RICK AND MORTY Season 5 Episode 6 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

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Heavy Spoilers: Let us know your thoughts on the episode and the season so far. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ?sub_confirmation=1 *Check out our BEST new videos below* *Kang The Conqueror Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HRbqbxoCJs *Old Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryyCQ37Qlmk *Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 13 Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n9oJr_7bhw *Space Jam A New Legacy Easter Eggs* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUQYzYuCfEo *Rick And Morty s05e05 Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxPOXXkGFpc *Fear Street Part 3: 1666 Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wvbh6HT2urY *Loki Episode 6 Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnWIkEwcyMU

-Jammyツ: A theory for why morty and rick are different this season is this is evil mortys origin story

OnionChoppingNinja: let's face it; this episode only exist so they can have Keith David do turkey noises.

Lucas The wies: Where are you from

Drank Sinatra: In Rick...we Trust?

Ara Rezaee: I thought this was a better episode than the next one

James Carl: Me who never saw the old movies: "I'm sorry....... 😔"

Jacob Baranowski: season 5 is going to be sust as t good a season 3

Philip Worsher: How is pointing out that the Declaration of Independence starts with "We the People" a fuckin easter egg?

snipercan007: At 5:25 in the video looks like gideon from gravity falls but older

RS Dillbot: This is the third time we seen the president this Season, I think he is the real nemesis of Rick

Shane Duffy: i dont think thanksgiving is based off the founding of the usa. its more about family and heritage/pilgrims i thought

alveolate hermeneutist: Well, I refuse to pay for this man's healthcare.

Patrick Ragland: The entire episode was a play off Independence Day (the national holiday and the movie), and Thanksgiving. I think I was more entertained, though, by this video than I was by the episode. I love it! 😀😃😄😁

Oliver Ceballos: Also our motto is E Pluribus Unum – “Out of Many, One.” In God we trust is a relatively new thing, 1956, whereas the former goes back to 1776. But hey, it's all good.

Benjamin Riggs Outdoors &All: Wasnt the statue of liberty originally supposed to go to England? Correct me if I am wrong just something I heard a while back

Oliver Ceballos: Clearly a bust of Jefferson not Jackson.

BLeeB: Why is no one mentioning that Thanksgiving does not celebrate “The Founding of America?” Lol. That’s Independence Day, 4th of July. Thanksgiving celebrates the pilgrims and Native Americans sitting down together and feasting, cooperating, etc. (you know, before we ended up slaughtering all of them) We give thanks, because if it weren’t for them, the pilgrims surely would have perished. They taught us how to live off the land, plant maize, etc.

Lightem, Am: 13:00 "Sometimes, when I spoil movies that are nearly thirty years old..." What happens the other times you spoil movies that are nearly thirty years old? No, really, that bit was hilarious. You try to be nice, try to be considerate, and some people just don't appreciate your effort and attention. Tell 'em what it means! Boo-yah!

JR Harryman: I think the 3rd bust was Jefferson. Looks like the portrait on the nickel.

Johnny Joestar: Thanksgiving isn't in celebration of the founding of America. It's a convoluted holiday that's been marketed as the first pilgrims discovering the continent and making friends with native Americans

Reagan Dewell: Ayyyyyeeee

tom anthony: i hope i can win the give away

djtripmix: Awesome! Thanks

Publicly Shamed: *AT-AT F-YEAH!*

tornokthegreat: Generation-X kids rise up! We were here first!

Mario Rodriguez: I thought this episode by the title name was going to Give Thanks to Everyone who made it and Everyone who watches it. Boy was I wrong, Turkeys, who would have thought.

Damien: What is missed in the break down? Rick sending a remote car through the portal like the probe device in Stargate SG:1, a sensible idea that was forgone in Stargate Atlantis.

Chromal Assassin: I can just imagine the audience ranting about spoilers, but it's that random guillotine guy in aos s6. then Paul is fitz saying "Hey! You shut the hell up" and the audience (now the actual guillotine) slips and fitz screams

Camo Jones: Best episode so far this season

Pipe: Good video. I too liked the episode, not a great one. But I had fun and thw références and social commenting were good too.

E4Unow: Nobody going to refer to the blatant half-life opposing force reference with the wrenches... crowbars would have been a bit too on the nose.

Poe Territory: It started off fine, but ended up feeling flat and ultimately forgettable.

Accutronitis The 2nd: The Lincon Penny was the center of the safe, the vault door was made of copper, and said "In God We Trust" on the top, Rick cut open in the cold open ...

Little John: Wow wow spoilers mate

Matthew Churchyard: One of my fave episodes - so random but I love the American history and the Turkey plot - that end credit scene was dark

GobDropper: Dude, just research more about the content you're covering so we don't have to hear you talk about it through most of the video. You don't have to be the first one to post a vid.

Marisol Anderson: I love Keith David! This episode definitely had its funny moments. Jerry still getting shit on this episode too 😂

Anthony Kovach: I was just running over to blockbuster video to get “Speed”. I guess there’s no point now. Thanks, Paul.

J.O.R.D: I loved the cuts between Rick and the President when they were making the plans about the turkey, just trying to outdo each other 😂 it shows how far the President has come since his first encounter with Rick, he’s a lot smarter now which I also love 👏🏽

Darwin Johnson: 11:38 S2E9 battle suits

Snappy Snapfire: e pluribus unum is America's Motto means Out of many one. In god we trust is not the motto.

Alexandre Vieira: Hellooooooo guyyyy

Mark Thomas: Excellent Work!!!

D S: Is this racist? For a second I assume you gonna find a connection between the president with Kang the conqueror and the multivers. But you didn't

green chylde: I didnt get all the references and I'm from America but I think this i my fav ep so far. I loved all the turkey stuff. thanks for another great vid!

J Cole: was that gag about FDR's polio vaccine turning him into a spider a plug on Covid19 vaccines and who knows what effect it will have on us?

D S: It's becoming less and less interesting

Clinton Evans: Can’t believe you slagged off the UK 😞

relld05: Honestly I watched this to see how much he got wrong (understandably). So I'll start by saying that the Constitution did NOT abolish slavery..... slavery continued for the better part of a century after the United State's founding on equality... which is very on brand. lol

HillierSmith: 0:30 OOOOF

Chris Snyder: The Constitution did not abolish slavery... One of the amendments did..

salty one: I want to see Keith David and Rick have a They live fight

Antirevomag: Ah, yes "thanksgiving" i remember when we would huddle around celebrating the founding of america before we even declared our independence or started having trouble with the redcoats. Independence day? thefuck is that. never heard of such a thing.

Mohit Agarwal: Dub dub

Joker0ping: mcu box sets would be cool. The episode was ehhh

Badman3000: I feel like the president's speech feel kind of like a Jeff's speech from community.

Isaac Valdez: This new season is crap they seriously degraded rick

KittenPyroNao: I was born in 1998 but i always called it AT-AT not A T A T. This is mainly because the oldest console i owned that i can remember is my nintendo 64 which had super smash bros, star fox 64 and a star wars shadows of the empire. The star wars game being the one i played the most because i was like 5 or 6 and didnt know how to use the grappling hook so i kept ramming my ship thinking that is what i needed to do

Cody Riggs: Woah Woah, Spoilers Mate

Marcos Martinez: Vindicators vs giant french statue of liberty?

Tyler Regelman: Your spoiling me with all the spoilers heavy spoilers

Thauen: 3:28 The shield has the colors of the French flag on it.

BG Celtic: Just watched episode 7 and I can’t wait for your breakdown of it

Vedant Dogra: Episode is itself pretty good but i more excited on space beth return

Thauen: Rick and Morty Episode 6 is going to become my new family tradition on Thanksgiving, it's the new Charlie Brown classic

Lenz: The dueling pistols are for Alexander Hamilton

mmdoza329: How do you pronounce AT-ST? Might have to unsubscribe for this..

BITU MONI DAS: I love how it portraits a soldier. "For a soldier nation comes first".

hundaba chikaka: omg the president of the philippines is a turkey!

A B: Every Rick in season 5 isn’t the rickiest Rick And the Mortiest Morty am I The only one who sees this

Joe Bartolone: The settlers/natives aliens gave me super AVP vibes. Anyone else?

Sandraaa: The commentary to the dicks that give him a hard time in between the reviews is hilarious to me lol

ManagingArkReactors: This episode's Rick was either not the Rick we know, or they just nerfed him immensely.

Chinese Data Harvester: This show got outa hand fast

Ryan Harris: Love Rick and Morty….. there I commented

Joshua Fouse: I like the end credits scene with the blueberries.

Lord Voldemort: I think the RC car Rick was using was RC from toy story too

Taylor Klein: I feel like the end credit scene was meant to imply that Coop was actaully one of the chickens and the real Coop was killed by FDR.

Christian Garcia: I always wonder why I haven't liked and subscribed yet, and then you pronounce it At at Instead of AT-AT 🤦🏽‍♂️ Watch the movie and see how they pronounce it before you pretend to know star wars 😂

Dee Lee: Keith David should get some type of award for that character

Boring Boi: I’m sorry but I hated this episode just nothing but randomness

Dominus Pegas: @13:00 if someone cries "Spoilers man" maybe they shouldn't watch a youtube channel called Heavy Spoilers. If you are watching this channel and cry "Spoilers" that's your own damn fault.

SayNo2Keynsians: don't know why people keep sh1tting on the sperm monster episode.... it was one of the best since the slvt dragon episode. PS: The GoTron episode is a complete dud.... don't waste your time

Christopher Cervantes: 8:57 I did not notice the connection!! Thank you Rick and Morty!

Han Fuehrious: I frackin love the @[email protected] reference cuz i said it that way since '93 and people think im a weird star wars psycho. The two leggers are @-stit by the by.

stapuft: there is another gravity falls easter egg one of the presidents men, is wearing a bolo tie, just like gideon gleeful.

NumbskullGaming: Think about it, how do you pronounce AT-ST or AT-RT? 🤔

Fernando Sanchez: got to say it, the at-at joke make me piss myself hahaha

J D: watching I felt like the cornfield on fire has been used in many shows and/or films, but darn if I couldn't think of one.

stapuft: no "in god we trust" is NOT our motto, it was actually added to our currency in 1956, and to the "pledge of allegiance" in the 1920's, our national motto is actually "E Pluribus Unim" it means "out of many, one" symbolizing how, out of the many people, from around the world, we came together, as many communities, and states, that unified together, to become, one nation. one people.

ParAtX 2: Oh non notre robot géant dans la statue de la liberté

MK: @[email protected] kids unite! Destroy those shield generators!

Mellow Melee: "which I found out today" . . . sure

Pimp Maestro: Mr President never backs down from a fight!

Bill Eickman: The flag on the moon is likely white due to UV radiation

Pimp Maestro: You know the goddamn rules. If you see something clucking or pecking, put a buckshot in its panties. 😂😂 Mr President was a star!

Russell Warren: The original Star Wars toy commercials called it an AT-AT not A, T, A, T. And i think that we can all agree that the adverts are defiantly canon

My Random Mind: Yeah i was so confused seeing the gogotron episode and wondering wth, how'd this get leaked?! It does suck that it got leaked though. Leak ep 5. I missed that one lol.

Sean Mooney: I like it

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