Titans Season 3 Episode 4 Breakdown - Ending Explained, Things Missed & Easter Eggs!

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Jason Todd: I’ve seen a bunch of videos on people hating this storyline and them complaining that it’s different from the comics/media. I appreciate you assuring the changes and to wait. A lot of people don’t realize how worn out the red hood story is after all these years. I’m glad the show is going in a different direction. It’s definitely different from the comics but I’m digging it.

Gingerbread Man: Dove will return but she’s coming back as Dark Knight Dove .. probably change her name to The Raven 🤣🤣🤣🤣

SwetToth: are we seeing raven next ep.!

Michael Rodriguez: Hey Bobba........the episode was amazing......I love how Dick could predict Red Hood bcuz they both were trained at that place in the middle of no where.....amazing tho they allowed Jason to still be to wild n predictable even tho Crane was orchestrating the whole thing....

Mystic Ranger: Superman and lois should be in this universe, not the arrowverse.

Daniël: Great video again! I'm Just sad that every time someone dies, the characters Just leave lol. Not only in this show but in a lot of other shows as well. Like why couldnt we see Dawn deal with Hank's death? Meh

Khalid Austin: Look...they just need to stop making Dick attack cops and I’ll forgive the terrible storyline and actions he took in S2. Beating on those cops just brought back the reminder that he’s a escaped felon and I was trying to forget that lol

Rebecca English Time: Also, isn't this the first time Gar is referred as Beast Boy and not Tiger Boy?

ZayJahKing: This season definitely feels family oriented and so far this season has been great 💯

Penegak Keadilan Pembasmi Kejahatan: mannn , i guess this show is not for me , usually when you talk about show like SUPERMAN & LOIS my eyes light up but when you babble about this show , i have hard time keep my eyes open

Big homie Dot: Y’all see Jonathan crane but I can’t help but see Pete 🤣😂

Braydoss Gaming: I really hope we see more of tim drake so he can develop into the role of robin or even if they change it up he instead becomes red Robin let me explain. Since Dick doesn’t agree with Bruce taking in a new robin because of what Bruce did to him and Jason growing up putting dick in forest alone with a wolf same with Jason I’m sure if Bruce sees Tim Drake as a possible robin dick wouldn’t like the idea of it so maybe he takes Tim Drake In himself to teach him how to fight and what it means to be a hero maybe at Titans tower in that training room or if Dick stays behind in gotham while Bruce takes a break after Jason becomes red hood idk only a theory I’m fine with either one I can only imagine what that red robin suit would look like I’m excited to see more of Tim’s development throughout this season and dive into his tactical skills and detective skills since he is basically the smartest Robin.

Kristina Phillips: Oh please don't tell me we are going child abuser Bruce Wayne. Red Hood has a justification and its an abusive father figure? Bruce forced Dick to slaughter a fekking wolf? WTF. I know it's a 'dark lens' but really? The writers really went to the lowest hanging fruit here. An actually good motivation would be Jason hating Bruce because he was too good a man to commit murder even for Jason. Ya know, a core trait of Jason's character. Bruce is emotionally constipated and has mental health issues but only the weakest Batman writers ever had him abusing his kids. Ugh. Grayson also was so 'second season' this episode. Running off by himself without help from the Titans, assaulting innocent people on camera, letting a villain get in his head and make him doubt himself and escape. Great job Dick. I miss the awesome leader from episode 1 and 3.

Giannis MPO: Awesome episode,

Dhruv Sibal: It was an amazing episode

Remyelle LaDew: My little nerd heart is LOVING this season of Titans! Thank you for your recaps, it always makes me feel like I'm sitting with a friend geeking out over the characters and story. Can't wait until episode 5!

Amplify: I feel like Jason should have had a better story as to why he is the way he is now. Because we know he dealt with almost dying, death stroke, breaking up with rose and “dying” to joker but there is something we’re missing. And I’m afraid they will not touch up on this and it will be a bad creation of redhood

Darko the Mapper: I'm Really loving what they are doing with each character in this Season, especially red hood Red Hood was always about tragedy, trauma and lonliness, the Robin nobody trusts and Thats whats great about red hood

Darma Kisson: thank you DC for making these shows cause marvel is making wack movies and girlie kiddie animation

Ryan Forbes: I feel dick figured it out once he realized Jason all of a sudden became tech savvy and understood chemical compounds! He jus put two & two together

Cameron Ross: I don’t think that black fire actually killed their parents.

Anthony Jones Jr: great video 👍🏾

Cameron Ross: I’m surprised hank wasn’t mentioned at all during the the fight with dick and Jason.

Immersive Comics: This season has been doing much better than the previous two. They made a lot of improvements to the writing and to each character. But if there’s one character I can’t ever get behind it’s Kori. She’s just the most watered down version of the source material.

ShenLun: I think the scarecrow was helping him (Jason) with the chemistry of venom or no fear toxin which he inhaled in the first season of this season. Remember he stayed Jason wasn't into science, whereas scarecrow is.

TexZero: Kinda just feel bad for Ryan Potter honestly. The man is doing an amazing job in a season that really wants to make him be the heart of the group whilst also giving him the window seat.

Michael C: I didn't like the acting from the the Blackfire actress. It was just too cringy.

Red Hood: Does anyone else notice the red hood mask on the thumbnail?

Smokebeer: Hmm my eye's nearly rolled out of my head when she started blaming starfire for her "issues" meh!

Nigel Bathmore: I really like where this show is going.

Ms.Bubs4fun: I enjoyed Starfire and Gar together. Both are super sarcastic! lol

Ms.Bubs4fun: I think this is a different Red Hood...maybe Hank?

Thomas Shaughnessy: Jason died but was brought back by Ra's who will likely be the big bad of season 4. Jason is likely being puppet mastered by the Joker. Perhaps a part of the Joker may have been implanted into Jason by an ailing Joker. Keep in mind the Joker is about 60 so perhaps he decided to play one last joke on on Batman. Not only kill Robin but turn Jason into a new Joker and to break Batman. Backfire is an interesting addition to the show. I wonder if bruce is going to come back with a vengeance. I would have loved a 1 year time jump after Jason's death instead of just a day or two. Interesting take on that famous comic arc. And how is Tim drake going to become robin.

Gordon Waddell: Loving the murderous Red Hood - If we find out that he really didn’t kill anybody and he becomes an ally to the TITANS later then I am done! Having Crane as the real mastermind at least explained how Jason could suddenly be so smart, devious, and calculating. Love the new Starfire look - finally got the clothes / costume right along with much better hair but she still doesn’t act / sound / or behave like an alien that did not grow up on earth (her innocence and being naive about earth culture was one the things that made her so interesting in the original comics). The show needs MORE KRYPTO!!!

Narean Mano: I think red hood and blackfire will team up, maybe this season or in outlaws tv show I had a theory red hood was working for scarecrow. Now, its true Red hood is a better fighter in the comics than in the show. For me, 1st fight scene is better than 2nd fight scene

MIRLZY: Unpopular opinion: the fuck batman line completely sold me and have been a fan ever since. Nightwing has been my favorite DC hero since BTAS and glad to see him getting justice done in season 3

ssjup81: Welp, every Titan (minus Kory and of course Krypto) has bugged or annoyed me in some way. It's like people can't be friends in this show without being mean-spirited. Conner snapping at Gar in the way that he did while trying to comfort him was bothersome because he insulted Gar. He didn't even apologize. He could've at least said, "I know what you're trying to do..." or something a little nicer to give off the impression of some kind of friendship. I do understand why Conner felt that way, but that's no excuse to insult those trying to comfort you, and if you do because you are feeling bad, you apologize for it. Gar bugged me when he went on that tirade of how much Kory sucks. That was terribly unfair! He KNOWS that she's having visions and doing things in a trance-like state. He knows that this was done through no fault of her own. Him listing off some of his grievances was okay and I definitely understand it since he's the main one who always tries to keep everyone together (guess he's the heart of the group), but to get angry at Kory just didn't sit right with me. Now with my gripes out of the way, everything else was pretty cool. I liked how he figured out that Scarecrow was the one behind Jason becoming Red Hood. I also like the Blackfire set up and look forward to seeing how both of these will pan out. Still wish Rachel or Rose were around, if not Rose, at least Rachel so Gar can have someone else to hang with since he obviously misses her.

Nick Cirillo: Does anyone really care about the star fire storyline

MIRLZY: That fight scene at the end was amazing

Guilherme Cabral: Not really a surprise that crane was behind it but kinda disappointing that it wasn't all Jason's idea like in under the red hood or Arkham knight

capwolfster: damnit Boba, now all I want to see is Dove on a segway speeding into battle

Noble Knight: Jason's motivations are not rushed WE SAW THEM LAST SEASON!!! Im sorry but everyone shitting on him when he didn't do anything. Dick said so himself they didn't have the patience for him

Russell Dance: Great review Boba! This episode was good, but can't wait for episode 5 next week! I agree the nightwing vs red hood fights have been entertaining so far and hopefully there will be more. But I would love to see a fight between the Titans and Red Hood.

Noble Knight: Ummm you are way off with the guards thing. Dick's wanted status can be easily chalked up he was framed or undercover. Even though Dick failed he showed he was 2 steps ahead of Crane and knew everything the moment he heard about the "attack", he saved the guards by just knockinh them out cause Jason would have killed them, I want more Superboy though, the fight choreography is pretty great and true to each character.

Callme_Burbu: Anna Diop is a phenomenal actress but the “burn off your d**k” line just doesn’t feel like Starfire 😭😩

Red Hood Dragon Core: This season has been so good when it comes to adapting so many different comics and story arcs with the character of Red Hood. For example, when it came to "killing off" Jason, obviously the first comic/ arc we look at is 'Death in the Family', and then the follow up 'Under the Red Hood'. But I personally got major 'Battle For the Cowl' vibes when it came to Batman telling Dick to become a better Batman. It's like he's left Dick to do what he couldn't and (at least in a spiritual way) it feels like Batman himself has died. Just like in the comic. That leaves Jason (in the form of Red Hood this time instead of the evil Batman we get in Battle for the Cowl) and Dick as Nightwing to fight for the soul of Gotham and the true title of "Batman". I also get major Arkham Knight vibes from episode 4 so far because of the way which they're beginning to show Red Hood almost to be someone working for or with Scarecrow. It's too soon to call imo, but I think they're gonna lean into this Battle For the Cowl/ Arkham Knight hybrid arc.

Mateus Nogueira: The Dick hunting the wolf part...bro this Bruce is a full blown lunatic. This one is totally inspired by Frank Miller's All Star Batman. Interesting what they're doing with this version of the Batman

Timroy1worlboss: I really like the episode especially with the backfire twist in the back ground😅👏 also the Red Hood vs Nightwing scene also it was great seems like they are cooking up something awesome for the season

Darrin Williams: Boba you are the best thing on Youtube! Thanks for keep making quality breakdowns!

Tiny Murder Muffin: Also, the music choice for when Gar got the idea to use the sensory deprivation tank was VERY Doom Patrol-esque and was strangely one of my favorite parts of the entire episode.

Adam K: AMAZING titans is AMAZING

Murph the Kenzo: Minus his alledged BTS behavior. Imma fan of this version of Scarecrow. Salute Boba. Great video as always.

Jason Garcia: With Scarecrow I'm kinda getting a Martin Whitley ( the surgeon) from the show Prodigal Son vibe

Tiny Murder Muffin: At first I was a little disappointed at the revelation with Dick and Crane coming so soon while in the cabin but what you said makes sense, Dick figured it out and just calls Crane out on it while letting the audience know that he knew. My smol brain also didn't realize he meant EVERYTHING (secret identities and all). The scene with the transport truck... I would have appreciated Dick waiting until they were on the road or something to hijack the transport or maybe pay off a guard or two... or make some small attempt at hiding his face. People keep comparing Dick to Bruce / Batman... I would like someone comparing him to Jason with that kind of impulsive behavior because he'd deserve it. I'm cherishing the words of assurance that things DO make sense after, I personally hope for mind shenanigans, and those pictures with Hawk still around set maybe Jason gets to see Hallucination Hank :D

Rick Karrer: When Dick told Crane he knew, I thought I missed an episode for the sec. I don't hate that they're moving at this pace.

Tom Lawal: Where did everyone watch it? can’t find it in the UK

Doggy: Hey @bobatalks when you were talking about being surprised when Dick talks about knowing that Crane was working with Jason. I had a feeling earlier when he got the call from Barbara about Crane being attacked and he was getting moved to blackgate and it's when Dick says "he survived a Redhood attack?". That and also how he quickly gets in the car to make it to the prison for the prison transfer as fast as possible. That made me forsure think that crane and Jason were working together. It was a great twist. What a great season so far. Big difference this season compared to the first 2. As usual great video Boba. Keep up the good work. Have a great day :)

Superhero.hub.2009: Where can I find ep 4😭 I'm in NZ so I can't use hbo max and my usual streaming services don't have ep 4 please help😭

AnimeOtakuDrew: I really enjoyed the episode and am liking the season so far, but there was one thing on this one that made no sense to me and I'm hoping you might be able to point out something I missed to make sense of it. At the very end of the episode, we see Dick go back into the cabin to find that Crane is gone, and there are what seem to be loose bindings on the chair in the middle of the room. The implication seems to be that Dick left Crane tied up in that chair and is discovering that Jason freed him. However, we saw that Crane was used as bait earlier while wearing Dick's clothes in order to distract Jason. The two scenes don't seem to fit together. Either Dick used Crane as bait, putting up that force field to ensure he couldn't get too far, in which case he would know that Crane is not tied up in the cabin, or Dick actually did leave Crane tied up and Crane freed himself then made the stupidest decision possible by putting on the clothing of Dick Grayson--who he knows is someone Jason wants to kill--in order to sneak out of the cabin and try to escape while doing nothing to make sure Jason doesn't actually mistake him for Dick and kill him by accident (which he may very well have done if Dick had waited any longer to make his move). I really feel like there has to be something overlooked that makes this all fit together. On an unrelated note, I saw that my prediction last week about Conner blaming himself for Hank's death was indeed spot on.

moonshiners 17: Do you think we will see a version of the pistols for arkham knight where they transform into a rifle or do you think we will see something different.

Adam K: Dove the actor leaving 😢😢😢 Oh pain her fine ass us leaving

Cortex: what country are you in? i got nord VPN so if i know where you are watching this from then i can swap countries and watch it on Netflix but if you arent watching it on Netflix then I'm screwed

Battousai games: When is this coming to the uk Netflix

Charm Ruromi: I'm loving Kori's outfits this season👌👌 She's serving lewks honey🔥🔥🔥

Travis Torres: Anybody else still thinking about how technically dick should be a wanted fugitive rn considering he went to prison and escaped last season. Lmao

Deven Pangrekar: @BobaTalks how are u watching this in the UK?

ComiczAnimationz18: This episode was pretty decent. Not too much action, but definitely great character moments. Especially with the villains. I really like how they humanized John Crane and how he understands Dick, as Bruce used fear to mentally manipulate him, something he knows alot about. And with Blackfire, I like there was more context to their childhood, about how she felt rejected by her own parents, and how she always lived in Kory's shadow. Can't wait for more of her.

Eltoro Boyd: When did Crane knew about the secret of the Bat Family ???

REX MUNDI: im liking the show for the most part, i just wish it was a bit more" comic bookish" ... like dick grayson is dick grayson... ALL the time. he carries a gun around too? scrarecrow is just some guy ALL the time too? but its all gotten better as far as the story goes... I'll continue watching either way but im really waiting for doom patrol the most.

Manuel Harper: Do you think in your opinions that will be across over the Superman and titians

uncanari: so i feel like jason had to have at least SOME of this in the works even BEFORE he died-- the level of detail to the plans seems pretty difficult to create, execute, and pull off in just the few days since the joker killed him, especially considering all of the work that had to be done to sneak him out of the morgue and whatnot. we already know that he was pissed and wanting to prove himself even before he was killed, so was it just his death that galvanized him? maybe all of these plans were just kind of fantasies that he didn't have the hatred to put into effect until after he died? i don't know, there's just so many hints and clues dropped so far and i'm having trouble figuring out how to put it all in order and make a timeline. i'm just so excited to watch the upcoming episodes and learn more!

Eli: I enjoyed this episode because I called it when I thought that the hit on Scarecrow was fake, but the writers kinda played off that by showing that Dick knew that too and still managed to surprise, it was really good writing in my opinion

Patrick: Scarecrow is going to put some messed up stuff in Jason’s head, huh?

Blankofthegame: I think Dawn will come back with her sister becoming Hawk

Patrick: I guess the actor for young Grayson got replaced.

Avocato Bobble: Superboy/Conner is my favourite character and I absolutely love Gar and Kori working together, they have a big sis/lil bro relationship and the whole Blackfire story was a surprise with how it was handled. This was a great continuation to the first three episodes

scottybz: Gar is the heart of the show so far me this season... Personally I don't need him to transform into anything for his character to be relevant and entertaining. Ryan Potter and his character are very underrated!

Ivana Taylor: Title of episode is Blackfire and they put most of the focus on DG and RH. 😒 Jesus

arun haridas: Loving it but not too sure about the show making Bruce too much of a heartless, emotionless psychopath

Miles Mozzie: Yo babs.....

jrphdboy24: Total stretch but I would love a red x season when they go back to sf

Cyraphic Boxbraids: This doesn't even make sense how they are so loved in San Francisco? Are we going to forget the Titans are the Most Wanted? The Prison Break, coriander killing real cops?

Sarcirins Daefarin: That hurt so much when he called himself a halfbreed :( HES OUTTA LINE but hes right.... They werent kidding when they talked about the difference in how they will struggle as a team. The drama in this season is going to give form to much more later on, as in the next season, example would be beastboy, we are seeing him finally start to grow. Its hard to have Gar constantly transforming into a monkey like in animation, hes becoming aware hes not just beastboy, hes someone whom all of the titans need. Its not his powers, its who he is! Seeing beastboy and superboy have this conflict is fantastic even though it hits hard. Family matters the most and the whole episode is about that. I am really glad we get to watch one episode and have a week to let ideas/theories prosper as this episode.

Alison Smith: Hi there

Irons: Poor gar he’s always trying to keep the team together and always gets shat on

Chau Pham: I trust u bro. I was so worried that Jason’s motivation was gonna turn out super petty. I got so excited when he said something like “I grew up” and take on more of a Joker position on killing people while forcing Dawn to make a choice. After the dialogue of episode 4, I got worried again that I’ve read everything wrong. I want episode 5 NOW.

Keshore Raj: I'm sorry Boba. I didn't fully enjoy this episode. It kinda left me scratching my head. I felt like I missed an episode inbetween and had to double check. Dick figuring out Crane was behind all this was a bit of stretch for me. Sure we can speculate and make it make sense. But it's a big reveal and it should've been made more explicit. For some reason this episode had so much exposition dumps even with Blackfire which didn't quite work for me. The pacing is still throwing me off a little bit. I'm struggling to piece together the timelines. Like in the opening scene we see Superboy cleaning up and it looked like it's picking up right after last episode. But Dove was there all changed up and as the scene played out, it felt like a day or two has passed, which didn't make sense to me. And again I felt like Hank's death was also glossed over quite quickly. The ending was also quite confusing to me. At first, it looked like Dick let scarecrow out to distract Jason. But at the end he came back and was shocked to see the chains unlocked. I couldn't tell who actually got shot by the snipper. I just struggled to understand what was happening. Jason's justification was even more confusing. I feel like you have a slightly better perspective since you've watched all 5 episodes. Hope the 5th episode answers a few things.

Susan Stanko: I was pissed at Barbara for what she did but, I can't blame her. The sadist in me is just squealing with glee over the fact she will miss her deadline to return Crane. In that regard she has no one to blame but, herself.

Jacob Holly: Boba do you think blackfire will have a crush on Nightwing and call him Mr butt like in teen Titans go.

A Bit of Everything: Excellent video, dude; your excitement for what you've seen from later episodes but can't tell us is infectious. During the break-out of Scarecrow, I liked that Dick didn't wear a mask because he NEEDED Barbara to know it was him so that his vehicle would be tracked and Barbara would know what was "in the middle of nowhere". As soon as the hit on Crane led to him being transported out of Arkham, I knew it was a ploy by him to use the Red Hood to escape, but I didn't link it to actually being that Red Hood was going to be the one to bust him.

WelshLegend 2215: Algorithm comment! Love the channel Boba :)

Dark Nexus: Not the biggest fan of the stuff going on with Starfire! Why is that therapist still around? I hope the story with Blackfire becomes more compelling!

D. Edwards, freelance editor/videographer: definitely weird gaps on what's going on with blackfire. I hope they clear that up. it seems like they changed the direction of season 3 because she went from taking over a person to being locked up

Marley Bonilla: This episode was a great start for my birthday ^-^ really looking forward to more of your videos!

Kyle Ganse: Wow was surprised how quick Grayson knew Crane was behind Jason becoming red hood. Blackfire release from prison as surprised me. Im not sure where this all goes lol.

JD paul: I loving titans so far

Karlo Blažek: I can talk 3 hours about how bad of a show this is. Visually the show is fun to watch, but storytelling, character development and pacing is godawful. The only bright spot about this season is Jonathan Crane. Everything else is cheap garbage. The entire Red Hood storyline makes no sense since Batman killed the Joker, Batman character is a slap in the face to every comicbook fan, Kory is an arrogant and selfish asshole, Gar is just some dude who cooks and turns into a lion from time to time and at the end Hank just feels like a tool used to show how Red Hood is unredeemable. After watching Stargirl, Superman & Lois and What if episodes Titans looks like a youtube video

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