Drag Race Season 13 - Episode 8 HEAVY SPOILERS

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Djdwreck777: “Yes you slayed the lipsync so hard you are both the winner” Me after watching the episode: “that was the worst lipsync of the season 👁👄👁”

Justin Bourre: Caitlyn Jenner is not part of the community. They are against LGBT rights, so fine you can identify as trans but you're not welcome for the hate she spews. If you support Caitlyn you are not an ally.

Radical Rainbow: Elliott should team up with Sharon Needles, gawd what an awful duo that’d be!!

SuperShehzaad: And Kandy is safe... pffff Really bitch

Julz XD: Offcourse this is the double shantay because Ru cannot eliminate his favourites can he? We know The top 2 will be Mik and Symone. Could be Rose and Kandy or Kandy and Olivia? Ok why are you bringing up Elliott again.?? Every youtuber is looking for clout by going after a Queen who is just ignorant not racist... Geez

Dani: New rumors Winner: Rose High: Denali and Mik Low: Tina BTM2: Kandy and Symone

Nasoj Xoc: Hey Bucy!! Have you seen the new tea coming out about episode 8? They haven’t put it in the T checker but apparently Gottmik might be the robbed queen shockingly.

Rouzi Kirkorian: Kinda don't care about RPDR US anymore. With Kandy and Olivia being worshipped and seeing Rose and Denali being only safe with such an amazing performances and not gonna even talk about Utica, that brings the high fashion to the mane stage, but obviously not that good as Symone's beaded bathing suit. Can't wait the new UK episode!

SEBASTIAN BENAVIDES MORALES: i thought it won't be any double safe this season, since we already got 3 episodes with no eliminations, they really want the longest season ever huh 😭

Daniela Marques: Elliot said those things in 2013, she might have changed

Shawn Deon: I would of liked Elliott and LaLa to had been a double shanta it was a good lip sync

Dedy Pranata: Seriously! Elliott is really top qualified candidate! and she deserve to reach top 5, do not judge someone over the past, and always mirroring our self, no one is perfect,everyone made mistake baby!

Cassie Reed: You mean sashayed away.

Kinkami: Any tea on who’s high for the snatch game other than Mik?

Kinkami: My heart can handle Symone being in the bottom :(

Brad T: Find me an adult who has never made inappropriate comments or politically incorrect jokes in their past! Today's cancel culture and cyber bullying is just as bad.

Emma: this season will never end.

Ewan James: Wow Elliotts apology was far beyond what I expected. Took ownership and committing to being better. I hope this can be a good lesson going forward.

Jacob Bankston: i feel like they try to push a double save every season now like i expect it already

K T L: Why is the black Barbie always on sale?! She wasn't lying and she didn't say anything wrong with posing that question and Im a black female.

Falcon Lynxleg: Okay, but can we talk about how miss bucy is *beat* today

Ben Martin: The producers really want to shove Kandy Muse down our throat by force... They should have kept Tamisha instead last episode. I want to see talent, wisdom and experience like Tamisha has and not Kandy's childish, loud and aggressive behaviour. I wouldn't be surprised if the producers push her all the way to the finale just for some extra drama along the way... And also Tamisha's personal story as cancer survivor is really inspiring and gives hope to many people

MJBxBrookLynn: You mean to tell me that Utica is in the bottom for a third week and they keep her to put two POCs in the bottom? THIS IS WHY I HATE THE EDITING

Frankie: Wait so is the top 4 still Kandy, Symone, Rosé, and GottMik? Or is GottMik eliminated?

Simon R: Kandy and Utica should have been in bottom 2. It was obvious that bottom 2 was decided before they did the challenge. Next week double save is also something which is already decided. Of course they won't send Kandy home...every year this show become more and more predictable. Eventually this show will become like X Factor fake and boring.

Nel Leo: Is there no Snatch Game this season?

Cotea Stefan Bogdan: Elliott with 3 Ks? What are the Ks for

Lovish Wadhwa: Why she's called Eliott with 3 k's, what does that mean

Kunal Moorjani: I actually didn't like Symone's performance since it's really similar to her character in the Flag sketch and her drag persona. Her runway was the best though! Why was Kandy even on top? It had a good start and then she got overshadowed by Symone. I would've put Rose in the top since her performance was great and her runway was exquisite.

M S: Sadly Elliott did better than Lala Ri!

travis scott: i dont understand how is there gonna be a double save if there was 3 episodes out of 14 that had no eliminations already?- is there gonna be a double sashay later on?😳😳😳

Hannah Exley: Utica needs to go already. Idk why they haven’t put her in the bottom yet.

The Baker's Ruview: Elliott slayed thst lipsync Lala ri also done really good...but my eyes kept going towards Elliott

The Baker's Ruview: And Utica escapes bottom 2 for a 3rd time in a row😒💅🏼

Azeezat Husein: I think it is either going to be a draw or Symone wins

Caligineus Finis: Am I the only person who didn’t understand why Kandy got good critics in the bossy rossy show? Like I found her so boring and overshadowed by Symone. Maybe I missed something...

Murilo Chaves: lala was better than elliot in the lipsync...but you know

Kent Orosco: So excited for Rosé's win next week. Too bad for Utica being low three weeks in a row. I agree she should have been in the bottom two but I think she was save because of her runway look or just being favored.

amazingabby25: Is there no Snatch game this year

Red isSus: People really need to stop judging other past mistakes its over grew up, move on

Seriously Hilarious: Those bottom queens will deserve that bottom shantay!!! That song is RIGHT UP THEIR ALLEY!!

pazer: Rose is having a Sasha Velour run, you know what that means 👑

Jonas Persyn: Thank you for your videos and your channel Your amazing ❤

Flauschige Spinne: I was so excited to see Kandy finally going home, but no, my dreams got crusher, oof

Brent Del Rey: Elliot slayed so hard!

Spencer Atlanta: The Guest Judge Is Jamal Sims

Eduardo Santander Pizarro: Damn it, I love your videos ❤️

melted dali: 3 possible bottom appearances for Utica in a row? She better switch it up soon if she wants to stay

Felipe Andrés Muñoz Álvarez: Maybe, Utica is competing with Roxxxy track on AS2

Kamogelo Manaka: I seriously doubt that next episodes lipsync is going to be as good as the one between Elliott and LaLa. I just hate how other people (Kandy) just get passes for meh performances.

emily cierans: symone is overrated

emily cierans: i think eliott is ssaying the black barbies ae the same and they should be the same price

jboww2121: What’s wrong with the black Barbie thing? To me it seems like a valid question, asking why the black one is always on sale seems like it’s questioning the micro aggressions associated with how black dolls and toys are made and sold

Ava Harrison: Symone is a g I’m so sad rn

Simon Jumpa: Elliott surprised me, the lip sync song was not my favorite but Elliott did a very good job. I love Lala but it was her time to go, hope to see her on AllStars tho

TheTailsGamer: Honestly I thought Symone was kinda robbed this week. I enjoyed her performance in the challenge and her runway was (again) stunning and LaLa probably should've been safe over Utica i mean you could say that Utica's runway saved her but she did do really bad in that challenge.

Ursula lejesikovna brahmanova: If they do two double shantay as they technically did on season 10 I'm gonna scream

Valentin Köhler: This judging this season is on creek

Serafina Fool: I'm completely over season 13, it's gotten so boring and it's going on for so long. (It'll probably have 20 episodes, before it's finished)

BUTthatsmyopinion: Of course they wouldn't sent Kandi or Symone home if they are at the bottom

Dayy Valentine: Double shantay for sure

lebkha: So happy that Utica is going to be safe!!!

Jaden Kochan: It’s homophobic of them to give Tina a yellow runway, it’s not a challenge for her lmao 😂 💀

Rococo Baroque: More episodes of Gottmikk getting free passes and Rose, Denali and Utica being slept on

Lucas Oliver: Did you see the nina bonnina brown drama?

Oh I'm Not Joking: I mean Utica been in the bottom 3 times in a row when she gonna lip sync

Rain On Your Parade: Elliott won but Lala shouldnt have been in the bottom Utica was in the bottom for me

Jake Anderson: The judging this week was pretty trash. What i think the placements should have been: Win: Olivia lux - easily the best one. Great runway. Killed the challenge. High: Tina burner - bonus points for finally wearing something that wasn't orange. She was robbed of a high placement this week. Symone - Did great in the challenge and looked good on the runway, but at this point it's getting ridiculous that the judges haven't read her for relying on that body in every single runway. Safe: Denali, Rose, Gotmik. Elliot: this is a tough one as between her and Utica there were issues. Utica had the better runway, but I actually think Elliot was better in the challenge than Utica. It started slow but there were decent laughs towards the end. Low: Utica - I hesitantly place Utica here because while she was funny, she felt a tad out of place in her scene. Let's say Utica and Eliott were interchangeable for the low spot, but neither deserved to lipsync. Bottom two: Kandy muse - did not laugh at a single thing she said or did. She was also completely overshadowed by Symone. Her runway was basic. It's offensive that she was high in this episode when she deserved to lipsync. I also note that the judges criticised Eliott for being overshadowed by Tina. *eye roll* LaLa - not funny. Got lost on the scene. Boring runway. Eliminated: lala - Eliott killed that lipsync. The judging needs to make sense and be consistent. The producers are clearly pushing an agenda.

Klevin 105: It showed in the next episode preview that Jamal is the guest judge, not TS Madison

jhoey sarno: Wow, just when 2 queens from the "winners ' circle" are in the bottom suddenly the double shantay appears. Favoritism...I can't with this season anymore

Ao CF: Omg FUCK that happened on 2013, society wss different back then, its stupid to dig up someone's past just because they are on the public eye and you want to cancel everyone

Zechariah Segovia: Not Utica low 3x in a row.

LostTomorrows: Elliott hit the sex dial haaard, aka La was great too but Miss Two T’s brought it. I don’t pay enough attention to social media because honestly it just angers me at almost all times, so I was not aware of Elliott’s outspokenness, though I think it’s more unfiltered and lacking tact than actual racism. The Barbie doll thing was more or less an observation of the black doll being the one that’s on sale because it’s either not selling due to the target demographic (mothers buying them for their kids, etc) glossing over it because it’s a black doll and not a white one, or perceived to be less than by the company selling it, either way I assumed it was more of a “larger picture observation” and Elliott’s commentary missed the opportunity to go into any detail. And that Bruce Jenner hashtag may be more snide, petty commentary on Kaitlyn actually being kind of a toxic person. I am not backing it up. It’s never wise to be petty. Perhaps I just identify more with the lens through which Elliott views things, and I had an “aha” moment when she mentioned the depression. It makes me feel... separate from others too, and sometimes my attempts at connecting with people go awry, especially in a room full of people. I also think that this lipsync may rattle her and cause her to retreat, I don’t see Elliott lasting much longer. Thank goodness Tina was there to help guide her through the improve challenge, I do believe Tina was being even zanier in the challenge to force Elliott to be silly and match that. Really liked Tina this episode. Glad we got to see more than a villain edit out of her.

Brian Speers: You are getting more stunning with each video ❤️

ash lame: ma’am that lala ri thing was hilarious 😂😂

TDI NOAH: The lip sync better be great that they used a double save. Because it was needed this week

Angel Morales: Not Miss Lala Gluing things to her corset! 😂

Luxxe Stone: If everything here ends up being true, that would be Utica's third time in the bottom and I have no doubts in my mind it will be her last as she'll probably go home in episode 9. It's disappointing as hell because I've been a big fan of hers, but its been coming for a while. Unless she somehow completely turns around her game, gives us new looks and characters, and is more open with the girls.

Rodrigo Gonzales: Well, Kandy didn't deserve being in the top last episode...

Britney Fetachini: I gagged when I saw that the song was whole lotta woman, I saw that LaLa and Ellison were in the bottom so I assumed that LaLa would be like the robbed queen of the season but girl Elliot slayed it imo so hard

la la: i live for your lipstick color 😍😍💋👄

GABRIEL MATTEO DELGADO: shantayed-away -Bucy

DylanJ7: I know Elliott has said some offensive things, but she is the best dancer in this season, maybe even a little better than Denali

Itsjustopie: not the 2013 and 2015 posts ;-; PLs yall reachingggg

WinterWonder99: Damm Utica allegedly surviving her 3rd bottom 3 appearance in a row. She is entering Miss Fame territory.

jeboo de beboo: I'm really loving how the production feeds us with more rosenali moments 😭✨

Beverley Young: She's young and don't know any better.

lulu navarro: I'm glad utica is still there, giving us good runway looks

Vivi Hirst: Girl Elliott turned the party! I was so surprised at how hard she went.

Roberto Silva: Yaaassss finally! I am so happy for Rosé! <3

William Dionne: I loved the lipsync I mean the slayed and I LOVE Kelly Clarkson and especially that song I mean Eliott SLAYED and lala did great too what can we ask more in a lipsync

Javi: I hate watching spoilers but i can't stop myself 😭

Alex Amos: Girl bucy brown hair is such a vibe you look stunning

Gui Augusto: Utica low again???? Omg... my fave.... aarrr Wait that spoiler dont be real... jesus

Timothy Fillipo Paat: Not TS maddison , its jamal sims

Giselle Armendariz: Omggggg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas to the lip sync song

Giselle Armendariz: Maybe TS is gonna be again in 2 weeks, according to the next week clip Jamal is coming as judge

Samuel Flórez: utica low again??? im so sad:/

gigi !: not utica being low 4 times in a row omg...

Godz: That denali look from last wp was EVERYTHING

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