RICK AND MORTY Season 5 Episode 7 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

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Heavy Spoilers: Let us know your thoughts on the episode in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ?sub_confirmation=1 *Check out our BEST new videos below* *The Suicide Squad Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtAPJxy1y3Y *TRANSFORMERS War for Cybertron Trilogy KINGDOM Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UBNsiQ132k *Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 14 Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgIcW_EEGps *Batman The Long Halloween Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZ5zz9UKnVc *Kingdom Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-hO7b-rH6g *Rick And Morty s05e06 Breakdown* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_RNWLH2Vvg *Old Ending Explained* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryyCQ37Qlmk

Mills Dollas: This is one of there best episodes. It’s not suppose to make sense. And evil morty is gonna be one episode

Publicly Shamed: Allow me to enable you Paul - *keep up the good work!*

djtripmix: Awesome! Thanks

Janet Graham-Russell: The Boob World song at the beginning sounds like the Wayne's World theme.

me_maybe_idk .: The voice overs are a reference to casino as they say something like she protects him which is Nickis job

Elvo Mwash: morty will turn his back on rick

Caleb Brambora: Love voltron this episode was hilarious

absm00th: the description is from episode 6 btw

naka-yubi: Thankyou for atleast mentioning neon genesis evangelion. New Rockstars completely missed it..

Travis Hightower: Why is everyone all “this show isn’t what its used to be?” Im thrilled with every episode Except the hell raiser one - just not my thing so the meta jokes don’t land with me

Daniel Moynihan: While I've enjoyed most of the episodes, so far it's definitely my least favorite season. The premiere was really great but since then the episodes have been just ok. I'm really hoping these last 3 episodes makeup for it.

Kevin Berry: im sad rick has been dericked and is getting more woke by the episode :(

Matt Gilbert: Neon Genesis: Evangeline Lilly

nicko92187: Hot Head Rick used a portal gun after his ferret was destroyed. Perhaps that is no longer an indicator of the real Smith family.

Maximo Perez: Pick me

JimBobSquarepants: The crack is from where the house was transported to another dimension in season 1… It has been visible in subsequent seasons- I think it even has weeds growing in it in season 3 (4?)

KaSaK lub Demola: .

Anthony Kovach: Keep Spoilers safe….

Aryaman Sharma: The scene where Rick says “show me the blueprints” multiple times is a reference to The Aviator where Di Caprio’s character has a moment like that

Ricardo Vivar: Remake of that community episode :3

#EBK Don Corleone: Say hello to my chocolate blend

ajva97: New drinking game everytime he says “poetry they rhyme” take a shot 😂😂

Clinton Evans: I enjoyed it, but like the other episodes.....I haven’t got a clue what’s going on.

relld05: The crack in the ground is actually in all episodes. In Season 1 ( I believe), Rick created a giant sphere around the house, and when it was replaced, the crack in the ground remained.

Craig Beckett: The half glasses summer is wearing are a reference DeNiro’s Jimmy in Goodfellas when he tries to whack Karen at the end.

Tim O'Donnell: Not to knock new rockstars but this is the edgy spoiler-y channel that I’ve needed in my life. Thank you mr. Spoilers.

HeyyHeyyHeyy08: Sad that I already watched this a few weeks ago, didn't have a new rick and morty ep this week

hi yall: A better episode

Melvin Alexander: On the next episode: He was not eaten and was able to understand the bug!

SayNo2Keynsians: watched it a week ago ... worst episode in several seasons ..... could have been great ... but they blew it.

Justin Jayankura: Boob world song they were singing sounds like the Wayne's world song at the end of the move. The part were Beth tells Morty "now I have to turn my back on you" is from Good fellas when Pauly says that to Henry when he asks Pauly for help.

IBT: 6:55 the house got transported somewhere in the end of season 1, then it got put back

uSkizzik: Fuck voltron, that's power rangers!

Arthur Peters: "in retribution for the Billy bats murder" Meanwhile, the guy who played Billy bats is hitting "Tommy/Nicky" WITH a bat.

Andrew Benge: Could be clutching at straws here, but could the bug getting his teeth smashed in by foot stomp to the back of the head, be a reference to Tony Soprano, who did a similar viscous kick in The Sopranos. Curb stomp at 8:30

willy: maybe the crack around the house is from the episode where the house is teleported to another dimension in season 1

Morgan Richardson: The last good episode was Planetina. It's been trash since then.

Luke Kendrick: Let’s win a book ! Or something cool like that . Yeah books r kewl

Joel Turner: Rick and morty is very overrated now it doesn’t even follow a storyline anymore it just pooks fun at movie tropes while simultaneously making really fuck up jokes about incest and sex sometimes I just feel like the creators of the show ain’t getting enough pussy IRL

Henry Robinson: Not Goodfellas It’s was casino who dug their own grave

MercuryKnight5: Okay, maybe I'm hallucinating this, but I could swear there was an indie comic book in the 90's about mafiosi with their own mecha that they called the Ladykiller. I remember reading some of it in my little brother's collection. At least I'm pretty sure I remember it..

Cameron Robinson: The crack in the ground around the house was from the last episode of season 1 for they teleport the house having a house party then at the beginning of season 2 they've returned the house and froze time. And from then on at least when there where they put the crack around the house back to the last episode of season 1

Cameron Robinson: Having watched every episode of two versions of Voltron when I was a kid and then watching the Power Rangers when I was probably too old to be watching them everything in this episode resonates. Ice think it's one of their betters especially this season.

Cameron Robinson: Am I your favorite. I liked and subscribed. Tell me I did good. Did I do good? Am I your favorite? Please don't leave me hanging here...

Munay Gnen: I´ve been watchin GETTER ROBO ARC, and there the insects come from another dimension to destroy the robot. Maybe thats a referent

Dan Beaudet: Too much is like not enough...

Fader Ballistics: What if you got picked to pilot a robot but lacked the upper body strength to zip down the tunnel?

K Wilde: This episode triggered the hell out of the mudkips.

Jaythanio: willing to bet paul pretended to not know what the crack meant bc he knew everyone would leave a comment about it.. then something something algorithm

Ramm Stein: I really like the episoed of the seasons. has the randomness as it once did. which it lacked in past season imo

Lowell Lucas Jr.: Wasn't Summer's silver dress based on Tony Montalvos wife from Scarface?

Tyler Regelman: Best episode of the season

Lowell Lucas Jr.: "The name is pulled from its Japanese counterpart"... When both shows Voltron( aka Go Lion) and Evangelion are both from Japan.

Rodes Vilobo: is there a special episode today? summer meets god and rick meets evil

Daniel Weber: Another AMAZING video! They always do something you think they won't.

Daniel Weber: Another amazing video! They always do something you think they won't.

Daniel Weber: Another great video! They always do something you think they won't.

Daniel Weber: Another cool video! They always do something you think they won't.

Daniel Weber: Another COOL video!

Daniel Weber: Another cool video!

Daniel Weber: Another good video! They always do something you think they won't.

Daniel Weber: WOW! They always do something you think they won't.

Daniel Weber: Awesome!

Daniel Weber: GREAT! They always do something you think they won't.

Daniel Weber: Great! They always do something you think they won't.

Daniel Weber: Cool! They always do something you think they won't.

Daniel Weber: Amazing!

Daniel Weber: AWESOME!

Daniel Weber: Awesome!

Daniel Weber: GREAT!

Daniel Weber: Great!

Daniel Weber: COOL!

Daniel Weber: Cool!

Matthew D: To quote Rick, they're "too big to fail"

Aldin: 1:08 you need to retire this "joke", seriously...

Nicholas Alexander Posey: Group of people I talk to about Rick and Mort have the exact opposite opinion about this season. We all thought the first 3 or so episodes were kind of dull and boring, with the last couple being far and away the best of the season so far.

Rhomper: This show is just getting terrible at this point.

Nuke: The only thing good about this episode was the post credits scene

Lord Odysseus: Opinion: Rick and Morty is getting worse with every episode and it's only a matter of time before the views start falling. Episode 6 was the only good episode from Season 5. That being said, I'll probably watch every episode because I have nothing better to do.

eduardobazani1988: The way they sing boob World is similar to Wayne's world

Young Kwok: So I have a question what is Jaden Smith replace in this episode?Better ask him what world did he come from.

Dolf Lungren: Here’s my “Like” yea Bitch!!

bacchusacolyte: Here is an actual Easter Egg: Morty is seen drinking a ecto cooler Hi-C juice box. It is a tangerine flavored drink that was tied into the Ghostbusters franchise. It was very popular with children in the US in the 80s and 90s. It was re-released briefly in a tie in with the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot. They have not announced if they will be releasing it again for Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Fernando Damas: I love Voltron. This was great episode.

Klyde Johnson: Lol I thought everyone knew the big crack in the yard is from when summer Rae good morning to the party and got teleported in space the crack is because I got teleported back in the same spot😂😂😂 if i take out a piece of concrete and put it back there will still be the crack

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