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Christian Falconi: And his name is John Cena

N o: After write a comment that ufo not bad i got alot spammers on me i take it back fornite pls let me do guest

Syble DeFehr: I think my luckiest moment is when I got out of my ship midair very high in the air and landed on the tire lol

InforGaming Hall: For people who don't understand Arabic swely said: god put them on fire put them on fire from the game

Danielcheeseflavoredtortillachip: UFOs are overpowered and should be taken out of the game prove me wrong

Ace 0: in the intro i did that earlier but was second

LACKYGAMERPRO POGGERS: 7:03 be like in Jurassic park when raptors learned to open door handles

Cro Boy: Oh and just to say the Walmart didn’t open the door you open the door in an accident so it comes out

Cro Boy: Speak in a boring and I was going bowling

Endorjedi: Am I the only one who absolutely hates the new llamas

ck gamer PA: I have a good clip to share I’ll just say it’s gasy

PrimalAncient Games: 0:42 rip obito

GreenAxolotlඞ: 0:26 there goes prevalent

Michael Aschim: The alien apocalypse more like the llama apocalypse.

guff snail: T5g remember me from thelittlesnail s stream

Kalrick Bowens: Pick up a ufo with another ufo

Ali Gaming 302: On num 6 : I'm egyptian finally arabic showed in english video

GalaxyDuckies: dude, my man is back with some epic clips!

Sina andali: I missed this music so much I think I heard it before on your chanell

WhaTsussy: 2:14 ME AND MY COUSIN DID THAT LOL We also did the one at the end

TinoHer: Llama be like: Im outta here

LuckyOmega Official: Creepy jones

TOASTY: I remember chasing a lama into boney burbs and it opened the door I mean I just left the game and now deleted fortnite

Strašák: Agent Jones was bot btw, but how He does teleported Away🤔🤔

people hd fnaf: I am did it to some one

people hd fnaf: I did #3

Ninjago Old kai: On my other acc @rifty ishaan the insane bush vid should be in the funny moments

Ariane Melia: The sudden carriage progressively mine because money nationally squeeze athwart a clear bamboo. juicy, harmonious sneeze

GamerNinja Yt: Ha

thegreatGamer243: Ahh so thats how John jones went missing

DarkSaber5: Its always a Heidi skin that gets bullet ridden lol

Official RaZe Gamers pt2: Hopefully that’s true on the John theory

Eli Meredith: Poooop offf

Ivo Dabo: This is crazy

BDUBRIPS: Fun fact: when you get hit by a saucer you take no fall damage so that guy wasn’t lucky for landing in the water

Bryson Weatherspoon: 0:58 when you sniper bullet level is over 9000

Boden Wadley: That voice crack though

Brent Mackie: jones left to get the milk never came back ;-;

Fortnite lover: 0:25 i’m laughing

AK: 1:35 ok but let’s see the replay

Jbox_slayer: 1:54 I had something similar happen to me and well I was like I inch away from the part of the water that would save my fall

Qualtent: 5:36 thats all happened to us i know it

TheKing Johnny: Women can't play that's why they are jokes

Red Red: "It seems like endgame is just a bunch of UFOs spamming eachother" *loads railgun* not anymore.

Hex: looping: Dude i learned the ufo so easily

nightfall for life: Kaminski

eilrahc: Who else hates ufos

shigaraki: 0:16 "I got the high ground now"

Anonymous king 99: Isn’t Dr. Sloan using shadow clone Jujitsu


Elizabeth Herb: I remember the time in season 7 I saw a loot lama swimming and stopping loot along his path!

SifuXSpencer: alright alright stop making videos now this is starting to get cringe

GAMING MART: 20 craziest clips 20k likes

Chocolate Kookieシ: On swellys part I was laughing so hard because when he yells in whatever launague it makes it funny

xDRAGON: The first time I drove one of those alien spaceships # not lying I was a pro and exploded my spaceship onto two players and they both died only I only had 4% health safe landing check

Cakeist1011: I think the llamas are aliens in disguise


Dredgen_39: 5:43 chat I can’t grab him Chat: get good

mottledtoast 391: 4:01 I did this by accident and it made me lose health

slurpking fn: hiii nick

Zenia Disangro: How many times I dropped a rock on a kids head Way too many to count

Pooja regmi: Sir ummmm ... are you ok

Meme: 2:11 is why i asked someone else if that was offensive or not as a gaming tactic. I saw this happen in battle duo right after we got eliminated.

FippyGaming: 0:42 that happened to me once, me and my friend were doing memes. My friend got in a car and I would pick up the car and fly it around with him in it. when we saw a player I would drop him down to fight the player. one time I threw the car at a player and it hit them.

AnimeSpeach: i did a strike with car with my friend inside

Bhavya Chaudhari: mate, fortnite is dead but chapter 1 memes will remain in my heart forever. lol.

stef Trew: I play on Nintendo switch so it’s pretty easy to use a UFO:)

HazySky: new llamas are annoying

Voidhunter1230: Why am I getting gamers react vibes from this

HYP3R SPEED: The clip where the couch gets in the car works much better with bushrangers prop I found this the hard way…

Alfyris: Crazy

Insane Flipper: I do love the Llama alive feature it's soo cute and I love the Llamas

Insane Flipper: Ngl but the recon is the easiest combo to think about and smart about 89% of people know the combo

Insane Flipper: Ufos are a kinda op

jonathan Morales: I have the craziest human wrecking ball hijacking moment ever and I land the UFO dub after I take it down @calichiefer on Twitter

Nathan Jimenez: hi

aalok gamer free mods and music: I love it when it says "someone liked your comment or some one subscribed to you Make meeeeee love it even more

cringe man: Oh chica, always finding a way to take fall damage.

Fnnx Hxnc: Did anyone else see the llama build?

Coolphantom06: Just wait till someone straps a UFO with gas cans

Coolphantom06: Yeah I threw my friend under the map too 😑

Joey Plays Fortnite: What is the name of the funny music on the crazy clips called

Stephen Barillas: What is this song called at 0:30

drewspeakable 20: The one with the green car flipping happened to me to

Take This L: Lol this is hilarious

Crazy Knight64: 666k fews

Emliy Robert: You are my favorite YouTuber I wish I could play with you one day but it's probably never going to happen my username is SMS cheer 216 put it on the gator

Liam: Fred can open doors now yAYAYAyYyY

الخبير The Expert: sweley is arabic what does he wants on your video ?

Ben Gallo: E

Henry Warren: that ufo hyjakin i did that and got away with that i need a heart

SAVE Axolotl's: Not even a week and it got op from now

Dj Eguilos: But when you get hit by the ufo not the beam you don't take fall damdge

bboy e: I cracked the jonesy clip basically when a bot gets stuck (jones in the corner) and started dancing signifying it is stuck then it tped away because when bots get stuck they just tp out

pooisbrown2020: Rip chica

Maria Jackson: Top5gaming is the best channel

Maria Jackson: 3:36

GZW Arceus: 1:42 he wouldn't even die or take damage. This happened to me and I survived

Dylan Lacis: I’ve actually hijacked a UFO and killed someone on it and survived lol

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