Drag Race Season 13 - Episode 6 SPOILERS

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Bucy: UPDATE: Kandy sends Tamisha home to “Hit ‘Em Up Style” by Blu Cantrell Runway is "Little Black Dress" Finally one reliable spiller said that this is the most reliable tea we have for the next episode

Whitney Guilbeau: No!!!!!!!!! Not Tanisha!!!!!

Fernando Herrera: In the promo Rosé is during the critiques so she's probably on the Top too, and I hope so, because... SHE NEED A WIN!! I don't want Rosé to be like Jackie Cox on S12: close to the win but never reaching it :(

Naomi Disaster: I actually loved tamisha for being straight fwd with kandy, however her drag isn't Star quality IMO

Tara Walsh-Arpaia: I cannot WAIT! Cannot stand Tamisha. Unbearably arid and paranoid.

Pretty Ricky: Tamisha going home does not go with my fantasy 😭😭😭😭

Horror Lover: I was PISSED OFF when Joey got sent home, she didnt deserve that, i personally think Lala Ri shouldve gone no offence to that gorgeous queen i love her but in my opinion Lala shouldve gone home. AND Tamisha honestly i think should go further than third home :(

Yza: Follow tamisha Iman YouTube channel if you don’t want to see the last of her and want her legacy to continue on.

T Gosselin: I just want Kandy to go away... far away.

Sidney Childs: It's gonna be Kandy vs Tamisha. I mean, it is a choreo/live performance kinda challenge. I'm sure you guys remember Kandy's "deer in headlights" performance in Condragulations.

David Jeffreys: I love Tamisha but she looks like a dollar store Barbie doll with the head pushed down to the shoulders. Where's her neck? She's gonna come for me now so I better get out my dollars. lol

Cheetxz_: next weeks lipsync and elimination is gonna be so satisfying

Christian Bataclao: Tamisha’s voice is strongly in my memory that when I read your comments, as if she is reading it for me... Love you Tamisha, love you mumma!

Christian Bataclao: If Kandy sends Tamisha home, them I want to see Lala Ri sends Kandy home.

SWAON: I wish Tamisha will be brought back for S14, because we saw she was not in her top shape after her remission. Give Tamisha another shot! She deserves it so much. I want my Tamisha Iman back on TV!

Robert O'Reilly: I already know the drag race fans will be shocked and upset. I can almost hear the Twitter drama and it is not going to be pretty. I think (personally) that it is a good time for Tamisha to go. I feel like she has had a negative attitude so far in the competition and the only time she seemed to have fun was when they had their own ball in the werk room. Aside from that, she hasn't been doing well in the challenges. Honestly thought she should have been in the bottom instead of joey last week.

Are Ga3: I'm ready for tamisha to go.

Nait Sirhc: I'm fuming because they gonna do the Silky thing just because this lady K is obnoxious and bring rating to the show (how if they needed it)... taking the opportunity to a real talent to be there... like Utica, Denali or Olivia.

Mykolas Paciauskas: I'm so mad, If tamisha goes home I'll cry she's one of my favrioute

I stan Utica: I don't want Lala and Denali to be so called "Bottom Bitches"

Joshua Dizon: Oh hell no tamisha she needs to stay! And kandy send her home!

Etienne: i hope not, Tamisha knew out to handle Kandy the right way.

s d: Wow I hope that's wrong and that its tamisha who sends kandy home

Diego Covarrubias: Tamisha is holding back... she has potential but is holding back.

D. S.: Kandy winning vs Tamisha will make create riots

Jelly: fuck the whole fandom they’re r gna rip the whole cast to shreds is me and my little ig group of fans we love most queens and respect very very highly the ones we don’t love (not counting sherry she’s not even a queen)

Popsicle Porcupine: Is Kandy the new Silky 2.0 .... camera hog / acting as if in heat when a cute boy appears / poor wardrobe choices / loud and loud

L. B.: If this is true: I think Ru thought that for the legend Tamisha is she is not brining it enough. However Ru has been known to do some weird shit, like putting Utica in the bottom when she was serving. If Tamisha does leave next week, then Kandy will be flapping and she will be gone soon herself. I do not doubt Ru not to bring Tamisha or Utica back.

The Rotten: Finally, bye Tamisha

Cash Only: I love Tamisha. She is Queen! And I’ll be very sad to see her go.

Its Me: Not Tamisha 🥺

Drag race Fandom we support every drag queen here: TAMISHA no. NO. I am the new lady and I say come back

Lee Hobbs: I loved Tamisha this season, so I really hope that there are comebacks

Lala's smooth split: Wait lala is in the top but also in the bottom?

Clet: Let's make Tamisha the Miss Congeniality 😌♥️

Eliza Carrie: Nooooooo Tamisha 😭 Don’t get me wrong I didn’t think she’d win I just didn’t want her to go before Kandy was sent home 😂

Yogi Bear: Yasssss the evil has been defeated!!! Bye tamisha and her shitty garments and flat wigs. Bad attitudes are disgusting.

Joee003: I'm disappointed but not surprised... Call me bitchy but I think Ru couldn't keep a well-seasoned and legendary queen on for too long, otherwise she'd have to share the legacy.

Jerico Jimenez: Tamisha going home does not make sense in my fantasy

Luna A Bonita: 😱😭

Diego Alberto: Next week's challenge fits Tamisha so much tho! I don't want to take in this spoiler! Huhu!

Sam: The fact that Tamisha is the only one who stands up to Kandy's BS and if she's gone I bet Kandy's ego is gonna build up again

Pedro Pacheco: 70.s I love it how can not Tamisha be in the top with this theme? I thought she would be familiar with this, I think she can not go home! she so spectacular.

Viktoria Korpan: Kandy should be in bottom 2 twice by this time.

Jimmy Dijkhoff: Im not ok with Tamisha Going home . So if its true im not even watching anymore

Artpop Hybrid: So now that almost everyone loves the BLACK queen with the OLD style they got rid of her. Producers are so MESSY.

Diego Morales: This will be just sad because of everything she deliver. And Kandy’s issue, ugh, it kinda makes me dislike her attitude even more.

Diana Plakan: I bet Kandy will be extremely happy! #teamtamisha 😭

Dacrai Mitchell: what's the theme of the runway tho?

Cookie Crypt: i remember one thing tamisha said in an interview that if she was against her drag daughter the mother in her and herself will make her lose cause she had made a legacy and she wants lala to grow and make hers so like she is gonna lose the lip sync on purpose for lala to continue. i feel like if she was gonna lose in this season this is the best way cause she at least is content and knows its her daughter and she wont lose against one of the other queens

Yøah Temnikova: Tamisha going home could have been avoided if Nina was picked to be Blac Chyna. Just saying...

Quan Vu: wow symone is in the top again, shes kinda already is the winner, no one come close to her track record so far

Ousmane Diop: Not to be rude or anything, Miik is cool and all but telling tamisha to stop antagonizing kandy was definitely wrong basically making tamisha the villain here although she was just teaching kandy a lesson since she wasn’t mature enough to calm herself down. Sort of making tamisha the angry black women, not cool at all.

i love beef: Well Jasmine Masters was 3rd out on her season as well. She and Tamisha will always be iconic

kevin c: hi Bucy, i know English is not your first language so this is not me coming for you or anything, just a gentle English lesson if that’s ok: it’s not “spillers”, it’s “SPOILERS”, in other words the episode has been spoiled (or ruined) if you look at the reddit predictions

Leonheart Valhala: Before the season started airing there was so much mystery around this elimination that I just wish the spoilers are wrong this one time to leave us all gagged (myself included).

John ny: Damn not Tamisha..... damn it

Johnny Miranda: Kandy Muse reminds me of Siky Nutmeg Ganage. Same loudness, same attention seeking and same delusion of greatness

Johnny Miranda: Kandy should have been gone home. At this point her drama makes for good TV so they kept her. But she is the least interesting to look at.

João Pedro Pierret de Souza: Miss Tamisha going home isn't according to my crazy The Corpse Bride plan on world watching (I don't know what I'm talking, help me). But I think she was going home by producers choice for low key pointing out a possible Kandy favouritism.

SKY FROST: Noooooo I dant wnat tamisha to go home smh

1-800-shut- up: Omg please don’t let Denali lipsync I mean it would be a show but like cmon let her breatheee

Likan Prower: God no... I love tamisha and her reality checks with class. Not her gone before cof cof, the other one.

Bean Bag: i hate kandy muse, so far she is all mouth

Romaña Alejandro: Tamisha por queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeé? :c


Louis B: If Tamisha is out I'm pulling for Rosé, she initially had a potential villain vibe but she's proven again and again that she's not only a killer Drag Queen but treats others with respect and encouragement. She's competing hard for the crown and has no issues being honest about how she feels but she's grounded enough to recognise you don't have to go out of your way to cause drama in the name of 'keeping it real' and scoring more screen time *cough* Kandy *cough*

krx: Tamisha said herself that she can't dance like she used to. She literally had to re learn how to walk. A dancing challenge would put her in the bottom and lipsync against Lala Ri or any dancing queen would make her go home. Sad to see her go.

BibliophileColorist: If Tamisha's elimination is story based, I wonder if it's Kandy that's in the bottom with her... I mean, after Untucked this week it would make sense story wise. Also, we know that Kandy isn't the best remembering dance moves (which it looks like this weeks challenge is like that). Plus, isn't Kandy rumored to be in the bottom 3/4 time? I think it'd make more sense that Lala being in the bottom! But, who know since spoilers are hit and miss this episode!

Me: Kandy should go home.

Nizam Aisha: I don’t want tamisha to go home we want mooore drama mama who’s gonna shush🤫kandy after tamisha is gone

SEBASTIAN BENAVIDES MORALES: can't believe next week is s13 finale

L G T G: Tamisha for all stars, like tf???

Livia Haynes: I think Tamesha is still not 100 after what she went through. She is stunning though. Good luck!

Quinn Lotus: sad to see Tamisha leave...

Savage Killer: what a shame if its true, shame big headed, nasty personality bad wig muse isnt gone

Samuel Lithco: I reckon Rupaul really wanted Tamisha to stay tbh. She sets a really strong/great example for the old school queens.. but of course most of the winners are genuinely more ‘down with the kids’ or the current drag of the times hehehe. ✌🏼🥰

Chris Hamilton: And it always be done tougher looking girls and thank they be eating it I'm talking about candy

Chris Hamilton: I never said this before about a queen but that candy really likes a bad Vibe up onto my shoulders when will Paul tell how to Sashay away I'm going to give a party

Miluska Avellaneda: Before Kandy?! Like Thorgy said: Oh Jesus, gross!

Onigiri Kawaiii: If Tamisha goes home I will literally stop watching this season, she is the only queen to give us everything. Confesionals, shade, she is the only one that speak with some mind and she is truly a legend. I also feel that this week she make it better than what the judges said.

kelvin jose cova torres: Tamisha going home 3rd doesn't make sense with my fantasy...

Steven's Lifestyle: Could you imagine if Kandy sent tamisha home 😱

James -: Not Tamisha iman is coming for you 😭

Cookie Gal: Tamisha going home this soon makes me so sad. We only stand Tamisha in this house

Aurica Elidesz: I’m sad Tamisha is leaving bc she keeps it real!!


AgeOfManic: thank god that negative energy goes home

MissGinas: Tamisha going home before so many of these other queens especially Kandy is such BS to me! She should be in the top 4

angry coconut: okay but anybody else worried how bob's gonna react when she finds out tamisha's going home next week 😭

James Newton: Not surprised she’s an early out tbh I know she used to be a dancer but she said in the 3rd episode she can’t dance as well as she used to

Muse: Tamisha leaving so soon is a...a...A JANTASTROPHE!

Harvie Jr Granada: I think I'm gonna cry for tamisha's elimination 😔

Zach L: Nooooo, Tamisha for All Stars 6! 🤩

Nguyễn Tiến Huy: Can you give me the music link in the clip, great 😍😍😘😘😘

BUTthatsmyopinion: I dont want Tamisha to go. Just seeing her confessionals were a treat. 😭

LIL MACKY: Even tho Tamisha will be going home next episode she will forever be one of the most respected down to earth queens in the history of drag race and that's a fact. Kandy has nothing on Tamisha is a real humble queen. I already know they are going to drag Kandy all the way to finale like they did Eureka and Silky and she won't win.

MsBigbernie: I know candy muse is gonna Love that!!


Jake Sampson: i don’t see denali being in the bottom in a dance challenge i mean she is a choreographer and she did so well in the last dance challenge imo

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