edit while being pressured

Chris Rodriguez: 5:14 Just to prove that even mouse and keyboard can laser people out of the sky. #StopBitchin2020

Gee Sully: 7:00 that's Clay Stehling casting for war legends

Rockey and Hops: Why did they move comments 🙁

MR emomsen: 6:18 "shit does not lock on" you mean aim assist where keyboard and mouse players have to also randomly shoot in to the Bush with no "lock on"

Jakob Goldmann: Anyone know the outro Song? It must be some Remix of Kitt Nightrider or smthng

Chipser: And this symfuny has fucking 62.000

Chipser: Did this guy at 3.00 actually have 42 thousand arena points😑🤔

TheCsaint66: 2:32 oh shit it's a no scope jk, he's a fucking idiot

Kalle Kiri: I won my first game after this video so the beginning if scam, fake

keari's world k: Twitch at 4:35

NMS Bomr シ: Fun fact: your not done with the whole vid yet (:

Magic: May I ask what background song was used at 7:00

ponise: 7:18 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Adela Olivas: There's no 2 chapter only one

CRYPT JAK: If I stream sniped 72 hours I would use the name 3 days

mini mouse7339: Clix us toxic

Angel Matias: o when PC players every shot its OK but when console players hit every shot its a problem

Sam R: Ninja’s punching the air right now

Bobby johnson: 1:00 and this man complains about aim assist 😆😆

K23 Clipz: Are you sure your fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking more mature than fucking him for fucksake

Kaden Robberts: PC players - finally controller players will stop beaming me. Controller players who know that linear is actually the problem - welp, time to switch to linear. I wonder how mad the PC players get once they realized the messed up. PC players - Oh my god... what have we done, that’s it... my career as a PC player is over. Going to switch to controller.

aka Crisis: Clix wouldn’t last in cod lobbies😂😂 he tried to say he’s more mature😂😂😂😂😂 relax kid

Savvy: 12:50 why would they get banned for using c4?

Carson Olsen: bro at 17:50 in the vid look at syms arena points

Druthers Lunst: 1:05 Bugha always on controller

Baka Rounin: bro innocents rocket rides clix into a guy's box at 4:44 lmao

Jarrod Cahoon: Worst clip in this video is the Sypher video

George Psaroudis: 17:55 finally No aim assist anymore

Sean Larini: 5:26 what’s his twitch

Caleb: Someone please tell me the music / song that starts at 3:43

ItzSal4d: Imagine being so stupid that u care about first comment

Adz: roses are red violets are blue i have one like but why is it blue

Spaceman_Spiff: Clix calling other people immature lmao what

windsorite_89: sounds like mongraal took dellor's spot on when you need to turn down your volume

RickySticky01: Clix clip funny af

Jfyg H hh kc: Abonniert No skin Fortnite

Sasha Milius: im like actually like first bro.

The shadow 76:

hellhound: Love click bait

GreedVAL Clips: Fun fact 7 ppl can be first

Niners Fan: OMFG people shut up with this "first" bs its so annoying

qtduke: Tfue kills someone:easy Me:my first kill after 10 games !

Sam Brown: First

Aheel Mitha: Nice video

Smelly Benji: FIRSTT

Demflicks: First

AMAANMINECRAFT: second nice video

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