Titans Season 3 Episode 3 Breakdown - Ending Explained, Things Missed & Easter Eggs!

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Craig Harlow: I think those scenes with Hank and Donna are in the afterlife. It has been hinted at that Tim dies too so maybe they all meet up and it's some fight to get back to existence.

Rex Chaney: that was an incredible fight scene for her. I always thought her cape was kind of dopey...but wow, it is bullet proof and a weapon.....

Jonathan Hill: Maybe they end up using the lazearus pit on Hank or dawn did found some way to get to Ra’s and then used the pit or found one in Gotham or something. Or maybe Jason turner him into o red x or something

Merit: What if they introduce Wally and resurrect Hank? Idk tho I could be stretching

Roger Schooneveld: its a shame the red hood mask looks so dumb.

Mr. Tea-yagi: oh maaan the first 3 episodes are alrdy better than season 1&2 and i was one of very few people who were actually entertaint by them. that whole bomb dilemma in episode 3 was just crazy good in my opinion because there is so much room for speculations atm. for example: even the scene with that orgy gag from hank. i totally did get a diffrent "woof" so to speak :D in my head it was more like hanks orgy joke -> woof -> crypto actually saying " hank you dirty...." and hank choosing to interpret this as a "yeah man!" while dove propably just made a "-.-" face if that makes sense.... in many other shows dove would have said something like "no crypto bla bla" but this way it was may more "open" and didnt felt "fore" if you know what i mean. and that thing with "thats not our jason"...i had a hunch like that the whole episode...why can jason suddenly perform cardiac surgery? why felt his call to hank so sincere? (it was way to real to be just an act in my opinion) why didnt we see at least ONE "switch" so to speak from this call to "psycho jason"? it would bin easy to include a few seconds were he changes from crying to smirking with one line like "fuckin idoits" and we all would have known whats up.....as said earlyier the whole season 3 feels much more "thriller" like....im so into it cant wait for the rest. it really feels like there are dire consequences to actions in this show (now more than ever) thanks for your review!

Lucas Texvenger: It's obvious that it's Scarecrow behind the drug.

Dakota Loven: It’s not actually possible they use crisis as a way of justifying the original way in which Jason came back is it?

Kevin F: I mean, I thought it might be kinda different on HBO max but wow. I'm liking the extra violence and mind games.

KJ: The starting shot of episode 1 was better than the last two seasons combined. This season rocks. As far as the mastermind behind everything, in episode 2 Crane mentions the king hiding his hand while the pawn does the bidding. I’m thinking Crane is the mastermind setting up all the elaborate plans, and he’s just getting Jason to carry them out. Barbara mentions they’ve been working with Crane for months. I bet he was the one that told Jason how to make his own anti-fear toxin to get over his trauma from season 2. Can’t wait to see how this all pans out.

Sherron Jones: 2020? Yeah Alfred caught Covid smh

Bjorn Carlgren: Connor had time Donna puller the trigger early! Omg this season is going to drive me nuts with weekly episode now! I get it but 2 at a time would be sooooo clutch!

Chris Campbell: Got a feeling Jason was trying to manufacture his own lasurus substance. Hence his chemistry studies.

hal 2814: That "little logo on the baseball cap" is the Detroit Tigers and Geoff Johns is from Detroit he likes to slip that logo in alot like the show Krypton

J Wavy: This show is STILL terrible. The WRITING is so fucking awful. Episode 3, Dick is asking Superboy can he track licenses plates….. DICK GREW UP THERE, HE’S THE BATMAN PRODIGY / DETECTIVE. Why is he asking someone who was just born / cloned???? What did the Titans do to Jason??? BATMAN is the one who said No??? He didn’t even attempt to call the Titans??? The first 3 minutes of the first episode, trash. Jason’s death was so anti climatic and rushed over. Jesus, I truly don’t understand how people can even stomach this writing.Beast Boy is a martial arts expert now, fuck his super power because the budget can only do the one lame ass tiger 😭. Hank wants to kill Jason, but is foolishly led into that awful trap.

Kingerrz: i think the extra hank scenes may have been to avoid spoilers for his death

DHIRENRAJ MOHAN: How do you resurrect blown up pieces of a body??

SFDT La Reaper: i think Batman is behind this.... i think that this world's story is different in more ways than just Bats actually killing joker. which, don't forget, was jasons original reason to hate Batman, because he WOULD'NT kill joker for what he had done. This story Not doing that shows that Nothing can be expected. But i was raised on Batman TAS....im a detective. i think Bruce cracked a bit after jason died, and took him to the pits or recsusitated him somehow... and decided that jason was right all along. joker and the rest of gothams criminals need permanent taking care of....i believe that Bruce is getting old and weary, losing himself after all the years of his mental battles mixing with...just age sadly. of course they'll have a final hoorah and understanding moment for bruce and hes saved from turning completely(falling into the abyss). now, this could lead to a couple things; Batman Beyond with Dick(only cause bruce is old instead of MIA in the comics) or Bruce dies :( or gets sent to Arkham or just truly retires and leaves it to Dick.

darkopsqrow elite: I just finished the all current episodes and i cried

Rey: I do not like how they're handling Jason Todd or Batman at all. Making me not want to watch.

Brayden Medlin: Red hood in this tv show is going to slip into a Neegan character from walking dead. He’s going to be a REALLY bad guy but one of this bad guys we aren’t getting mad at because he’s so cool.

Steven Starks: It’s Scarecrow behind it all.

Paradox: 1000% I knew the gun wasn't going to be loaded. Her having the detonator though!? Wow blew my mind. Great writing

Alexa: Finaly waited for this😭. Thanks boba

Rob G: Tim Drake is white…..and straight. Red Hoods helmet looks like complete trash

videolife101: Gotta tell ya, I’m a fan of Hawk and Dove in the comics and didn’t like how the show made them generic vigilantes without powers. Killing off Hank like that and not getting to the point where they are reflective of their comic versions really makes me burn even more.

Mongrlle: They really screwed the selves with Jason, he’s supposed to be redeemable but what he did was just sadistic and cruel

Josh B: I hate the titans show cuz its stupid but ep 3 had to be the greatest yet.. the stakes were high and the emotion and acting was TOP NOTCH. My jaw hit the floor hard and im litterally speechless

Andrew Everson: Maybe the Avatars of Chaos and Order will become a thing now. Hawk and Dove were always powered heroes, and in the show they're just halloween karate guys. Maybe his death will cause him to make a deal to safe his life to serve them. Exploding is a lot to come back from without some really high level magic, or time travel

MadMax MMA: Red Hood/Jason Todd in comics and Under the Red Hood: Ruthless vigilante who will kill virtually any and everything in his way on his quest for revenge that he doesn't deem innocent Viewers of Titans" Oh. My. Gawwwwwd. EyE nEvEr ThOuGhT Jason WoUlD tUrN iNtO tHiS mUcH oF a MUUUUNNNSTERRRRR ! Me: 🤦🏽‍♂️Are we really doing this right now?

Ki5262: Though it was stupid, I think Hank went alone to mostly keep Dawn and the others safe and because deep down he is a softie and wanted to help Jason. He did what he told the others not to do, to use your emotions over logic.

Blastburn: Does Barbara only have one leg now?

Juan Canela: Hopefully they bring roy harper now

Logan Hester: You think red hood is under control ?

Majority Media: Love that they fast-tracked the Redhood part of the story and released the 3 episodes. Last season portions of Jericho and getting nightwing dragged on a little too long. IT feels like they heard the criticism and made adjustments this time around. I agree not a lot they could have done and this allows them to get to what's really going on and still leave room for BlackFire messing with Starfire and the real villain behind what's going on. Which feels like scarecrow pulling the strings from the start. "I'm not afraid anymore..." sealed it for me with that line. He's getting weed to calm himself down while giving Jason something to amp him up and drive him crazy. I guess where I"m at with it now. Is they'll have to really turn it on it's ear for me to feel bad for Jason at this point. Had he killed Hank it would have been one thing. But having Dove do it was extra. That's grief he paid forward that she would have a hard time getting over. Considering they kind of came together based on her feeling like she wanted to help him and did what they did to the coach. Great start 2 weeks to episode 5 and getting to the bottom of more of this. Good points on how is Hank in those scenes if he's dead.

Nerdette's NewsStand: I totally get you have to be overly positive to get the shows but this is too dark for titans, it went from awesome to dark and unlike the original characters, unlike nearly all of them

Sonny Bui: honestly think that Hank is still alive, ain't no way man

Aanya Mallick: I really hope they don't bring Damion, cause first of all the guy(Bruce)old. He wouldn't/ couldnt of made him. Also, I didn't cry over hank's death, Dove's reaction was what made it sad

Kai Morton: Stop sneak spoiling.

Thinmintz Comicz: Clay face maybe

Victoria Genevieve: I know I’m not the only one dying to figure out how Jason pulled this off like how the heck did they bury him and who was that body in the morgue and in the coffin like how the heck did that guy sneak his body out of the morgue but then after he was buried?! but then I remembered Bruce said he had someone bury him so obviously that never really happened so I’m thinking they just dug a hole and put a coffin in the ground but how did they see Jason’s body laying down in morgue not breathing was it a fake body or was it really him just playing dead but the workers would obviously know he’s alive so possibly they were in on it! I’m honestly on the edge of my seat to find out how he did this!

john doe: I think Dove 🕊 going to jail because she robbed that truck 🚚 for them gold bars

Clark Bucher: What's the deal with the drug Jason took before he went to fight Joker?

Champagne Mulaa: No didn’t expect the triggers be switched but even then thought superboy would save him, not get there mid explosion and seeing hawk death. Thought first 3eps were be dull and ep 5 would be the shock ep but definitely pleased! I said wow 😯

Dominique Norman: So far I for like this better then the first two season by the got better by it now on HBOmax they got a huge budge and make the show I like the first two episode for sure I still dislike what they did to batman those since we never see him in the suit that about it but episode 3 Hank and Dawn are the dumb peoples ever first Hank go see Jason all by himself just like Jason done early in episode 1 went after the Joker by himself and got kill and Hank see Jason get a damn bomb stuck in him and Dawn believe Jason and try shot him and she basic kill Hank and Red Hood it my favorite in the bat family and I love this Red Hood

Thinmintz Comicz: When hank was swimming the water looked so much worse before he got in and I deadass thought killer croc was gonna pop out and eat hank bro

Cody: BobaTalks how do you think Jason is gonna redeem himself

Malcolm Redmond: Hank coming back Frankenstein style

Zack Briggs: Glen's American accent for Bruce Wayne still bothers me lol.

AnimeOtakuDrew: I didn't really Like Hank much through the first two seasons. I understood him and thought he was fairly well written, I just didn't find him to be a character I could relate to or like. That was changing in what we've seen so far this season to the point that I WAS actually liking him, which made his death all the more impactful. Just when I was starting to like the character, he gets killed! On another note, I can totally imagine this being especially hard on Conner. To have been that close to saving him only to actually WATCH him blow up. I can see Conner blaming himself, beating himself up with thoughts of "if I had just been faster."

Rex Chaney: Maybe kryto saved him...

Jason Wells: Will titans season 3 be on Netflix

Nganji Elvy: Ik it won’t happen. But! What if Wally or impulse saved him and that was his intro in this season. We’re still missing a speedster so idk

Narean Mano: Please make a video for episode 4 promo. I knew red hood will kill hank but i didnt expect the way he did it. I thought he would be direct. Superboy got alot smarter since season 2. Titans never really cared for jason. I mean in season 2, none of them said sorry for accusing him. So its understandable when little to no tears were shed for Jason's death

Nathan Chuck: wow for a second i thought he was a character from Avatar.

james: I feel like they couldn't get the riddler, so they used scarecrow. It just seems more nigma than crane

Disposable_Hero: With Superboy and his intelligence I am don't think the writers are trying to sway the Lex Luthor DNA side of him, I think they are pushing the actual Superman intelligence. A lot of people either do not know or forget and this is mainly due to comics giving Superman Plot Induced Stupidity but he is one the smartest people on earth. Even in one of the comics as a teen he solved an equation in seconds that the earths top scientists had been working on for months. IMO they are just using the abilities of Superman most forget about, there is more to him than just bruin.

Mister Stewart: Can we talk about how terrible Scarecrow is? What is the deal with the weed thing? It's not just completely unreasonable. It's like a 12 year old wrote all his scenes.

Mister Daddy: Thank you for killing off Hawk his character was weak he was nothing important because be the strong guy really you really have Superboy

Tiny Murder Muffin: Woooooow. First I personally liked how, even if unintentional, that people were suspecting Hank or (mostly) Dove to die for a while and this episode they literally put BOTH of them in a situation that either one of them could have died that I wasn't sure which way it would go up to a point. Pretty sure my eyes went wide and jaw dropped at the end, I didn't think they'd do it. I'm stuck on how you brought up the issue with how far they could go with Jason but still make him redeemable. He's NOT redeemable if we go by only the information we've been given so far. So I'm going to put my money on that's not the Titan's Jason. Don't know what shenanigans are brewing but I'm going to place my bets there. I'd even go so far as to say that it hasn't been the "right" Jason since even returning to Wayne Manor (in part with all the chemistry stuff and the technical devices). Maybe Cadmus has their fingers in this since the Titan's keep skulking around their things and / or to get Batman out of the way? Maybe related to whatever is happening to Starfire... mainpulation mind dickery... somebody like Psimon? Maybe that wasn't even the "right" Joker that Batman killed? I really did want it to be split personality Jason but I'll take what they'll give me because it's entertaining. Also ABSOLUTELY LOVING Scarecrow... and I did not expect the gun to be a detonator I honestly thought Jason was just that far gone in the plan he'd literally have a loaded gun and want her to actually shoot him to save Hank (like Joker levels of maniac).

WillyDummTV: My only two prediction of hank still being in the season is that he becomes the dc character deadman or kid flash comes in a future episode and reverse back time to save Hank if he knows about the situation because Greg Walker did say he was bringing in characters that were mystery.

Scoops: I really don't feel bad for the Titans right now. After almost pushing Jason to suicide last season with no remorse or apology afterward it almost feels like karma. Jason is obviously an ass, but he is clearly a very troubled kid and needed people to help him...not humiliate him. Add that to the fact that after hearing he was brutally murdered, they don't even shed a tear. TIM DRAKE had a more emotional response and he didn't even know him!

Hylian Glitchmobber: I truly don't understand how so many people are enjoying this bastardization of these DC characters. I was genuinely excited for season 3, but they are wrecking who the characters are at their core. Jason's not a horrendous murderer

scottybz: S3 absolutely awesome so far! Boba your breakdown and analysis is spot on as always - but how can Jason ever come back from murdering Hank? I agree Alan Ritchson nailed the scene - what a great way for Hank to go!  KA💥Boom!

johnny rogers: hey boba idk if its jus me but i find it weird how crane refers to barbra as babs😂🤷🏽‍♂️

Jon Jacob: Maybe it wasn't the really the joker or scarecrow set it up

Warghosts Germany: I have to complain about the first episode a little because of how the Titans show up first and Starfire is walking around like she's not fitting in... Some of the animated stuff wasn't that good, especially the Tiger was bad in my opinion! But... The season built up quickly and the story is really good! But... This episode... DAMN!!! Red Hood is a really bad MF! Hawks death really hit damn hard!!! I'm absolutely ready for more!!! ✌️👍

Johnfrey Fortunado: In my case, i was too attached to the count down that i did not see the possibility of dove having the detonator. This ep put all of us in the edge of our seats

J._26 _.P: Who’s making him do this he’s got the blood lust

Disposable_Hero: What Jason did was Joker level trickery

Litty Factz: theres no going back for jason after this<, that episode had me traumatized and shit lol

MintyNinja: Wait, what, how is Hank on set with Tim Drake?? Makes no sense right now 😂 This season is nuts.

Roman Hashemi: He knows hanks anatomy because of his Luther genes

rabbitz: I think they're doing wayyy better with gar plus there was the scene of him talking about turning into other animals so that sets it up even if we don't see the training for it...hoping they pay that off this season rather than next

MrSFblack: The way Hank died really fucked me up 🥺

Victoria Genevieve: I absolutely thought Curran did an amazing job on his spin of Jason his performance in this episode was spectacular!

Jean L Reid: Good review. Wait Tim Drake for new Robin

War Turtle: Jason went full crazy

prodject jk: Anyone else notice starfire holding her belly through out these episodes like a pregnant woman does

daniel spaul: Titan season 3 the first three episodes was amazing

HennieBrood: What starfire is seeing the whole time is definitely Jason being brainwashed

MrFlashlight: At first I hated how it started to become a Batfamily show but by including Jason’s death, they’ve managed to drive back towards the Titans by having their mission be to take down Jason because of what he did to Hank because of how he has gone somewhat crazy

Madness Arcade: Maybe those scenes were cut or Lazarus idk they’ll gather up his guts and toss it in the pit I guess I heard Alan Richardson was leaving the show

Madness Arcade: I can see Jason getting a redemption by the time blackfire rolls up I liked them

Lucas Cramer: A thought on Beast Boy. He’s shown looking at the animal highlight tape talking about how he wants to turn into more things and that he’s trying. Maybe it won’t be this season, but it does seem like Gar is going to get there at some point

Madness Arcade: Gar is training himself so we will see him unlock a new animal

Madness Arcade: Maybe Jason is possessed or something idk

BORNYOUNG: another awesome video bro! finished the episode and couldnt wait for your review

John Marston: How are you going to watch the show post episode 5? I am also watching in the UK, and I don't know how to watch it.

dubbabubba: could Jason be chipped after joker beat the crap out of him he left him there was thinking of batman beyond

Eizak: He's in heaven with Alfred now

Black Bleyd: Okay so my theory is Jason's had this planned for the 3 months he was in gotham w bruce & Jason's working with scarecrow like in arkham knight. Starfires visions has somethin to do with blackfire.

Rapidzz 3309: Just had a great idea what if superboy builds up enough speed and rewinds time that’s the only thing that could bring Hank back

Cody Johns: Idk about you guys but the 1st 2 seasons i liked the show didnt love it, i thought the show was being held back by some of the stupid plot points with a lot of filler moments to kill time in the episodes to get to the nightwing suit reveal in the finale But i will say the shows strengths is definitely the characters, and any episode jason todd was in he stole the show so a whole season built around him should be the best season yet atleast IMO

justinn bucano: Flash time travel

Victoria Genevieve: I’m absolutely speechless I literally screamed and yelled lol when I first seen Hank die I can’t believe they did that and we all knew Jason was playing Hank calling him and making him go to that GYM and knocking him out lol that’s how Jason rolls. basically I was on the edge of my seat going nuts because it was a fantastic episode and I really can’t wait to watch more!

Brendan Kyle: Holy shit what an ending. On an unrelated note still weird that they just killed off Alfred off screen. Like ig they didn’t feel like paying another actor

justinn bucano: I definitely knew something was wrong with the gun thought it was going to kill her

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