Stargirl Season 2 Episode 2 Breakdown - Things Missed, Easter Eggs & Ending Explained

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BobaTalks: What did you all think of STARGIRL SEASON 2 EPISODE 2? -- Superman & Lois posting later today! *Links to my Discord server & Social below.. Follow me!* My Discord server: Twitter - Facebook - NEW Merch HATS here!! Patreon helps support the channel where you can get exclusive rewards in return:

Christopher Rojas: i still think that courtney is starman's daughter. i mean think about it, in season 1, he showed up randomly at at their house for some reason, and only acknowledging pat as his wife's new husband. he didn't refer to him as stripsy, or an old friend, or anything like that. and then, at the end of season 1, he says that he looking for pat, even though it seemed like he didn't remember him. also sylvester is the original starman, and the staff only worked for him. and now it starts to work for a random teenage girl that just happened to stumble upon it? it can't be a coincidence.

Bigg Fish: The student characters in this show is a bit cringe. Good production value though

Baby Toshiro: Did anyone find the beginning with Jade, almost like a comedy? I felt like it was supposed to be more sad? Also, do Foster Care kick you out like that? Seem abrupt and cold. No food, money, job, or a place to go? Wtf?! I was laughing through that whole scene😄 And it's implied the FC Lady found Jade to be annoying and perfect and shut the door in her face😂 I know they wanted Jade to look perfect for the "insecure Courtney" storyline but the actress came off very stiff to me. Artemis in the first season was more believable tbh. Sorry. And do all the CW shows play "Girls Just Want To Have Fun on rotation?🤦‍♂️

Apollo Dean Campbell: I've just been doing Stargirl reviews on my new channel, always loved your work.

Dan Warner: Yeah eclipse reminds me of cursed chucky doll in child play series. Where he needs cindy to carry him around. Until he has enough power to poessess her entirely Edited: he is entirely the opposite of green lantern girl in this episode and it is interesting story. I'm curious find out what happens next

SFDT La Reaper: Could you cover marvel What If?

SFDT La Reaper: Man I’m loving these videos💯❤️‍🔥

Ultra Seven: Are you sure that was Grundy's POV? I thought that was just the camera man. Lol

DaveD: I can't believe no one saw a person glowing in green flying in the sky.

allyV8nia: My only question... who is issac living with... dad (original fiddler) is dead... now his mom (who used the fiddle as well)... is now dead... whats going on in his life

PETER IULIANO: Okay, so is STARMAN of STARGIRL fame actually THE STAR SPANGLED KID who grew up and became STARMAN (though there is the proper STARMAN (ted knight) and i think DC named TSPNGLD KID SKYBOY OR SKYMAN later after the demise of THE SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY? and where are those guys for gosh sakes?


PETER IULIANO: and wasn't JADE'S dad in the comics not ALAN SCOTT but someone else? maybe I'm wrong here.

PETER IULIANO: is this the girl from infinity inc (comic book)?

PETER IULIANO: WHEN THE LADY SAID "KIND OF ANNOYING" i think she meant it in a very belligerent tone or meaning --- LIKE IT WAS VERY ANNOYING for the girl to be so almost like Holy.

PETER IULIANO: i think i liked the green lantern visual effects that they show pulled off. even better than the GREENLANTERN movie from yesteryear i think.

PETER IULIANO: eclipso is way cool. dceu next.

morgie39: I think the quality of the show is great however, I'm honestly not very interested in the show because I don't really care about most of the characters. My favourite characters have been villains (which they have been killing off) - I really don't care about any of the JSA members. I'm just watching so I can follow along with these recaps.

impishDCfan85 85: There's literally NOT been a bad episode of this show yet! It's just so damn well written!

Medalion: I still have a hard time buying how Jade went from heroic pose with her Lantern and Ring who finished fighting Courtney hardcore, even using blasts from the RIng, to suddenly acting like she had no idea how her Ring works

Medalion: I too thought it was weird they took the Lantern to the middle of town where arguably it would hurt more people if the explosion radius is huge to encompass the whole town, than part of it

Medalion: I just learnt the actress who plays Cindy's Mom also played on Doom Patrol as one of the original Doom Patrol characters in that School from season 1

Medalion: The Grundy and Tyler scene... I think you are reading into it a bit much... I don't think they are implying huge wide ass Grundy can hide behind those sparse skinny trees... he is probably far away... the branch snapping I don't think means he was literally within walking distance... they don't want to animate Grundy in CG for a quick scene... he clearly saw Grundy but chose to leave him alone or he's just far away

Dominique Norman: I start to dislike Courtney this season she so eager to think everyone bad and I honestly hope she keep doing that well hope this season she get her butt kick by someone powerful like eclipso or shade and she learn to stop judge peoples and see Cindy get take over by eclipso tell us by the mid season probably she going be take over by eclipso and he just play with her till he can take full control and the fact Cindy have regret kill her stepmother tell me she got some good in there somewhere and Jennifer look for her brother do that mean we going have two green lantern or the power just going work on one of them

Medalion: Yes it's kind of ironic, that Jade's eyes glew green but it was Courtney who was green eyed with envy

Medalion: WE did it... TV DC's first Live Action adaptation of a Green Lantern ahead of HBO Max and the movies (outside the 2011 movie). I think it's ironic they got the voice actor who did the Candlemaker from Doom Patrol season 2 to voice Eclipso because it's the similar idea, they won't reveal their true form until a little bit down the season, and are mostly just a voice and a shadowy figure for now. I have no judgement for Richard Swift/Shade until I see him more in his actual element than just being a stuffy English guy with a Top Hat and Cane.

Matthew Tapia: If dr fate does appear it would most likely be in a flashback scene. It would be to expensive to have dr fate in present day and he is OP power wise. Dr fate is most likely to appear in season 4 or 5 maybe .

Michael Colston: Is the Ordway Home for Children a nod to Jerry Ordway? He was from Milwaukee, and I remember him working on the 1980’s All Star Squadron.

mark55: This show is getting better


Kai Masters: I like your channel I getting confused with stargirl season two

John Burnside: So... an eclipse is really just a type of shade...

Todd Stein: I walked away from this episode very happy. I hope it just keeps building up these great villains

Michael Johns: Hopefully we actually get a green lantern suit

Nic Winstead Art: It felt pretty short....having binged Season 1 episodes felt liked they packed a lot more in 1 episode. Just breezed by, didn't vibe.

Maria F.: Do you guys think we will see Dr fate helping fight eclipso?

Black hearted White sheep: So they film this in my hometown. I have so many pictures in some of these places

Joseph Supulver: I want the league of assassin's/shadows to show up lead by morgan le Fey from king Arthur myth.

MercenaryX84: Love the debut of the first live action Green Lantern

evann payne: Good storytelling, Great setup...I'm enjoying this "slow burn".

truth seeker: “I’ll get my staff” she couldn’t contain her excitement 😂

Spread Happiness: I love Cindy as a character so I'm worried for her

Chosen Vader Owner: The reason why Stargirl and Superman and Lois are the CW shows is because they have great stories, great writing, great visual effects and great CGI.

John Miller: So is Jenny supposed to be jade (green lantern)

J P: For anyone worried about a slow burn, relax. It’s the second episode. No patience these days. 😀 BTW, enjoying the episodes so far and Boba’s reviews, of course.

Elizabeth Molino: I really enjoyed this episode.

thefatman69fude: The Rick taking pizza to Solomon Grundy scene was my favorite scene in the episode. Rick feels so guilty for beating Grundy's ass. And you an tell he trying to see things from a different perspective and understand how maybe people view Grundy as a monster and that makes him a monster when he is really a person with feelings. I just love how Rick feels so guilty and is trying to understand and work past his anger of the past season. It's cool and it's an interesting dynamic.

Mr. ManGuy: My favourite part was Courtney trying not to smile when Pat wes telling her there's an ISA memeber in town

Robert Carson: Jonathan Cake is already great as Shade. He is both charming and menacing at the same time. The guy who can kill you without breaking a sweat can stay calm. I liked how they did the Jennie/Courtney views. It was the standard trope done well in that you don't know what others are going through. She looks perfect but she grew up in a group home, separated from her brother, kicked out because she is too old so was never updated. I also liked how they showed the ring is tough to use. It takes a lot of work to create something

Mister Wick: Another great Stargirl episode! Meeting Green Lantern's daughter and seeing Courtney just a little jealous was fun. I do think Courtney had a just reason for not trusting Jennie, she did as she said "broke in to steal the lantern!" instead of knocking and at least trying to ask about it especially as she was in awe of Pat, "Stripesy!" Poor Cindy's Stepmother returning & enjoying life without Cindy, until she turns up with Eclipso and eats her!!! Jenny's lantern special effects are great! Plus we got to meet The Shade! Really enjoyed the episode. Great video Boba, much love your Pal in the U.K.

Liam Holmes: Been waiting for this !!!

Keiran Scott Enock: maybe rick and grundy will be similar to hawkgirl and grundy in the jlu animated series. Maybe rick will get a nickname like 'bird-nose'

Josh Talks: In brightest day in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evils might. Beware my power! (Finish the sentence)

DefenderOfMinorities: is this show worth the watch

Jon Jacob: I'm getting really nervous there gonna get to campy

Dewayne Armstrong: To me this episode topped the first episode. The special effects for the green lantern ring, lantern and the constructs was lit! Jenni has transformed into Jade, I'm sure we're going to see her either in the middle or at the end of season. Now that Jenni is confident in who she is as Green Lantern's daughter...she's going to go look for Todd. That ending was insane, Cindy is Eclipso's puppet...he's ancient af of course he has his own motives. I would love to see Eclipso try to corrupt/possess Courtney and see an Eclipso-Stargirl with a dark cosmic staff. But if anything Eclipso is probably gonna go after Yolanda first from the JSA.

Chadwick Male: I enjoyed this episode. Something told me Jennie would leave at the end, can’t wait to see her again. Cindy thinks she’s in control, she has no idea.

Shawn Joseph: Waiting for the Superman and Lois breakdown……

Joel Ybanez: Not sure who's more scarier/creepier, Zoom or Eclipso?

drewbuckets: 1st

Shloomy Sloms: The season has been great so far, I preferred episode 1

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