Drag Race Season 13 - Episode 7 MAJOR SPOILERS

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Bucy: UPDATE WE KNOW WHO GOES! - Olivia wins the challenge instead of Tina (Kandy and Symone are high) - Elliott and Lala lipsync - Lala Ri is ELIMINATED!

Ben Bullard: Okay but when the hell did we get to episode 7 it feels like episode 1 was like 2 weeks ago 💔

Thee EnochYeah: What's the song?

Neshia n: I can't wait for kandy to get the boot

Sydney Jane: I just have to say, I love to hear you talk! And yes, I’m gutted Tamisha is gone. But we’ll see more of Ms Thang soon enough. I know it.

BigDawg: Should been gotmik vs kandy I said what I said


NextLevel Journey: Denali is THE top Lip Sync assassin Of this season :)

NextLevel Journey: Tamisha: Medical Necessity.... but they scripted/cloaked the exit as being a performance based/couture mediocre. Bonus: Pitting her against Kandy was juicy TV, so that’s how they fabricated it. GOTTMIK should have been in bottom w Kandy. But they keep GottMik because they don’t wanna send the first MTF contestant home (and I’m ok w that because He’s amazing 🤩- his boy name is CADE. GottMik is his stage/drag persona name It’s all good 😌

Luna A Bonita: Lies

Real Good: Gotmik should have been in the bottom Tamisha should not have been in the bottom two.

Ryan Williams: CAN YOU NOT MAKE THESE VIDOES, it’s so fucking annoying when they pop up on my recommended and if your gonna make them, at least don’t show pictures of the queens on the runway OR ANYTHING WE DONT WANT SPOILED

Hammond Main: Not gonna lie. They said Denali was lip syncing against lala and now Elliott is? Reddit doesn’t know shit at this point xD and Tina was supposed to win??? Chile

GLoPoP: I don’t consider Elliot as a lip sync assassin.. that’s a reach girl 😂

Madhusudan Ramamurthy: Kandy A'Musing' wasn't that good in the lip sync, she lipsynced like some shit taken out of garbage 🗑️, Tamisha was classy...

Lennox Mackay: With tamisha I still be trying to figure out what’s going to happen because rupauls doesn’t usually say “I can’t say goodbye” so that’s weird

CD S: TAMISHA WAS ROBBED!! Lots of theft going on so far - Utica was robbed by Mik last week and Tamisha by Kandy this week.

JC Reyes: fxck i really want to see mik & symone lipsync and then double safe 😭😭😭

kia johnson: Let's be honest Tamisha is a legend and has a great personality and been through alot but she is no where near how good the rest of the girls are

Paulie Luce: I don’t understand Denali being in the bottom again so soon, even if it is a double stay. She seems to be doing fine but is getting judged harsher than others imo

Rhaine Kylle Balabag: ummm denali going to the bottom is not going to happen you hear me especially cause shes paired up with rose and their funny AF

Jose Lizardi: Tamisha was not feeling good u could see the pain in her face..she is very strong ..she be back at all stars..Kandy is leaving next. I think Tamisha was not bad..kandy was worst

agustín citarella: i think the winner will be Olivia. Bottom two will be Lala and Denali. Eliminated queen will be Lala, consecrating Denali as a lypsinc assasin.

Harmony Torre: What would be the lipsync song next week???

Letrell Disney: Well I thought I’d be like really sad when she left but even leaving she put a smile on my face. She was so like motherly and kind to everyone on her way out I love her

Oh Hey: Wonder what song they will have, they all been good so far

TaDarling1: It's interesting that in last week's episode on Disco, Rose' and Denali were paired and now they are paired together again in a week later. Since there are an even number of contestants left (10), I'm also surprised that there weren't 5-pairs. Instead there are only 2-pairs and 2-thripples (teams of 3).

Jersey Nguyêñ: Based on another rumor where there's no more double saves. Is it possible that one gets eliminated, just to return later?

Sidney Childs: It would make sense for the double shantay to be Denali and LaLa...they're both powerhouse lip syncers.

Valentin Köhler: I think Eliott and Lala will lip sync on the Snatch Game (ep. 8)

Gabriel Rivet Scott: I'm glad that the spoilers from back in the summer may be untrue. I can't help myself to not watch the spoilers, but I prefer much more the feeling of not knowing what is going to happen.

iCollective: Tbh I feel like next week it'll be Lala vs Denali with a double save. I know it doesn't make sense for them to do a double save THIS early but it also doesn't make sense for either Lala or Denali to go home on their second lipsync.

Micah craven: Elliott tamisha and utica are guaranteed fan favs. Kandy, tina burner not so much

Jummai Yammah: As much as I didn't wanna see Tamisha eliminated, she really didn't bring it to the challenge. She wasn't serving expressions and all, not showing any form of emotions which the judges criticed her for the week before. She needs a whole lotta upgrade to be able to compete effectively with the Queens of this time. And once she does that, she's gonna be unstoppable.

tmsterr: Miss Lala is the only queen who won over denali so maybe an assassin of an assassin?

JORGE I.: I really think the only bitch that could send Lala ri home, is Elliott. Like for sure.

Nushy Talbott: I’m living for this Rosénali duo :))

hadleylauren: I’m loving the possible storyline of all of the “mean girls” having a win except Kandy!! She’s hungry for the crown so I wonder if her friends doing better than her will mess with her head (no ill wishes towards Kandy, btw. I’m just speculating and I’m here for all the drama)

Reign Hinman: Denali and Rosé showed up to season 13 thinking it was AllStars 1

Danie: If Utica didn't do all that making faces while dancing, probably she'll be in the top. Tired of her looking like that, i mean, i love her taste in fashion, but girl, better get rid of that faces... 💛 Truely love Kandy and Tamisha, being at peace with each other. Will love to see Tamisha in AS7, hope her wound will heal well. 🥺

Seriously Hilarious: If it’s Denali vs lala which I hope that would be REDEMPTION for Denali!

Serafina Fool: Tbh I'm fed up with Drag Race season 13, it's just going on for too long and I've lost interest.

Allen Jann: Elliot with a tittie once worked as dance instructor in Beyond Belief. I'm sooo excited to see her slay a lipsync.

harith fahmi: Rosé for the win ❤️

Meishanlee San Juan: i'm well fed with the ✨ROSALI✨ duo

Lee McClements: Tamisha is one class act!

Alonso Avendano: I thought the double shantay was gonna be between Symone and Gottmik

Peyton Andrew: I doubt they’ll put Symone in the bottom this early on. If the double save occurs then it is probably Lala vs. Denali as Denali is one of the best lip syncers this season. I feel like if Elliott was in the bottom she would go. So yeah, my money is it’s Lala vs. Denali with a double save.

Sammy Fison: The T I read was that the double shantay happens between Gottmik and Symone in episode 9 or 10

izadsyah: Gottmik not being in the bottom and Sashayed away in this episode does not live up to my fantasy.

Mara Amore: If it’s double shantay, i think it’s lala ri vs symone. I think lala ri did better in the lip sync. but since symone is a front runner, rupaul doesn’t want to see her go which resulted to a double shantay. Same situation as bendela vs darriene lake’s first lipsync battle. That’s just my guess.

Sexy Sexy: They really be making it hard to find out who goes each week

eyelash: So will there be a snatch game cos apparently this was going to be the snatch game episode

Wig disintegrated: See it’s a bit confusing because firstly they have never used a double save this early as of yet as there has only been 3 proper eliminations so far. I don’t know if it would be for episode 7 but I could see it being more for 8. Plus it reigns in the concept of Mik being in the bottom 2 at all. I can’t really see Denali in the bottom for the rusical either and it was rumoured that her and Rosé were neck and neck but then Rosé snatched the win. It’s a bit confusing admittedly

The One And Only Mysteria Angel: NOT LALA😭😭😭

ToyTALLz: I was told that Rose would have 3 wins and no bottoms, Symone would have 4 wins and 2 bottoms. It's not looking like this will be possible - will it?

Maxim Modrovic: I love the Olivia Mik and Utica team so much... also I heard that the double shantay is between mik and symone or maybe mik doesn´t lipsync


noses are just ankles with holes: I feel like Elliott would actually be a phenomenal lipsyncer

Natan Tavares: Wasn't the double shantay between symone and mik? Because supposedly mik lip syncs once, but i don't think nobody is eliminated by her

Poop pooop: At least tamisha served that lipsync

Ina van der Leden: I was so devastated when Tamisha was eliminated😢 she was so amazing!

Dominik G: Tamisha will definitely be back she’s already becoming a fan favorite

Vncnt D: Considering that we had no eliminations during the first three episodes I would be surprised (and disappointed) if there was a double shantay in episode 7. This would mean that only three queens out of thirteen would have left in SEVEN episodes. Also: the only reason for Ru to do a double shantay would be to keep two front-runners in the competition (e.g., Symone and Kotmik). Why save someone at this point who is clearly not going to make it to the end? At this point, I'd prefer a double elimination to a double shantay.

Joshua Ness: Am i the only one that thought Tamisha was robbed? In the Lip sync against Symone. In the Phenomenon episode In the RuPaulmark episode Symone should have been in the bottom 3 for the ball instead of Tamisha And she should have won against Kandy or been safe cause she did the best she could do in the challenge.


Ty Despa: But in the past tea after tamisha next is elliott then next is Lala And next is denali and so on.

noah f: lmao yeah no Denali is def the lip sync assassin of this season

amazingabby25: so far Denali is the lip sync assassin

Crimson Reads: Does Anyone know when eliott goes home or around when she goes home now

LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch: Why are all the guest judges this season big black girls?

Ion Anencov: Tamisha going home doesn’t make sense with my reality

Radical Rainbow: Tamisha was lovely but she was stuck in her looks. Please god don’t let Kandy win!!!

Nash Shadman: that mf episode... rotted

Maniche Carby: From what I know, Elliot is eliminated just before LaLa Ri, so it could be that LaLa Ri eliminated Elliot in episode 7, and in episode 8, Denali/Kandy Muse eliminates LaLa Ri.

The Amazing Sir Steve: Tamisha sashaying is just so saddening 😩😩😩

anime and game alex: I remember in one video girls choose lip sync assassin for all stars. Lala the only choose Elliott. So i think its lala against Elliott

Drèson Tv: Tamisha Will Be Back For All Stars 8!!!

DemonicShadow 963: I read that Denali was the lipsync assassin so it could make sense that the lipsync for Episode 7 would be Lala Ri and Denali. And have that one being a double shantay

Angad S.: I love Kandy but Tamisha should've won that lip sync. She did way better than Kandy in shocked af

Overdosed Mia Wallace: Where do You guys get all this info?🥺

Fernando Arancibia: this week should of been double shantay

1-800-shut- up: Does anyone know the song this episode btw ?

Ary: I think lala and elliot double save and lala go home next episode

KP: This is so sad to see Tamishas gone.

Jake Anderson: A decent episode overall. Olivia Lux is fantastic and I adore her. I don't think Utica deserved the bottom. Her critiques have been so harsh this season. In saying that, it would have been difficult to choose another bottom because outside of kandy and tamisha, noone really stood out as noticeably underwhelming in the challenge. The producers could not have planned it better to get them lipsyncing against one another. I'm not kandy's biggest fan after her behaviour lately, but I hope she doesn't get hate this episode. I do feel like perhaps she is trying to redeem herself a little. Her sadness at the end when she sent Tamisha home did feel genuine. While she hasn't done a great job of being likeable so far this season, I hope for her sake she realises that she needs to be a little kinder, and will get a rudemption. All the girls are doing great.

ash lame: i saw some teas about one episode and the girl who’s leaking winners and eliminated queens saying this season will be double shantay and the bottom queens were gottmik and tina or rose

Felipe Superpipex Ojeda: GottMik is gonna be low? Because Symone will lipsync twice and GottMik lipsync once¡

Camp Idol: Episode 7: Lala vs elliott (Elliott Eliminated) Episode 8: Lala vs kandy (Lala eliminated) — the double save is said to happen sometime after between Symone and Gottmik ⚠️Again this is from what i’ve gathered and read this is NOT confirmed⚠️

Blackpink Rosè: I think lala will Lipsync against Elliott and Elliott will go home

Robert Williamson: Unless Lala absolutely destroys it, I don't think Ru will use a double Shantay on her.

luiz felipe luz: I'm glad that the t was fake cuz now I'm watching the season clueless again LOL

BaddieUniverse: I think it might be symone in the bottom

luiz felipe luz: I'm still not over today's judgement

1-800-shut- up: They really won’t stop putting Denali and rosè in a team 😭

Britney Fetachini: I expected to be gutted when tamisha went home but I wasn’t she left in such a classy way and she’ll probably be on all stars with her fan base I love how she is taking advantage of the opportunity of drag race with the tamisha Iman show that is one smart cookie lol

Jandell Yayong: I thought next week is snatch game.

Simon Faddoul: I’m so happy Tina gets her win next week!

Yovani Bello: So spoilers got mixed up.... Not Lala leaving before Elliot damm

Grant Fry: I thought the double save was going to be Symone vs Gottmik

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