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Drag Galore: Update: Olivia wins instead of Tina. Kandy & Symone place High Next Week. Lala unfortunately gets sent home by Elliott.

Carolyn Dubois: So sick of Tinas red and yellow ,judges never point it out and Tenisha Iman was my favorite in the elimination

B. Sniff: I don’t think Denali would post her look prior to the ep. airing... it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that’s included in their contracts/NDAs...

ivana havitoff: Kandy. Just vile. The Silky Nutmeg Mess of the season.

Burnfold: Honestly, I feel like we’ve yet to see all of Tamisha

Insulin Dependent Skank: The bald headed brigade in a team, finally.

Victoria Swift: Some of these runway looks have been meh 😒 for me, especially since the UK queens are on at the same time. You can’t come out with a forever 21 short mini dress and call it a look!

deshawngot fanns: noooo not LaLa ;(


lala lala: I want Symone to win but as well Utica like both of their drag is just awesome to watch

Jakrit Muangkiaw: I feel bad for Denali coz I feel like she’s often being overlooked by queens who are more current in a sense that Ru and the judges began to stereotype and favoritism certain type of queens over then others and disregard the rest completely. It feels like high school all over again.

Drèson Tv: Utica, Gottmik & Olivia should’ve been the Trio from the beginning 🙄 and Kandy & Tina could’ve paired up alone.

Nads Mentore: All of the girls are amazing. Just appearing on the show will boost their popularity worldwide despite who looses.

Memento Guy: I cant wait for the mean girls to get eliminated 🔥🤮

Róbson S. Rosa: Next to go home (in my mind). Lala - Eliott - Tina - Denali - Utica - Olivia - Rose/Symone/Gottmik/Kandy. I really wish they had challenges til a final 2

Tomas Joel Beramendi: I've been waiting for Snatch Game for what feels like two months now...

Ray Spade: I don’t think Lala could be sent home, two black queens going home two weeks in a row? Drag Race have become so self aware of not coming off as transphobic or racist (from Ru’s choices in the past) that they would even put Mik safe last week when she did so bad! (Her look was amazing tho) or in others seasons not eliminating some problematic queens just cause of their skin color or the drama content they could produce.

Easy life with Syed !: Good lala is going home

Ann Tyler: Just give Rose the crown please.

Tyra Holloway: I think Utica deserves to be the miss congeniality of the season, who agrees with me?

Lyn Strober-Cohen: Is it just me or is Elliot coming off racist and annoying af

Lucille Perez: Candy muse us rude ,not a very good example of uniqueness, or talent.

jer: i think this might be episode 8 cause according to my spoilers snatch game is this week and elliott goes home

Sebastian Gomez: This season should be called teams drag race!! I’m over it.

Zena Beary: Tired of group challenges at this point.

Nico Nico: Ru is definitely brining tamisha back for all stars. Rupauls exit speech for her basically confirmed it. XD

D'meer MarSel: LaLa Ri is not ready for Season 13 Drag race. Her looks would've been passable for Season 1 though

nunya: I'm so upset they send Tamisha home... I really think she was better than Kandy, Mik, and Utica... she definitely had a lot more to show

Harris The Panda: I thought Elliott got 10th? Im so confused


Scott Hamilton Scarboro: LaLa & The Bag Ball! That will go down as one of the Runway’s Worst offerings. 🤮

Fact Checker: Good i hate lala shes basic

danyelisme: Lala Ri? Going home? I don't think

WinterWonder99: From the tea I've heard Lala and Elliott are the next 2 queens to sashay away, so it could go either way this week.

Wellington Schneider Silva: Tamisha in All Stars 7

Emily Cierans: elliot is eliminated

Jon Eric aka ShyExtrovert: She should have been sent home two episodes ago - LaLa your not your mamas star quality.

Chun Li: Tamisha for all stars

Providence Tarot: Someone will be brought back into the competition at some point.

ERIN BEATRICE: me: no i dont want spoilers also me: i want to know tho ALSO ME: **CLICKS THE VIDEO**

JC Meza: Lala should have already been sent home for that ugly paper bag outfit alone. That was the worst I've ever seen and she clearly didn't even try

RN4L b: I feel like candy muse ,is very arrogant, and a bully ,, her drag sucks and she needs to go home ,,,and Tina always looking like Ronald Mcdonald never changes it up ,,boring ,,,

windlife: Olivia as Miss Congeniality?? I think it should be Utica.

Itssupermakoii Vlogs: i thought Denali will finally have a revenge to Lala in later espisode :D hahaha


Tiago Silva Oporto: Olivia will be top4. tamisha has to be miss sympathy

ARBMIK SELIG: I’m sensing some romance between Rose and Denali...

Juan Colon Gomez: RuPaul UK season 2 is much better than USA season 13. The clothes that Lala, Kandy, Tina, and Symone wear are from party city. Tamisha, Utica, Rose, Denali, and Elliott, are much better than the supposed group of winners. The group of winners poor quality, with so much talent but little taste. Judges, please wake up, look at the talent, and good quality of the clothes they wear, and don't bias.

blonded: I really really really wanted Tamisha to win that lipsync.

Emii Sykes: Elliott sending home the lipsync assasin. YAS

KRYMINAL: Started the season liking mik but they've slowly turned into kandy's gretchen weiners alongside karen burner.

gia: Olivia winning another challenge makes a lot of sense with my fantasy

Stevntabc: I want Kandy to go to fucking home

luiz felipe luz: I love that all the guest judges this season so far are POC

coco cunt: Olivia wins next week

luiz felipe luz: ELLIOTT SENDING LALA HOME??? that's a lsfyl I want to see

Texas baby ktea: Honestly I think Tamisha should have waited a couple more years maybe to get on? When she was fully healed and in the right head space. I think it was just too soon after a traumatic time in her life.

TheQjad135: Ummm Olivia hasn’t faded into any background lol shes been killing it from the get go just like Symone has 😂

Bry Bry: IMO, Tamisha should’ve waited another season when she’s fully recovered. 😻

Guil X94: Idk about you guys, but Tina gives me Sh**** P** vibes. Like, even placing HIGH or LOW, she just not crown-like to me.

JJJ J: I see enough Tina. please send her home

Lysander Lon'shadow: Mcdonald's said to Tina: We'll pay all your outfits as long as you promote us.

Robert Henry: No I need lala sent home by denali

HEY SYA: Miss congeniality? QUEEN UTICA OFCOURSE!!!

Jb Daryll: i think elliot is the one who’s going home since lala ri will lipsync against denali and denali would go home 😞

Rhaine Kylle Balabag: OMG joey should be there

Kian Gamer 3D: Kandy is Roxy

Jenna Jean: Ugh I’m so over Tina 🙄 her drag is cheap and repetitive and the judging this season seems to be all over the place? I haven’t liked pretty much anything Tina has brought to the competition, I don’t get what all the praise for her is for 🤷🏻‍♀️

snow priors: i’m so sorry kahmora went home so early.. because we would’ve gotten some runwayyyy lewksss

Alejandro Uset: i tkink utica is gonna be miss congenialty.

tchaugn: What happened to episode 7 being snatch game and Elliott going home? It's episode 8 actually?

Jiat: I think the T about this and next episode is quite messy. There are some sources saying that it could be a double shantay or even Denali sending Lala home

Lionstaring: Honestly this episode, I realized what everyone is talking about. Olivia knows how to stir the pot lmao, and I am LIVING~

That Rad Guy: Tbh 2 of my faves Utica and Olivia are consistently doing better than some of the queens who are rumoured to make it to the end and I find that annoying. I think producers are pushing (and saving) certain queens to get to top 3 so they can have their storylines and drama

Andri Cardenas: y'all just searching for am excuse to hate on mik, disgusting

Faron Arco: Ok Sooooo. The Crew and Producers Make Sured that Atleast Alot of the Queens Have A Win..... ooooof I remember Some Seasons they are just giving the wins to the Producers Speculated Winners and Miss Congeneality.

Sharon Davis: Wow ...

Aaron CORPUZ: Gottmik, Tina and Kandy, the Rolaskatox of season 13😂

yeetus deletus: Kahmora's looks were so gorgeous wow

icy: rosenali are a hecking iconic duo

IG: Squatterfriend: This season is so disappointing for me. I love Tamisha, Lala Ri, Olivia, Symone, Utica & Rose. These are the only drag queens I like on the show.

Rui Coelho: Lala always was the weakest of the Winners Circle. That's not surprising for me at all

Benjamin Sanchez: In that case then please send Elliott home. Can’t live without Lala Ri’s confessionals!

Milen X Kolev: Mr. Tina McDonald yet again in orange and red but not being called out for it... This is Drag Race, not the Drive Trough!

Daniel Veras: Honestly right now I'm more excited about Tamisha winning miss congeniality then who is gonna take the crown


Hammond Main: If Denali wears that??? Omgg

JORGE I.: girl I think the T is accurate, I mean, who else could send Lala ri home... gotta be Elliott

zack: i find it really fishy that elliott can send lala home in a lipsync??? it might be a double shantay

Astrid Chinchayan: No se porque pero Olivia se me hace muy falsa 🤔, hace todo super genial, pero su personalidad la siento fingida

ChwenotChew SVT: La La has been here longer than she probably should of but then again so has Kandy and Tina needs a new look the Ronal McDonald thing is getting boring. But let's talk about Symone she has had some good runways but other than that she has been quite boring and showing little personality.

Thales Ribeiro: Alolan Rolaskatox finally are not on same Team.

Isa: Elliot sending home La la??? No wayyy omg

Alyssa Kates: I just don’t understand why Kandy wants to compare herself to Symone, a queen who has two wins under her belt and hasn’t been in the bottom yet, meanwhile Kandy has NO wins and has been pretty much safe and low with being in the bottom once.... its the delusions for me🥴

Thales Ribeiro: Bey lala you are literally serving no big deal. I’m happy for Olivia she got amazing hair and that smile is everything. The new Rolaskatox of the season (gotmik, Tina and Kandy) can wait to see one of this going home.

Ramon Maldonado: Another week, another episode of Tamisha Iman's Drag Race 😍🥰❤❤

Joan Saucedo: Tema KA GO NA thats means poop in spanish, who else its team kagona?

Steel Heart: I understand that the colors yellow, red, and orange are big part of Tina's drag aesthetic. But gurl, at least make it more visually interesting or appealing. 😬

Kha Tingz: Olivia winning 2 challenges in a row I live 😍

SKY FROST: I hope that tina wont win I rlly hate her

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